Marlena gasps as John grabs her from behind at the park. She's shocked and tells him he could have given her a heart attack. John asks what she's doing there all by herself and says he didn't know she was back from Colorado. She had a full caseload and returned early, she replies. John received the divorce papers and asks if this is what she wanted. It's not. John asks if the divorce means that they're over. "That's exactly what it means," she says but just because they're not married; it doesn’t mean they have to avoid each other. She doesn't want them to feel awkward. Neither does John. Marlena asks how he's been feeling. She wonders if he's had any episodes or saw a doctor. He tells her they can't help him and she recalls that he told her the same thing 20 years ago, when they met. She explains that he pushed everyone away when he was afraid he'd hurt those close to him. She asks as a doctor and a friend if he'd let her help him again. "I'm fine on my own," he replies. Marlena thinks John cares about her and that's why he refuses, then suddenly John collapses into her arms with an episode. Marlena rubs John and he tells her he'll walk her home. He admits she seems different. She is, she says. It's hard going home to an empty house. "So you came out here to get mugged," John asks, which elicits a giggle from Marlena. John is astounded to hear that Sami went into the witness protection program and when Marlena wishes she could help her, John comes up with an idea!

Chelsea goes into the Java Café and assumes the worst, when Philip tells her that they can't help Kate now. She panics, thinking Kate has died, but Philip says she's hanging in there, but they can't help her as they're not allowed to see her right now. Her condition is too fragile. She had a bad reaction to the chemo and is weak. Philip says the treatment is causing all sorts of other issues, but Kate made it clear she wants to go through this. Chelsea worries about Philip, but he tells Chelsea since Kate's brave, they need to be brave, too. Chelsea frowns. Kate's all she has. Philip reminds her he's there and hugs her. They agree to be positive and upbeat next time they visit Kate. Chelsea's got a paper due tomorrow, so she leaves him alone.

Stephanie shows up at the pub to see Max. He's got dishpan hands from the swim team who came to celebrate, he says and Stephanie returns a shirt of his. "Please don't do this," he says. Stephanie reminds him that she left her family and friends to help him in Paris. She'll never do that again, she says, but some good came out of it. It made her stronger! Max is glad and asks if they can be friends. Stephanie says someday, she hopes they can, and leaves.

Nicole relaxes after a bath at the manse and muses about how wonderful it is to shave her legs again. EJ asks if she'd like to go on their date tonight, but Nicole worries it'll go wrong as it always seems to. EJ wants them to get to know each other, but Nicole wants to keep the mystery alive, so EJ agrees, reluctantly and asks for an unofficial non-date. Nicole's in! He tells her how romantic it is with impersonal conversation, and pampering. He makes her a "kiddie Cosmo" and one for himself and serves them up, telling her he has decided to abstain from alcohol during the duration of her pregnancy. Nicole is delighted, and when she feels the baby kick, she asks EJ to feel it as well. When he does, he smiles and starts talking to the baby. They both grin and laugh, excitedly, and they keep feeling more kicks. Neither care what the sex of the baby is. Nicole says she wants their baby to have love and to laugh a lot. EJ promises their child will have that. They start kissing, only to be interrupted by Johnny, who starts to cry. EJ goes to him as Nicole laughs. When he returns, he admits he's every bit as excited as she is about their child and feels fortunate to be here from the beginning. Nicole worries she doesn't look attractive, but EJ assures her she looks fantastic and holds her closely from behind. He gives her a kiss and she admits she feels as though she has a bond with the child. "Just like you and me?" he asks. They start kissing and the phone interrupts. He quickly ushers the client off the phone and resumes kissing Nicole. Later, they snuggle and Nicole admits how exhausting being pregnant is.

At the safe house, Rafe calls his superior while Sami jumps up and down, begging him to ensure her family and EJ don't find out about her pregnancy. Sami doubles over in pain so Rafe hangs up the phone and calls 911, but she asks him to hang up. The pain she had is over now. She suddenly feels the baby kick and tells him it's the first time it has happened. It makes her sad that she has to experience it at the safe house, alone. Rafe reminds her that he's there, so she grabs his hand to let him feel the kicking. Rafe is confused and doesn't want to feel it, but when he does, he tells her, "It could have been your stomach growling!" He tells her pregnant women and babies aren't his thing. They discuss protecting her child and how it's torture being without her kids. "I'd rather be on death row than be here," she says and tells him she was framed! She thinks Stefano deserves to be on death row, if anyone does, and tells Rafe a little about Stefano's misdeeds. Rafe wants to know what Sami's going to do. He thinks EJ will find out she's pregnant sooner or later, and holds out his cell phone. "You want to tell him or should I," he asks. Sami grabs the phone, but she's not telling EJ about the baby - nor is he. He thinks part of her is dying for EJ to know she's having his baby. Sami seethes. "Don't you dare ever say that to me again!" She tells him their future is in his hands, and to make the call, but he'll be putting an innocent child in the hands of the DiMeras. Rafe doesn't make the call, but says he has plenty of reasons to tell his superior. Sami begs him, saying their life is in his hands, so Rafe decides to sleep on it. Sami complains of being tired from the pregnancy and gets ready for bed. She thanks Rafe for not calling his superior and after she falls asleep, he makes a call.

Philip heads out of Cheatin' Heart and bumps into Stephanie, who lets him know that her mother told her Kate was having a rough time with the treatment. She's sorry. She offers to buy him a drink, remembering how he was there for her when she needed a friend. They go inside and Stephanie sticks to soda as she tells him she's looking for a new internship. Philip's offer still stands as an intern at Titan, and though he hasn't seen her resume, he thinks she can prove herself. She accepts and they shake on it!

A crying Chelsea shows up at the pub and Max hugs her and she admits she doesn't know why she's there. Max reminds her of Kate's strength and Chelsea admits she didn't think anyone would be up still. He invites her to have tea and stay and Chelsea changes the subject. She asks how he and Steph are. "There is no me and Steph," he says, but Chelsea disagrees. "You guys break up and get back together all the time." Max repeats that they're over. They reminisce about their past dating and Chelsea spills tea on his shirt that Stephanie returned. He makes light of it.

Next on Days of our Lives:

John tells Marlena, "I selected the private investigators. They're going to help us track down whoever killed the mayor and shot at Samantha."

Kayla tells Nick, "Stephanie told me that she hasn't seen much of you lately and that you really haven't been yourself since Melanie came to town."

Melanie says, "Well Nick didn't tell me about any Willow. What happened to her?" Maggie confesses, "She died."

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