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Brady talks about the death of his child at an AA meeting with Maggie and JJ attending at the Horton Center. JJ’s leg shakes as Brady talks about nobody being able to bring his child or the mother of his child back and he jumps up and yells, “You need to shut the hell up!” He goes after Brady and Eric gets between them. JJ won’t listen to Brady’s pity party and storms off. Eric follows and once they’re gone, Brady feels bad and wishes he could reach out to JJ. Maggie tells him JJ only sees his anger and grief right now. They discuss Brady falling back in love with Kristen as he flashes to Kristen several months along, letting Brady feel the baby kick. He thought it was going to work but he was lying to himself. He should have known she’d break his heart. They profess their love for each other and Brady is grateful to Mags for her support.

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Eli walks through the square and recalls asking Lani to marry him. Abe approaches. He hasn’t seen much of Eli since he left as commissioner. Eli flashes to telling Lani at SPD that he couldn’t have a professional relationship with her because she broke his heart. Eli says he’s moved on. Abe hasn’t seen Lani who has been keeping to herself.

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In her loft, Princess Gina paints a portrait and warns “Steffy” to stay seated until she’s done. She looks at Stefano’s portrait and thinks hers is better. She wonders if his family is missing it and talks about John being her prince.

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In bed at the mansion, Abigail talks about their future. Chad interrupts, he’s been keeping something from her. Gabi barges into their room and reminds them this is her house now – gabi walks in on chabby days of our livesthey’re just guests. She finds Ari’s favorite doll and pressures Chad to get back to work. Once she’s gone, Abigail tells Chad they’re moving – today. Chad informs that they can’t leave this house. He’s been in touch with his father for a few months now through instant messenger. Abigail wonders how he knows it’s really Stefano if he hasn’t seen him. Chad’s positive. He wants his help in taking Gabi down and them living there means he can find and exploit Gabi’s weakness to make her pay for what she did to Abigail. Meanwhile, Gabi goes to her room and tells Stefan’s photo that she enjoyed avenging his death. In their own room, Chad shows Abs the messages and Abby responds to Stefano asking to meet in person. Later, Eli arrives. Gabi admits she thinks Chad and Abigail are plotting against her. She mentions Tony and Anna being somewhere in Europe and that they’ve nothing to do with it. Eli’s distracted so Gabi questions him. He admits he’s thinking of Lani because of a conversation he had with Abe. Gabi’s sorry but at least he has her. She kisses him.

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At the pub, John lets Roman know that he and Marlena aren’t connecting lately. They talk about the family issues with Will being in prison. JJ arrives outside and shakes some pills into his hand. Eric catches up. JJ doesn’t want a lecture. He wants to be left alone. Eric grabs his arm and JJ hauls off and punches him. Eric goes inside for ice and JJ follows with an apology. John asks how he can help. JJ doesn’t think he can so John hopes he gets the support he needs. He’s a good kid. John goes. JJ tells Eric that Haley was his life. He wants to punch Brady but can’t. Eric tries to get him to go to another meeting or chat alone but JJ refuses and goes.

Brady comes upon JJ in the park taking drugs. JJ apologizes. JJ yells that Haley’s dead because of Brady’s miserable, homicidal ex-girlfriend. He will never forgive either of them.

John runs into Abe at the square. They commiserate over their children’s problems but John thinks they’ll find their way on their own.

Lani prays in a church while she’s dressed in a nun’s habit. She thinks about Eli. Kristen appears and they pray together for strength.

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Back at Gina’s, the man Gina calls Steffy opens his laptop. He responds to Abigail’s message.

At John’s place, Gina lights candles, setting a romantic dinner. John shows up, surprised to see her.

Eric and Maggie meet at the Horton Center and discuss how it was a matter of time before Brady and JJ ran into each other.

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Gina makes her move on John.