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Maggie walks into the Kiriakis living room and smells 30-year-old scotch. Victor takes a sip, surprised. Maggie states that she found his hiding places a while ago. She learns he’s celebrating Ciara coming to her senses and severing ties to The Necktie Killer. Maggie’s glad they’re close and that Ciara’s moving in. Vic notices his wife’s happy. Maggie admits it’s because she spent an hour in bed with Mickey. Victor spits his drink out in shock. Sarah appears with her daughter – Mickey. She laughs that “the old goat” is still jealous of Maggie’s first husband. Victor insists on calling her by Mackenzie, her full name.

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In jail, Ciara visits Ben and tells him she lied to her grandfather that she’s done with him, hopeful Victor ben and ciara prison days of our liveswill let his guard down and prove that he killed Jordan. Ben kisses her. She’s incredible. Ciara wonders if Xander killed Jordan for the Titan CEO position for Vic. Ben doubts it. They flash to learning Ben’s on death row. Ben has one more appeal. Ciara emotionally refuses to let him become executed. They kiss and the guard tells them time’s up and taunts Ben about his time being up soon.

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At Basic Black, Xander and Nicole rehash hiding Sarah’s baby secret from Eric and how the guilt is killing Nic. Brady steps in and wonders what’s up. Xander lies that they were discussing a joint venture  – Titan and Basic Black. Brady’s not interested. Xander gets it considering what went down six months ago. He flashes to Victor giving Xandy the CEO position at Titan. He’ll pass but DiMera wouldn’t go for it even if he did. Xander suggests to Nicole to change his mind. He goes and Nicole reaches out, knowing he’s hurting. Brady finds her renewed friendship a Godsend. Maggie interrupts for their AA meeting. Maggie misses and loves him. Brady misses her but moving out was right for him.

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At the pub, Roman and Eric discuss Sarah’s baby being Xander’s. JJ enters to tell them the good news about Jenn waking up. They’re thrilled. Roman goes to the kitchen and Eric looks at JJ’s demeanor. Is he okay? JJ is better than ok. Eric asks if he’s high. JJ becomes defensive. Eric knows the signs. He’s been there. He urges JJ to talk to someone but JJ won’t. Eric puts on the pressure.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail and Chad canoodle. She’s concerned for her brother. They talkchad keeping secret days of our lives about how much Abigail has given to her father, helping him care for himself while he looked after her mother, and then they head upstairs for sex. In their room, they snuggle afterward. Abigail thinks they’re stronger than ever. Chad admits he’s been keeping something from her…

Xander returns home. Vic says, “Pull up a drink.” Sarah’s shocked. Vic says he’s done an excellent job as CEO. Sarah calls him a rock star as a father. She goes and the men talk about getting in at Basic Black with this new deal. Vic notices how close he and Sarah have become. Talk moves to Ciara and that they can trust her since she dumped “that maniac Ben.” Ciara returns home and eavesdrops on the conversation. She hears that Xander did Victor a huge favor that will be their little secret.

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JJ meets Eric at the Horton Center for an AA meeting. He says Eric was right about him. Maggie sees JJ and tells him she’s thrilled about Jenn’s recovery. She touches base on JJ’s loss. Brady appears and things get awkward. JJ tries to charge Brady but Eric comes between them. Maggie takes JJ away and the brothers chat jovially. Eric’s glad he and Nicole are friends again but mentions he hasn’t seen his brother in a while. Brady says times have been rough. Eric knows it’s tough for his bro and JJ to be in the same room. The meeting begins. Maggie tells them about her slip a year ago and Victor’s secret stash. She’s fine with it because of this group, her husband and family. Brady stands and calls himself an addict. It’s been six months since he was there. He was doing great, about to become a father again and on the path to happiness with the mother-to-be. Brady’s thought about drinking – he’s hurt people that he’s loved and himself. He’s had more regrets than he can count and never wanted a drink so much as the night his baby died. JJ nods petulantly.

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Nicole spots Sarah and Mackenzie in the park. They commiserate over their guilt that Eric doesn’t know Mickey’s his daughter.

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