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In jail, Ben insists he’s innocent. Will humors him and asks who he thinks killed his sister. Ben suggests Rafe Hernandez. Will’s doubtful, but Ben points out Jordan poisoned him. Will counters the poison was meant for Ciara – is she a suspect too? Ben’s irritated and turns the suspect list to Sonny’s Uncle Victor.Ben puzzles over murder Will Days of our Lives Will reminds him there’s zero evidence Victor killed Jordan. They bicker about whether to give up on Ciara and Sonny. Will snarks that at least he admitted what he did and took responsibility. Ben notes Will took a life and snarls, “You’re no better than I am.” Will concedes he ruined his life and the lives of many other people – he’d do anything to take it back.

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At the park, Rafe tells Sonny he doesn’t know what he’d have done without David this year.Sonny Evan park Days of our Lives Sonny misses Will a lot and talks about Arianna struggling. Ari appears with Evan, (played by Brock Kelly), the male nanny – she’d been teased on the playground. The nanny gives a pep talk and Sonny thanks him. Rafe leaves and Evan offers to help Sonny with Ari before asking him for dinner. Sonny says maybe another time.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor’s pleased with Ciara’s work the past year and promotes her to junior executive.Victor with Ciara Days of our Lives Ciara notes he just asked her to move in and appreciates his faith in her. She apologizes for accusing Victor of murdering Jordan last year. Victor asks about her feelings for Ben. Ciara can’t love him anymore – she has to face the fact he’s still a killer and always will be. Victor knew she’d come around. He’s glad she booted that maniac out of her life for good. Ciara kisses Victor then leaves. Victor pours scotch and says, “Good riddance, Ben Weston.”

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In a jail visiting area, Justin tells inmate Eve that Jennifer Horton just woke up. She says, “It’s about damn time!”Eve in jail Days of our Lives She anticipates her confirming her innocence so she can go free. Justin warns Jennifer may not exonerate her – even Eve doesn’t remember much of what happened that night. Eve was drunk but would remember pushing someone. She wants Justin to get over to the hospital. Justin threatens to quit after she trashes Jennifer. Eve concedes this wasn’t her fault. Justin’s sorry too – this isn’t an easy day for him.

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In the hospital, Jennifer doesn’t remember Eve pushing her. Jack stands as Princess Gina enters and embraces his wife. Jennifer feels off but isn’t sure why. She remembers being pushed but doesn’t recall Eve being there. Jack asks if it wasn’t Eve, who could it have been? Jenn can’t remember seeing anyone. Jack wants to walk her through the night, but Gina interjects; Eve was caught on video on the balcony. Jennifer just feels she’d remember if Eve pushed her. Gina soothes that the police did their job and Jenn should focus on her future. After she’s gone, Jack wants to work on getting Jennifer home. He had wedding bands made for them from the metal wreckage of the Loretta. Jack jennifer days of our LivesHe’ll put her ring on her finger but must go get it. By the hub, Gina curses Kayla – why did she believe her when she said Jennifer was beyond all hope? She re-enters Jennifer’s room. Jenn awakens. Gina says she wanted to see her one last time. Jack returns, so she leaves again. He puts the wedding ring on Jennifer’s finger – he never stopped believing she’d come back to him. They wish each other a tearful happy anniversary and kiss. Outside, Justin asks Gina if Jennifer remembered who pushed her – Eve insists she’s innocent. Gina retorts, “Your client is guilty as sin.”

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Ben Ciara jail Days of our LivesBen is taken to the jail visitors’ area and sees Ciara. She’s pulled the trigger on their plan and told her grandfather that she believed he was the killer and didn’t love him anymore. Now he’ll let his guard down and she’ll be able to prove he killed Jordan. They kiss. In his cell, Will tells a photo of Sonny he’s sorry for what he did.

At the jail payphone, Eve is furious as Justin relays that Jennifer remembers everything but the fall.

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In a room, Gina paints and muses that Hope’s cousin Jennifer can’t remember anything to contradict the video footage, but she could get her memory back… She supposes she should let sleeping dogs lie, and asks, “What do you think, Steffy? For now?” A hand is seen holding a cigar under Stefano’s portrait.

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Justin meets Sonny in the square. He can’t believe it was a year ago yesterday he and Adrienne got married there. Sonny tears up. He still hopes it will be his mom when his phone rings – he can’t believe she’s dead. Sonny laments that it was his own husband that killed her. Justin embraces him.

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