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At the hospital, Kayla asks JJ and Jack to go home and get sleep. They want to wait until she wakes up. Kayla doesn’t know when that will be. Jack feels cheated and wonders how Jenn fell off the balcony. Jack places Jennifer’s engagement ring on her finger but will wait to put on her wedding band.

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At her loft, Princess Gina reads the news about Jennifer’s “fall.” She tells Stefano’s portrait she’s not a violent person but looks guilty while she flashes to throwing Jennifer over the balcony. Kayla calls and Gina pretends to be Hope and asks how Jenn is. Kay updates her on Jenn’s coma and asks her when she’s coming. Jack wonders if she can shed light on what happened. “Hope” says she’ll be right there.

At home, Ben has a nightmare. Ciara wakes him up and he says ben, ciara in bed days of our liveshe had the same nightmare as the one he had on Halloween. He wonders where Jordan is and worries about what’ll happen if Jordan comes after Ciara again. Ciara’s positive she won’t and caresses his hair as she reassures him. He dresses and calls Rafe to leave a message asking if they’ve found Jordan. Ciara tells him not to let Jordan push him over the edge. “She is the sick one, not you.” Ben hugs Ciara, grateful for her. They kiss then make love. Ciara closes the window when it gets too cold.

At Eric’s, Nicole takes out Sarah’s positive pregnancy results from his desk and flashes to Xander taunting her about it. She thinks Xander’s right. She could lose everything but how can she keep this from Eric? Eric appears and she shows him the paper and tells the truth. Eric is ecstatic. He’s sorry but needs to go be with Sarah and his child. He leaves and Nicole cries. She comes out of her fantasy as Eric walks up. He takes off to see Jenn.

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Sarah drags suitcases downstairs at the Kiriakis house.sarah and kristen talk brady days of our lives She’s happy to see Ari and Xander created her a Bon Voyage banner which is placed above the fireplace. Maggie made lemon bars. Sarah hugs her mom. Upstairs, Brady brings Kristen breakfast in bed. She is touched. She looks at the sheets and sees blood. “There’s something wrong with the baby,” she croaks. Brady goes to find Sarah. Sarah rushes into Kristen’s room with her doctor’s bag and examines a crying Kristen. There was such a small amount of blood that Sarah brady, maggie xander talk kristen days of our livessays everything looks fine. Spotting isn’t unusual. Kristen’s relieved. Sarah should know – first hand. Sarah questions her. Kristen flashes to Xander telling her about Sarah’s pregnancy and corrects herself. She muses that since Sarah’s a doctor, she should know. Downstairs, Xander says, “Maybe it’s nature taking its course.” Brady demands to know what that means. “Kristen’s a bit long in the tooth to be having a baby,” Xandy says. Mags admonishes Xander and Brady attacks him. Maggie comes between them. Brady goes back upstairs. Brady returns to Kristen. He’s updated and told to take Kristen to her OBGYN. Downstairs, Sarah says goodbye and Xander gives her a Glamor Shot photo. They embrace and Sarah cries. Maggie sobs as they hug. Sarah runs into Nicole on her way out.

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“Hope” arrives at the hospital and Jack asks what happened jenn family gathers hospital days of our liveswhen Jenn fell. Gina as Hope lies that she wasn’t there. She heard her scream from the elevator. Gina calls it a tragic accident but Jack’s not sold on that. Maybe she had too much champagne. Jack says she doesn’t drink. “You know that.” He thinks she was pushed – by Dr. Rolf and Jenn had the flash drive before she fell. They can’t find it. They go to the square to search for it and “Hope” agrees to stay behind. Later, Eric arrives. Kayla updates him on Jenn. Brady and Kristen approach. They get an update as well though Eric asks why Kristen cares. Kayla takes Kristen to her office for an examination and Eric takes a chance to run Kristen down as she watches from nearby. She approaches as Eric goes. Brady agrees to get Kristen some food while she waits for tests. Kristen finds Eric in the chapel. Elsewhere, Jack and JJ tell Ciara about Jennifer while inside Jenn’s room, “Hope” tells Jenn she’s sorry. But she can’t let her wake up. She moves to smother her with a pillow.

Ben returns home and the window is wide open.

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