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At the wedding in the square, Marlena thanks Tamara for singing Ave Maria and Lani thanks her mother for being there. Tamara’s thrilled to sing for her little girl’s elani wedding days of our liveswedding. Marlena begins the ceremony by dispensing advice about trust and love. Gabi records the ceremony for Julie with a sneer on her face. Lani sneaks a peek and Marlena asks if anyone can show just cause why the couple should not be united in matrimony. The square is silent and Gabi grins to herself. Lani looks ill and tears up and says it’s gracious for Gabi to come considering Lani fired the bullet that killed her husband. Eli interrupts but Lani continues. She wants Gabs to know how deeply sorry she is. Lani hopes that she can set aside her bitterness for Eli and Julie’s sake. Gabi says losing Stefan tore her heart in half but today isn’t about her. It’s about Lani and Eli and the choices she’s about to make that will follow her for the rest of her life. Eli agrees. Gabi says she thought she made herself clear. She meant every word she said. Lani whispers, “Please?” Gabi asks if there’s anything else she wants to say. She holds up her cell phone and says she can “press the button” gabi and lani fight days of our livesso Julie and Doug can hear. Eli speaks, telling family and friends from when they first met, he felt their connection and knew she was special. He calls her his soul mate, the love of his life. He tears up and Lani sobs. Marlena moves on with vows. Eli says I do and Lani does the same. Gabi jumps up and yells that she’s making a very big mistake. Lani goes after her and tackles her. Gabi presses the button and Eli appears. Gabi says his grandmother’s heart exploded out of her chest. Lani comes out of her fantasy and is sorry. She can’t do this. Eli’s confused. Lani says he doesn’t deserve this. She looks to Gabi and apologizes to Eli before running off. Eli goes after her and everyone looks shocked. Gabi calls Julie and lies that she doesn’t know what happened. She’ll keep her posted. They disconnect and Will encounters Gabi muttering to herself, “I guess my work here is done.” He questions her.

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Justin arrives home with champagne to a fraught Adrienne, who says they’re going to be late for Lani and Eli’s wedding. Justin says he was at the clerk’s office to get their marriage license. Adrienne is thrilled and they embrace. They start kissing and decide to forgo the wedding to have sex on the sofa. Adrienne laughs. “Imagine if Maggie knew what we just did under the watchful eye of her figurines?” Justin shrugs. Adrienne leaves her cell phone at home as they head out.

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Back at the square, Jennifer and Jack question Tamara and Abe. Nobody knows what’s happening. Marlena knows Lani was excited to marry Eli. Nearby, Gabi tells Will her marlena sarah xander wedding days of our liveswork as a videographer is done. Sonny turns up and says they may resume the wedding. Abe and Tamara hold hands and vow to be there for their daughter no matter what. Nearby, Xander asks what the protocol is for guests. Maggie assumes they stay until Marlena officially ends the wedding. Sarah says they need to be supportive but Xander just wants a drink. Maggie takes the chance to prod Sarah about staying in Salem. Sarah runs off and Xander reassures Maggie. Sonny leaves a message for his mom about the wedding being postponed. Jack wonders if they’re eloping. Jenn didn’t know they were even engaged. Sonny lets her know that they’re newly engaged and she’s happily surprised. Marlena goes to Sarah, noticing she’s upset. Sarah’s about to open up when Xander appears. Marlena says, “Well if it isn’t the jerk who shot me at my wedding.” Xander tries to deny it but Marlena saw the video. She knows Sarah’s nursing a broken heart, “But you don’t have to go out with this idiot,” she advises. Xander calls Doc a busybody and tells her to mind her own business. He didn’t have a problem with her before but he does now. Meanwhile, Gabi follows Abe and Tamara as they search for Lani and Eli.

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Eli follows Lani to the park. Sobbing, she repeats she can’t marry eli kisses lani days of our liveshim but can’t explain why. He pushes and she says it’s because of Gabi. She lies that she doesn’t deserve happiness and a husband when she killed Gabi’s. Eli thought he got through to her about this. He kisses her. She finally bursts out and tells him she doesn’t love him enough to marry him. She lies that she thought she’d love him in time. Eli wants to make it work. Lani says her decision is made. He cries, “So you’re leaving me? That’s it?” She’s sorry but it’s over. She runs off as Abe and Tamara appear and Eli tells them to go be with her. Gabi finds Eli on the bench and hugs him.

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