Sami tries to hide her burgeoning belly from Rafe, at the safe house, and he's astounded when he realizes she's pregnant. He yells, "Why didn't you tell me? Did you tell anyone?" Sami lies that she's gained weight and goes on that if she were pregnant, she'd be proud. Rafe apologizes for the way he's been treating her especially because of her condition. He tells her this puts a new spin on the way they protect her. Sami continues to lie and says Roman knows about it and prefers nobody else finds out. Rafe wants to contact Roman to confirm, but Sami stops him. It'll get her in trouble. Rafe doubts she told Roman and finally, Sami comes clean. She pouts as she says nobody knows she's pregnant. She starts to cry and blubbers. "You think I wanted it this way? You think I don't see how pathetic this is?" She's scared, sad and confesses she can only think about running away. She explains that the father of her baby is going to destroy her child's future. She says she'd have told him, but seeing the mayor being shot stopped her. She worries about being killed and cries that she can't see her family and babies. Rafe says it must be rough and realizes this makes sense as to why she's such a control freak, but calls her wrong, stupid and irresponsible. Sami ignores him and calls EJ, the baby's father depraved. Rafe brings her some pickles as Sami explains the DiMera's and why she tried to keep the pregnancy a secret. Rafe understands what she's saying, much to Sami's surprise and relief. Sami wants to use this time to think of a way to hide her pregnancy and child from EJ. Rafe respects her decision but can't keep the secret from his superior. He gets ready to make a call.

Nicole and EJ continue to talk in Nicole's cell. Nicole's starting to feel safer. EJ thinks the nightmare for the real killer is just about to begin. Nicole doesn't care who killed Trent. She just doesn't want to go to prison. "Everything I care about is standing right in front of me," she says. They're interrupted by Bo, who says they've progress on her case. He's recommending she be released with bail. EJ's happy and gives Nicole a kiss.

Again we see Nick in his kitchen, flashing back to murdering Trent and Melanie wonders what he's thinking about. She reminds him they're friends and shouldn't keep secrets. Nick says he's been thinking about how rough things have been for her. She says it's supposed to be a happy day. Nick knows that and tries to cheer her with another present - a gorgeous garnet ring. He calls it a friendship ring and places it on her third finger on her left hand. Melanie's speechless and accuses him of being too kind but he sees her as others don't, he replies. He'd do so much more for her, he says. "In fact, I already have." Hope interrupts when she drops by, asking to talk to Nick alone. After an icy reception, Melanie steps out and Hope apologizes for crashing the party. She's worried about him and his involvement with Melanie. Nick says Melanie's innocent and he asks her to lay off her now, since she's innocent. Hope says the charges against Nicole won't stick.

At the hospital, Daniel explains to Philip, Lucas and Chloe that Kate's become anemic and that it's a critical time for Kate, who asked to see them. Philip and Lucas beg Daniel to stop the chemotherapy but Daniel explains she'll only get worse after a few days. She needs to make her own decision about her treatment. The men step outside as Chloe sits with Kate and tells her that her sons love her so. "That's a credit to you. Your big heart." She gets emotional as she tells Kate that her sons want the doctors to ease up. Chloe knows Kate's a fighter and she knows what it takes to beat this thing. She urges her not to give up on the treatment. "It's your only hope," she says, brushing her tears away. She tells an unconscious Kate of how she wanted to let go during chemo, but she knew her family needed her, just as Kate's family needs her! Kate wakes up and thanks Chloe for the pep talk.

Chloe leaves Kate's room and tells the men that Kate's awake. They all pile into her room and she tells them she's felt better. They express how they want her to quit chemo, but she refuses. She feels it's her only chance, so they decide to stick by her.

In the hall, Daniel goes to Chloe and realizes that she talked to Kate. He thanks her.

Nicole and EJ arrive at the DiMera mansion where EJ asks what he can get Nicole. She's distant and admits while she's happy to be free and have his trust, she remembers that he thought she was capable of murder. EJ asks her not to hold his confusion against him, but she tells him she's got to leave. EJ thought they were finally beginning to connect, but Nicole sees his ambivalence and calls him emotionally distant. EJ admits he's not the most demonstrative person. Nicole thinks he's forcing himself to have feelings for her and wants to leave. EJ asks her to stay. They've come a long way. Nicole accuses him of saying the right thing at the wrong time. EJ says on the way home, while she was thinking of packing, he was thinking of them marrying. He knows he can give her love, he says. "Are you telling me that you love me," she asks. EJ tells her if she gives them a chance, it'll take time, but if they stay communicative to each other and being a family, then he thinks they can have a wonderful life. Nicole asks if he's really willing to work on this without Sami getting in the way. He can, he says and pulls her into a lingering kiss.

Back at Nick's place, Hope asks Nick if he knows something about Trent's murder case. Nick denies this and Hope says that having Melanie in Nick's life worries her. Nick asks Hope if she thinks he's trying to protect her. He yells that she didn't kill her father. Melanie arrives and overhears Nick yelling. "Obviously I missed a few things," she says as she comes into the room. Hope explains she's on her way out and asks Nick to take care. Once she leaves, Melanie asks what her problem is. Hope was fishing for info, Nick says and Melanie panics. She's worried that Hope will believe the lies. He tells her he knows the real truth. Nick flashes back to killing Trent and tells her in his heart he knows she didn't kill Trent.

Hope goes to Bo at the police station and they discuss how Nick's involvement with Melanie can only lead to disaster. They wonder if he's covering for her.

Next on Days of our Lives:

EJ says, "Nicole, I really don't know that much about you." Nicole tells him, "Maybe that's a good thing."

Somebody grabs Marlena from behind and she yells!

Sami begs Rafe not to let EJ or her family find out about her pregnancy. Rafe says, "It's out of my hands."

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