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Eric and Nicole dressed in 1950s attire take Holly trick-or-treating to the Kiriakis mansion. Xander answers, dressed as Tarzan and Nicole huffs. She takes the kid into the living room and Eric says he’ll take over candy duty “until you can put some clothes on.” Xander quips, “Turning you on am I?” Eric scoffs. He asks Xander to stop harassing Nicole so Xander offers Eric candy and says he’s not a stalker. He eats candy and taunts Eric about going to Eli and Lani’s wedding with Sarah. Eric’s not happy. Nicole returns and Xander tells her how upset Eric is that Sarah is his date for the wedding. Eric tells him Sarah’s fragile.

At the hospital, Lani and Eli kiss. He’s excited about their wedding tomorrow and notes that Lani seems distant. She claims she’s tired and flashes to Gabi forcing her to dump Eli. Sarah appears, looking forward to the wedding. She can see Lani’s upset and assumes it’s hard to be happy when a loved one is in the hospital. Gabi rushes into Rafe’s room worried. Rafe explains about the cyanide poisoning and that Jordan was framing Ben. Gabi’s surprised. He’s worried about David. Gabi forces him to stay in bed and Haley watches over him while Gabs goes to find Eli. Instead, she finds Lani asking Sarah about Julie’s pacemaker and stops her. When Sarah’s gone, Gabi makes new threats. Eli finds them and Gabi tells him about Rafe being poisoned. She asks for his help.

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At Rafe’s, Ben finds JJ unconscious on the floor and attempts to revive him. jj knocked out days of our livesJJ finally comes to and Ben wipes the blood from JJ’s head while JJ explains why he’s there. Ben assumes Jordan hit him. Ben goes to find Jordan while JJ gets himself to the hospital.

Jordan appears at Ciara’s door. Frightened, Ciara tries to shut the door but Jordan tells her that she came from the hospital where Rafe was poisoned but the poison was meant for Ciara. Ciara knows Ari switched the cupcakes so Rafe ate the one meant for her. Jordan blames Ben but Ciara knows he’d never hurt her. Jordan urges Ciara to check the pocket of Ben’s jacket. Ciara pulls out his chapstick and Jordan’s panic grows when she doesn’t find the vial. She says they need to go. Ciara’s life is in danger! Ben arrives. He tells her it’s over now. She’s mixed up. Jordan yells that she’s not crazy. Ben knows. He’s been in her situation and it’s his turn to help her. Jordan begins to cry and shoves them out of her way and takes off with the baby.

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JJ arrives at the hospital and runs into Lani and Eli. He updates them on jj wounded days of our livesJordan poisoning Rafe and that she’s targeting Ciara. They run off while JJ goes to Rafe’s room with an update. Haley takes him to be examined. Rafe feels stupid but Gabi thinks he wants to see the best in people. He still loves her when she does bad things. Gabi goes to Lani and taunts her about dumping Eli tomorrow and how much fun she’ll have.

Sarah returns home to find things tense between Xander, Eric and Nicole. Nic goes to get Holly while Xander follows. Nicole can tell he loves to torment people.nicole upset with xander days of our lives Xander can tell she’s rattled by Eric’s jealousy. Nicole snipes at him and says she’s with Eric and nothing he can say can make her insecure. Xander begs to differ. In the other room, Eric confronts Sarah about going to the wedding with Xander. She calls him a friend who was there for her. Eric asks what tough time Sarah had. Sarah finds that insensitive and storms out. She returns when Nic and Eric leave. Sarah thinks Eric didn’t love her enough. He probably thought of Nicole when they made love. Xander can’t help himself. He says she looks even more beautiful with the pregnancy xander and sarah sofa days of our liveshormones. Sarah shushes him. She mentions Lani’s strange mood. Xander assumes she has cold feet.

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Eli and Lani arrive at Ciara’s. She explains what went down with Ben and Jordan. Ben returns with David and tells them Jordan got away. David cries and Lani and Eli take him away. Ciara’s sorry she opened the door. She thought it was Sonny. Ben promises not to let anything bad happen to her again. He blames himself for not telling Rafe about the vial sooner.

At home, Eric and Nicole discuss Xander causing trouble. Eric tries to change that with a kiss.

Eli arrives at the hospital and hands David to Rafe who is grateful he’s fine. The SPD is looking for Jordan now.

In the park, Jordan vows to get her son back and take revenge.

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