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Jack and Jennifer stroll by Saxton’s in the square. Jack asks her to print their engagement announcement in The Spectator. Jenn tells him she’s waiting on her IT guy to find some dirt on Dr. Rolf’s flash drive.

Dr. Rolf rushes out of Princess Gina’s loft, worried about who she’ll come in contact with.

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In John and Marlena’s townhouse, they’re making out and ready to take things to their bedroom when Marlena realizes “those pesky trick-or-treaters” will be coming. Outside, Princess Gina flashes to John seeing her and making out with him while Marlena watches. John can’t be with Gina anymore and Marlena says she’ll call the cops. Gina realizes she can’t do this. She moves to leave until Arianna appears, dressed as a princess and asks if “Hope” is a real gina kisses john days of our livesprincess because she’s wearing a crown. Princess Gina calls it a tiara. She takes it off and puts it in her purse and John appears. He drags Ari inside and they fawn over how beautiful she looks and give her candy. Will and Sonny rush in. John doesn’t usually give treats to those over 13 but allows “Hope” to take one. John thinks Ari’s so cute he keeps shooting candy into her pumpkin bucket. The guys take their kid away and Marlena’s glad Hope is there so she can look inside her purse. They’re concerned about her smoking. “Hope” says thanks and offers them to Marlena. “I’m done,” she says, resolute. She has some champagne and makes a crack about them not being that happy considering the champagne is subpar. She leaves them baffled.

At home, Ciara wonders what the vial of poison is that fell out of Ben’s coat. Ben returns from doing a walk around the perimeter. It bothers him that Stefano’s portrait is still missing. Ciara confronts him about the vial. He’s never seen it before.

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At the hospital, Haley tells Rafe there were traces of cyanide in his blood. Jordan looks horrified, remembering poisoning Ciara’s cupcake. Rafe only ate a cupcake jordan touches rafe days of our livesJordan made him. Shouldn’t everyone else get sick? They all ate cupcakes. Jordan feels fine and feigns shock. JJ asks if cleaners could have gotten mixed up with baking supplies. Rafe says he’s babyproofed his house. He worries about Ciara but Jordan says she’s fine. Rafe forces her to go see how her son is. Haley trails behind Jordan and Rafe wonders to JJ if Jordan poisoned the cupcake on purpose. JJ will snoop at his house to find the cyanide and call immediately. Rafe calls Ciara and Ben and tells them about the poison. They’re shocked and confused as to why Jordan didn’t tell them. Ciara’s about to tell him about the vial when Ben disconnects. He doesn’t want to jump to conclusions. He takes off to the hospital.

Rolf walks up and overhears Jennifer and Jack talking about wanting him out of Salem. Jenn tells him to his face that nobody wants him there. Rolf says he has his allies. Jack tells him to get lost. “Like my flash drive,” Rolf says, saying Jenn will never get to what’s on it. He goes.

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Will, Sonny, and Ari stop Dr. Rolf outside the pub. He’s looking for Hope so ari trick or treats Days of our LivesAri says she was at her grandparents’ place. Her dads take her away and Rolf heads over.

Rolf finds Hope outside the townhouse and takes off with her.

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In their room at Salem Inn, Jack has set up a romantic dinner with champagne. He wants to take Jennifer’s mind off of the flash drive. She’s thrilled and they start kissing and drink to love and laughter. They make love.

Ben turns up at the hospital and asks Haley if she can testben and haley poison vial days of our lives the contents of the vial and let him know if it’s cyanide. He goes to Rafe’s room and apologizes for hanging up on him. Ben doesn’t want to jump to conclusions. He tells Rafe about the vial and that Haley’s testing it. He wants to give his sister the benefit of the doubt but he thinks she may have fooled them all. He thinks she’s still dangerous.

At home, Jordan cleans the kitchen and complains to David that her plan of setting Ben up didn’t work. She runs to pack so they can run.

Will, Sonny, and Ari arrive at Ciara’s trick-or-treating. Ciara gives her two handfuls of candy. Ciara tells Will about Rafe’s poisoning. Will’s eyes widen. He fills her in on Arianna telling her that Jordan yelled at her for switching cupcakes. Ciara realizes the poisoned cupcake must have been meant for her.

Princess Gina and Dr. Rolf arrive at the loft. hope as princess gina throne days of our livesHe suggests she impersonate Hope if she goes out. He doesn’t want Interpol to catch her. He brought her back because she’s destined to do great things. All she wants is John Black.

JJ arrives at Rafe’s and is about to take the baby with him when Jordan attacks him from behind and knocks him out. She takes off and Ben finds JJ on the floor.

After Will, Sonny, and Arianna leave Ciara’s, Jordan turns up with an evil smile.

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