Nick lights candles on a birthday cake for Melanie and surprises her by screaming, "Surprise!" Melanie jumps nervously as she comes into the kitchen, and scares the wits out of her. Later, he apologizes for scaring her so much, especially since somebody's been stalking her. Melanie admits tonight she felt as though the anonymous caller was watching her. She wonders why he's doing this to her. "I think he likes knowing he can scare me and have that power over me," she says, but Nick is doubtful. Nick looks away when she threatens to kill whoever is doing this if she finds out! Melanie apologizes for being a downer and makes a wish and blows out her candles. She wants to cut the cake but Nick wants to know what her wish was. She can't tell him. "It won't come true!" Nick thinks he can make it come true, but Melanie doubts it. She says she wished she could find out who killed her father. Nick thinks it's best not to obsess about it and to move on, but Melanie's not obsessing. She doesn't want to think about it but she can't help it. It doesn't help that the caller upset her. She admits she'll always wonder if she killed her father if the cops don't find out who did it. "You didn't [kill him]," Nick says, and is shocked to hear that Melanie misses him, even though she hated him. "That doesn't mean I wanted him dead, or maybe it does and I just don’t remember." She tries to go to bed but he plies her with presents. He gives her a snow globe of Marseilles as a souvenir of when they met.

In their office, Hope and Bo go over Nicole's confession. Since she finally admitted she went to the cemetery with a gun and the intent to kill Trent, they wonder if she's lying about the man she claims to have seen at the cemetery, looking at headstones. Oddly, Bo admits he believes her but should have pushed harder the first time they confronted her. He asks if she's really that stupid, then says she's cunning. Hope says she didn't want them to know she was at the cemetery in the first place and they wonder if she knows the other person who was there and is protecting them. D.A. Jenkins calls for a breakfast meeting with Bo tomorrow and mentions she hopes the murder case will be wrapped up soon. Bo's not sure he's going to like this job, though Hope disagrees. Cops will have an easier time because he's at the top, she says and they can still work together. Hope announces she wants to go home, light candles and slip into a hot bath, but Bo wants to listen to Nicole's testimony again. "There's got to be something we've missed," he says and they realize Melanie's still a suspect. Hope mentions that EJ may have thought Nicole killed Trent. "He ain't stupid," replies Bo. They decide to find why all these people were all at the cemetery and why they all went to the cemetery that particular night. She thinks they're all linked. Bo moans and groans that he has back-to-back meetings all day tomorrow and thinks he should be out chasing bad guys. Hope reassures him they're closing in on Trent's case.

Still behind bars, Nicole accuses EJ of helping Stefano frame her for Trent's murder in order to take her baby from her. He thinks she couldn’t be more stupid to think such a thing. He didn't even know she was pregnant until a few days after Trent was murdered. Nicole accuses him of planting the beads in the cemetery, but EJ denies it. Nicole calls him just like his father but she's paranoid, EJ says. Nicole reminds him of how he acted with Sami and Johnny. She starts to think EJ's going to try to use this against her in a custody case. "Nicole. There's no custody case," he says, but Nicole yells that once the baby's born, it'll become DiMera property. EJ knows this is a terrible time for her but he promises he'll get her out of there if she trusts him. He calls himself her friend and he wouldn't hurt a friend. "I'm not your friend," she says, and EJ says though he understands why she doesn't trust him, he wishes she would. Nicole's child is counting on her and EJ reminds her of their past conversation about marriage. She jokes about him handing her a ring through bars and he says maybe he will. He laughs but turns serious and asks her to trust him. Nicole doesn't think he can trust her because of her past, but EJ points out that his history is checkered, too! EJ promises never to try to take their child away from her and Nicole says, "Even if I did it, you'd still get me off." He will. Nicole is fired up by this, thinking he still thinks she killed Trent. EJ did think she did but not now. He doesn't like pushovers and says if somebody threatens you, you kill them. "He almost drove you to it," he says. He assumes a part of her knew she was pregnant and that's why she exercised restraint. He trusts her where things are important and says that's all they need right now. They admit neither is used to each other being honest and EJ thinks they need to start, now.

With a shower cap wrapped around her, Sami yells from the safe house bathroom for Rafe to give her clothes back. He refuses. Sami yells that he's supposed to be protecting her, but he is. She can't leave, he counters. "Are you a Knicks fan," he asks, relaxing in front of the television. Sami yells from the bathroom that she'll have his badge, but Rafe doubts her little complaint will bear any weight. "I want my daddy," she cries. "I've never felt so alone." Rafe smirks and shakes his head as Sami slides down to the floor in the bathroom continuing to scream and pout. "I hope I never see another hit man as long as I live," she sulks. It's half-time, and Rafe asks her to come out to the kitchen to find food she hasn't burned yet. Sami yells she's not coming out naked but she's going to call his boss. He reminds her she has no phone. "I hate men who gloat," she says. Rafe confesses he hates licorice. Sami continues to rant and asks for her clothes, but he refuses. "I don't even want your cell phone anymore, I want your gun," she says, frustrated. When Sami hears him eating potato chips, she asks him to give her some. He tells her to help herself. "You've proven you can't be trusted unless you're incapacitated!" He tells her to keep quiet, but she starts banging away and singing. Finally, Rafe is angered. His team has lost and he lost his bet. Sami laughs at him and makes fun of him. "My heart bleeds for you," she yells. Rafe's off to bed - with earphones on! Sami finally comes out of the bathroom, dresses and roots through Rafe's things. He wakes up and catches her.

Nick goes to his room to take a call from Max, who thinks he has found a bug and can fix it in their equations. He's excited that they'll now get their grant proposal. Puzzled Melanie asks why he always discusses how it'll help her - not him. Nick doesn't answer and later, he gives her two more presents. A photo frame, which she loves. She goes off to get a photo of her and her father, leaving Nick bewildered. He looks at the second present, which is a professional photo of he and Melanie. She returns, puts her photo into the frame and tells a confused Nick that Trent was her dad, no matter what. She wants to remember the good. Grim Nick says, "Right." He wants her happiness and thinks she should have everything she's ever wanted. Melanie looks unsure when he tells her if there's anything she ever wants, he'll get it. Melanie asks for a piece of cake. Nick takes a knife and looks at the photo of Trent. He flashes back to coming out of the trees, the night of the murder, seeing Melanie fall to the ground and hitting her head on a stone, and he rushes up to Trent yelling, "No!" Trent pokes fun at him and goes to Melanie, taking her hand in his. Nick yells and grabs the knife and stabs Trent in the back! He comes back to the present and, with knife in hand, he walks toward Melanie.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Phillip asks Daniel why Kate wants to see them now. Daniel tells them it's a critical time, and Philip yells, "Stop the chemo, now!"

Nicole asks, "You mean whoever did kill Trent?"

Nick tells Hope, "She's innocent. Case closed. You arrested Nicole, so can you just lay off?"

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