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At home in bed, Ben tells Ciara he feels lighter having slept great and worked things out with his sister. He tells Ciara she doesn’t have to go today. Ciara kisses him and says, Ben and Ciara bed sex Days of our Lives“Don’t you know by now Ben Weston wherever you go, I go.”

At Rafe’s, Jordan sets out the cupcakes for David’s birthday, flashing to poisoning Ciara’s. Rafe and Arianna turn up. Rafe accuses Jordan of being tense. She’s nervous about the party but says she’s come too far to change her plans now. She tells him about making Ben’s birthday cake when he was 3 and using salt instead of sugar in the batter. When Clyde tasted it he smashed it in her face. Rafe’s sorry. He goes to the funeral and when Jordan can’t find Ciara’s cupcake she has a fit and asks Arianna if she ate it. Ari gave it to Baby David. Jordan freaks. Thankfully, David’s asleep so didn’t eat it. Ari feels bad but Jordan says it’s fine.

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Brady and Kristen wake up in her bed, having crashed after watching TV together. Brady’s angry while Kristen grins. It felt right to sleep in his arms. Brady informs that this won’t happen again. He goes while Kristen gloats. Downstairs, Sonny gossips about where Brady spent the night as Brady overhears. He sets them straight as Kristen appears. Will apologizes for adding to her stress, knowing she overheard the conversation. They head to Stefan’s funeral.

Jennifer wakes up alone after a night of love-making with Jack at Salem Inn.jenn says yes to proposal Days of our Lives Jack arrives with coffee and Jenn says she thought last night was a dream. He smiles and says last night was better than he remembered. He hands her breakfast, all her favorite foods. She finds the beautiful diamond ring inside the muffin that he gave her before he died. Jenn found the key to the house under the planter in the front of the house and found it in her bedside table. He gets down on one knee with a flourish and asks her to marry him. Jenn eats the muffin while he asks, then accepts his proposal.

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At home, Eli and Lani wake up with a kiss. They make love and Eli calls Kayla for an update about Grandma. He learns the pacemaker will be installed soon but will take hours. Eli wants to go to Stefan’s funeral.

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Gabi stands beside Stefan’s casket at the DiMera garden. ghost stefan days of our livesHow can she live without him? “You don’t have to,” Stefan says, appearing behind her. She sobs and thinks he’s alive he disappears when she hugs him and reappears elsewhere. He returned to say one final goodbye. He’s sorry he put her through this. Gabi blames Lani but will make her pay. Lani and Eli arrive and Gabi shoots daggers at Lani with her eyes. A cool exchange is made and Gabi hugs Rafe when he shows up with Sonny and Will. Ciara and Ben arrive, sorry for Gabi’s loss. Ben says he owes Stefan, who was always good to him. Gabi knows most people hated Stefan – she did. She appreciates that they came mostly because of her. She’s glad they all get to see this. gabi throws lani in hole Days of our LivesShe grabs Lani and throws her into the grave. Lani screams. Everyone leans in to see and Eli yells Gabi’s name. Gabi comes out of her fantasy and thanks them for coming. They agree to place a flower on his casket in Stefan’s memory. They all do so and hug Gabi afterward. Everyone goes except Will and Sonny who get a text and learn Julie’s surgery went well. Once they’re gone, Stefan’s ghost reappears and asks what Gabi’s plan is. She just wants justice. Kristen and Brady arrive. Kristen says she heard he was a true DiMera and he deserved more than this. She’s sorry she didn’t get to know him better. She places a rose on his casket then cries in Brady’s arms.

Rafe, Ciara and Ben arrive at Rafe’s and notice Arianna looking glum. They let Ari open Ben’s gift, the homemade toy box. Jordan thinks it’s beautiful. Later, Will and Sonny arrive to pick up Ari and Jordan doles out the cupcakes.

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At the hospital, Jennifer and Jack learn Julie’s procedure is done. They’re happy. Jenn shows Eli and Lani her engagement ring. There are hugs all around. Gabi arrives and takes Lani aside. Gabi’s invited to the wedding. Gabi says she’ll come because she wants to see everyone’s face when Lani dumps Eli at the altar.

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