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Justin greets Will and Sonny on his way back from seeing Alexander, outside the Kiriakis mansion. They catch up. Inside, Brady and Kristen head into the living room. Victor groans. Kristen gives him an ultrasound photo of his great-grandchild. He thought it was “a pictorial representation of your soul, a black and dark abyss. A morass of sin and darkness.” He has names considered. “Lilith, Prince of Darkness,” and then asks what Rosemary’s Baby name was. Brady scoffs. “You are hilarious.” Kayla calls and Brady learns Kristen really is carrying his child. Brady asks if he should order some crow for Victor to eat. Victor needs a drink.

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Adrienne arrives at Salem Inn and asks her brother what she gave him adrienne and bro jack days of our livesfor his 35th birthday. He shows her his cufflinks. They hug each other hard, happy that Jack has his memory back. They catch up and she invites herself to The Bistro with him and Jenn. She texts Justin while Jack cringes.

Eli picks Lani up at SPD for a date.

From home, Gabi calls someone to ensure everything is set for tomorrow. She asks them to walk her through the procedure. Will and Sonny appear to take her for some French cuisine.

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Eli and Lani arrive at a new restaurant, The Bistro which is above eli and lani romance days of our livesSaxons, where Eli says they’ll be having their reception next week. They start wedding planning with cake sampling.

At the square, Jennifer flashes back to Jack telling her she made him like himself. Kate appears and tells Jenn she looks absolutely beautiful. Jenn’s taken aback. Kate says there’s no angle. Maybe her near-death experience has changed her. Jenn’s glad she’s out of the hospital. She would have missedkate meets jenn days of our lives her “forceful personality.” Jenn says she and Jack are celebrating Eve signing divorce papers. They walk to the park and Jenn opens up about how nervous she is. Kate tells her to make every second count. Her husband came back from the dead. Not everyone is that lucky.

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At The Bistro, Jenn hugs Adrienne while Jack gives her a half-wave. Justin appears and wonders if Jack and Jenn want to be alone. Adrienne wants to celebrate. Will, Gabi, and Sonny turn up and there are hugs all around. Nearby, Eli and Lani kiss until Lani sees Gabi and the mood is ruined. Gabi approaches and they explain they’re choosing their wedding cake. Gabi says she and Stefan never got to have a reception and she has to pick out his suit for his funeral. Eli’s sorry. Gabi apologizes for saying terrible things. It comforts her that Stefan’s heart saved a life. “Just because I lost my husband doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be happy,” she says looking pointedly at Lani who flashes to being forced to say that she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Will and Sonny interrupt and they talk about Julie’s pacemaker then Sonny drags the others off. Lani just wants to leave. Over at Jack’s table, Justin apologizes to Jack for representing wilson watch justin propose adrienne days of our livesEve in their legal battle. Jack believes everyone has a right to representation. Adrienne’s glad the Four Musketeers are back. Jack makes it known that he wants to be alone with his lady. Adrienne’s embarrassed she didn’t see it until now. Jack tries to get the bill and the men skirmish over it. Jenn and Jack take off and Adrienne and Justin canoodle. He wanted to get rid of them to be alone with her. They kiss. Nearby, after Lani and Eli leave, Gabi rushes off. Will and Sonny are ready to leave when Justin pulls out a ring box and proposes to Adrienne. She cries. Sonny interrupts. Adrienne’s “so unbelievably happy,” she says so Sonny urges her to say yes. She whispers, “Yes!” Will and Sonny leave.

Kate interrupts Brady and Kristen’s baby discussion at the mansion to tell Victor that she has accepted his job offer. Brady’s shocked. Kristen asks about DiMera but Kate says Tony already took that position. Kristen’s angry to hear. Kate thinks she has herself to blame for marrying her brother. It’s creepy, even for a DiMera. Kristen feels faint. Vic says, “I think she’s having the vapors. Does anyone have any smelling salts?” Vic tells Brady he’s still CEO. He and Kristen head upstairs and Kate yells at Vic for humiliating her and leaves. Upstairs, Kristen assures Brady that Victor will come around. They sit in her bed and watch TV.

Jack and Jenn stroll hand in hand through the square to Salem Inn where they have a drink and flirt. Jack hopes he’s not moving too fast. He’s not. This is what Jack wanted his whole life. They kiss in bed.

At home, Eli is concerned about Lani, knowing she’s processing Stefan’s death. They make out in bed.

At home, Gabi vows for justice for Stefan.

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