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At the hospital, Dr. Rolf wonders why Jennifer Horton didn’t tell him she had his flash drive. Kayla shrugs. Rolf says there’s no threat unless “that nosey Parker” doesn’t give him his research back. Kayla looks concerned. Haley finds JJ in the waiting room. She complains she’s barely seen him in weeks because he’s been working the night shift. They kiss.

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At the square, Jack and Jennifer make out after he shows her his divorce papers. Jack has to do one more thing before they’re together. He goes and Rolf turns up asking for his flash drive. Jenn hides it and lies. She doesn’t have it. She lost it. Rolf accuses her of lying and tries to look in her bag. Jenn stops him and he snaps about being unceremoniously kicked out of Kayla’s lab. Jenn says given Rolf’s history, Kayla has a right to be worried. Rolf boasts that he’ll be working out of Titan and nobody will stop his life’s work.

From home, Ciara tells Ben that Tony’s taking over DiMera and she assumes he’s moving into the mansion. Ben didn’t know. Ciara assumes since someone removed the portrait of Stefano. She finds it odd. Ben’s building David a toy chest. He’s thrilled his sister accepted his apology and asked them to David’s party. Ciara is glad but says she can’t attend. Ben convinces her that Jordan asked her to be there and that this will help him. Ciara relents. She tries to read the directions in Mandarin and smiles as Ben admits Clyde wasn’t always a monster and showed him how to use a wrench as a kid. He hopes David will escape that craziness of their family. Ciara tells him about being a little brat as a kid. Claire used to call her Ciara of the Corn. They laugh. She hurts her finger and Ben kisses it.

Hope hangs Stefano’s portrait on a warehouse wall and admires it. “Welcome to your new home,” she says.

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Jordan arrives at Rafe’s place ready to bake cupcakes for David’s birthday party. rafe and jordan house days of our livesShe lets Rafe know that she and Ben are on good terms and she’s invited him and Ciara to the party. Rafe is stunned but glad to hear this. Rafe says Gabi used to make cupcakes and Arianna, his other sister, was secretly putting Kahlua in the batch. They were popular. Jordan laughs and says every good batch has a secret ingredient. When his back is turned, she shakes poison out of a vial into a cupcake. After they’re baked and iced, one’s leftover. Rafe asks if they can put David’s father’s name on it and gets a cold look from Jordan. She’ll never do that. That man wasn’t a father to her son. Rafe’s sorry. He suggests Arianna come.

Jack walks in on JJ kissing Haley at the hospital. He apologizes for hurting Haley. Haley’s gracious about it. It’s all in the past. Jack knows he betrayed JJ’s trust and hurt Haley most of all. Once he gets a new job he’ll donate to a charity that supports immigrants.

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Hope meets Roman at the pub. They embrace. She asks for “a glass of your finest champagne.” She seems to have a touch of a British accent like Princess Gina Von Amberg. Roman scoffs and questions her. She never orders that until New Year’s. Hope looks a little confused. Roman goes to get her some bubbly. She tastes it when Roman brings it and apologizes but it’s awful. “I think it’s turned,” she says, dabbing at her lips. Kayla appears. She asks what happened to Hope – she was supposed to meet her at the hospital. Hope stammers and says she didn’t feel well after seeing Ciara. “I don’t know what happened,” she admits. She tells Kay about her neck pain. Talk turns to Julie getting a pacemaker. Kayla starts taking things out of her purse and Roman’s surprised to see cigarettes. Hope looks at them greedily while Kay explains she confiscated them from a patient. She tells them she kicked Dr. Rolf out of her lab and how belligerent he was when seeking his flash drive Jennifer has. Hope says Jenn told her she wasn’t going to return it. Kayla and Roman go find some chowdah in the kitchen and Hope snags the cigarettes before talking off to see Julie. Later, Roman returns and wonders where the cigarettes are while outside, Hope begins to smoke. Haley finds her and Hope says, “Do I know you?” Haley reminds her she’s JJ’s girlfriend. Haley didn’t know she smoked. Hope/Gina drops the cigarette and snuffs it out. “I don’t,” she says before walking away.

Jack finds Rolf manhandling Jennifer and grabs his arm. Rolf explains what’s going on and Jenn again lies that she lost the flash drive. Jack says Jenn doesn’t lie and tells Rolf to get lost.

Dr. Rolf turns up in the warehouse and tells Stefano’s portrait how good it is to see him. He’ll be able to oversee all the exciting things about to happen.

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