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At the hospital, Kayla tells Jennifer and Jack that Julie needs a pacemaker but she doesn’t want to say more until Hope gets there.

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Hope leaves through the DiMera tunnel with Stefano’s portrait.

Brady and Kristen walk through the square. kristen and brady stroll days of our livesShe wants to go apple picking but Brady doesn’t want her to exert herself. He made an appointment for a paternity test. They go as Jenn and Jack appear and discuss Jack making peace with Abe. Jack bemoans how awful he has been. Jenn’s forgiven him. She wants to move on and enjoy their life together. Eve pokes her head in. She guesses they’re counting on her granting Jack the divorce he requested. She whips them out – unsigned. She’s not going to sign but is planning on staying in Salem to destroy Jennifer “if it’s the last thing that I do.” Jack drags Eve off as Jennifer approaches Hope. Jenn assumes she came from seeing Kayla. Hope says no. Should she have? Jennifer tells her about the pacemaker and Hope barely hears her. She appears blasé and Jennifer looks puzzled. Hope says she was with Ciara earlier and Jordan’s not the person who tried to run her down. Jenn’s glad. Was she with Ciara when Kayla called? Hope says no. She flashes to seeing Stefano’s portrait and seems confused.

Eric arrives home to find Xander with Nicole. Nicole lies that Xander’s there because he wants her to put in a good word with Sarah about him. Eric tells Xander to stop making trouble and kicks him out. Once he’s gone, Eve thinks Nicole’s hiding something. Is Xander blackmailing her? Nicole lies that everything is fine. Eric prods her but she keeps it zipped. They talk about the past and about children, including Holly. Nicole gets excited when she realizes that children only need one good parent. They decide talking is overrated and go make love.

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At the mansion, Sarah tells her mom she needs a fresh start which is why she’s leaving Salem. Maggie tries to convince her to stay when Dr. Rolf

xander and maggie days of our lives

appears looking for Xander to discuss the use of a Titan lab. Maggie wonders why he’d do that. Rolf flashes to knowing about Sarah’s pregnancy and says Xander realized he could be of use to him. Maggie doesn’t like it. Rolf asks her to have Xander call. Xander arrives and Sarah questions him about Rolf. He thinks some of Rolf’s creations have serious potential. Sarah doesn’t think Titan wants that attention. None of what Rolf does is normal. Since Maggie can’t persuade Sarah to stay in Salem, she goes. Xander isn’t sure who will miss her more. He asks her to take him as her date to Eli’s wedding – as thanks for keeping quiet about her baby. Sarah laughs and agrees to it.

At the hospital, Kristen runs a paternity test and afterward, Kristen begins to get abdominal pains as Kayla’s leaving to the lab. She returns to coach Kristen through the pain with deep breathing kristen brady ultrasound days of our livesbut it gets worse. Kristen worries she’s losing her baby. Kayla decides to do an ultrasound. At first, she can’t find a heartbeat but once she’s able, says everything looks fine. Brady and Kristen sag in relief. Kayla gives them the ultrasound photo and assures them the baby’s doing fine. She rubs Kristen’s shoulder and goes.

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Dr. Rolf finds Jennifer and Hope at the square. Jennifer questions if Hope’s okay and Rolf has the same question. Jenn gets rid of him and shows Hope Rolf’s flash drive. She will try to find out what’s on it. Jenn assumes she’s off to the hospital now but Hope’s confused again. She takes off leaving Jennifer baffled. When Jennifer tries to access the flash drive, she gets a notice that her access is denied.

At the pub, Jack demands Eve sign the divorce papers.

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If she doesn’t, he says they’ll turn themselves in for their misdeeds while they were working at SPD.

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Hope arrives at some warehouse with Stefano’s portrait, seemingly happy.

Jack reappears at the square. Eve signed the divorce papers! Jennifer’s thrilled jack and jenn get good news days of our livesand hugs him. They kiss.

Rolf finds Kayla at the hospital and asks where his flash drive is. She gave it to Jennifer Horton to return to him. Rolf finds that suspicious since he was just with her and she said nothing.

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