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Ben drops by Rafe’s with one of David’s toys. Jordan takes it and tries to shut the door in his face but Ben wants to apologize for telling the cops he thought she tried to run over Ciara. Jordan understands that her track record speaks volumes but she’s better. julie bradycardic days of our livesBen is too and asks why she can’t believe that. She thinks Clyde’s still in his head. Ben agrees he has issues but will continue with drugs and therapy. He wants to be close to her again. Jordan sighs and asks him and Ciara to David’s first birthday tomorrow. She tears up. She misses him too. Maybe it can be a fresh start. Once he’s gone, she thinks it’ll be a party to remember.

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Hope meets Ciara at her place. They hug and talk about their joy over Julie’s new heart. Hope’s neck pains her again and Ciara asks if she’s okay. Hope’s not sure. Ciara gives her some painkillers as Hope explains she’s had this pain sporadically and it’s fleeting. Talk turns to Ciara’s close call with the car who tried to run her down. The police don’t think it was Jordan driving. It was a drunk driver who explains he recalled the incident. Hope understands. She did the same thing with Ben. She talks about killing Stefano and being thankful that he’s not actually dead. Still, not a day goes by where she doesn’t regret what she did. When Hope is ready to leave, she has the pain again. Ciara asks if she can take her home. Hope insists she’s fine. She has an errand to run. Once gone, Ben returns as he’s leaving a message for Gabi to see if she wants him to continue on as head of security. Meanwhile, Hope lets herself into the main house and stares at Stefano’s portrait.

At the hospital, Gabi, Eli, and Lani appear worried as Kayla explains that Julie’s bradycardia which means her new heart is beating too slow. There’s a concern for cardiac arrest but it’s not surprising with heart transplant patients. Lani asks how they treat it but doesn’t think Gabi should be there to listen. She’s trying to spare Gabi’s feelings but Gabi wants to make sure her husband’s heart is still beating. Kayla says they’d like to put in a pacemaker. Gabi takes Lani aside and asks if she told Eli what happened. Lani doesn’t want to burden him. Gabi goes and Eli sings her praises, glad she’s no longer bitter. Lani bites her tongue.

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At Eric’s, Eric admires Nicole in a sexy red dress. He’s happy. They kiss and he asks what it was she wanted to tell him last night. Nicole flashes to discussing Sarah’s pregnancy with Xander. She tells him Dr. Rolf paid her a visit. She’s not sure how to tell him this. She decides not to tell Eric about Sarah and instead says Kristen’s definitely pregnant with Brady’s child and has moved in with him. Eric’s surprised. “That’s it?” Nicole feels she’s at fault. Brady wouldn’t have had sex with her if she hadn’t let Kristen pretend to be her.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah is nervous when Maggie asks why Sarah would keep something so important from her. Xander tries to warn Sarah that it’s not sarah at home with maggie days of our liveswhat she thinks. Maggie admits it’s about her leaving Salem. Sarah says she can study a specialty if she moves. She can only do General Surgery here. Mags asks if she’ll stay for Lani and Eli’s wedding in two weeks. Sarah agrees to it but will leave the day after. Maggie thinks of it as a challenge. She’ll try to convince her to stay. Maggie goes and Sarah admonishes Xander for telling her mama anything about her. Xander moves in close. He’ll do what it takes to keep her there. Sarah seems flustered. “I am going,” she insists, backing up from him. Eric turns up and tells Maggie he heard about the pregnancy. Sarah drops a tray of food and begins to stammer. He says Nicole told him. Sarah wrings her hands until he reveals he knows Kristen’s living there and really pregnant with Brady’s baby. Maggie takes the tray and Eric and Sarah discuss how difficult this has been for Brady. She’ll tell Brady that he came by.

Xandy shows up at Eric’s. He needs her help in keeping Sarah’s pregnancy a secret until she leaves Salem in two weeks. Nicole claims she’ll tell Eric the truth when he gets home. Xander asks if she’s ready for the consequences.

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At home, Gabi talks to herself about her revenge plans. She says his legacy will live on. Gabi flashes to hearing Kayla talk about the pacemaker. She finds a file on Visionary Bionics and keeps flashing to Kayla saying she’ll do the procedure tomorrow. She makes a call. At the cottage, Ben prepares to tell Ciara about his conversation with Jordan. Meanwhile, downstairs, Hope takes a call from Kayla who asks her to return to the hospital. Hope will be there soon. She takes down Stefano’s portrait and leaves with it through the tunnel.

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