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Will brings flowers to Kate at the hospital. Lucas says she’s being released today. Kate strides by, suited up and Lucas stops her. They encourage her to wait for Kayla to sign off on her release. Kate doesn’t need ‘that quack’ to do more damage to her. Eli and Lani appear and Kate’s thrilled Julie’s out of surgery and doing well. Kate sneaks off. Meanwhile, in the waiting room, Jack wakes Jennifer up and tells her Julie came through surgery with flying colors. He talks about having to do some serious atonement and takes off. In Julie’s room, Kayla and Doug watch Julie wake up. Julie asks what happened. He shrugs. “You almost died.” Kay says they found her a new heart – not Kate’s. She’s on the mend. Later, Julie has learned she has Stefan’s heart. Doug reveals the whole story about the shooting. Julie’s shocked that she owes her life to Gabi Hernandez. Doug agrees. If she hadn’t generously donated, Julie wouldn’t be alive. Julie gasps. “She hates me.” Jenn meets Will and Lucas outside. She’s upset to hear that Lucas has to get home to Allie.

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Abe finds Hope window shopping at Gabi Chic. She’s distant so he asks if she’s okay. She was thinking about Gabi. Both are glad she donated Stefan’s heart to Julie. Hope heard the surgery went well. She hasn’t been there. She couldn’t take being cooped up. Abe gets it. Hope admits she’s felt a little off. Maybe the stress is taking a toll. She gets a text and tells Abe that Julie’s awake. Abe guesses she wants to get to the hospital and she asks, “What for?” He looks puzzled. He says to see Julie. Hope blinks and is suddenly excited to see Julie. She rushes off with tears in her eyes and clutches her neck, wondering if she slept wrong last night.

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Gabi talks to Stefan in her sleep while she hugs his pillow. She wakes up alone and cries. She notes that Rafe, Sonny, and Will have been leaving messages. Kate arrives. Gabi lets her in and blames Kate. If it wasn’t for Stefan getting in between her issues with Vivian, he’d still be here. She sobs and Kate cries as they embrace. Gabi apologizes but Kate understands that when you lose someone you love, you tend to want to blame someone. Gabi rants about wanting to make Lani suffer. Kate suggests she focus on dealing with her grief. Kate tells her about Tony getting her job until she’s recovered. Gabi’s shocked. Kate worries her “ass will be thrown out” for good. She’s considering going to Titan. Gabi begs her not to leave her there alone. Kate’s weighing choices but thinks Gabi should be in charge of DiMera if she can’t. Gabi needs to get to work – for the distraction. And to keep Stefan’s dream alive.

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Back at the hospital, Eli and Lani visit Julie in her room. Eli praises Gabi’s generosity while Lani flashes to being forced to beg for Stefan’s heart. Outside, Kaylajulie awake days of our lives approaches Jenn and apologizes for not realizing sooner that Dr. Shah was a nut. Jenn brushes her off. Kay says she kicked Rolf out of the lab but he left a flash drive. Jenn offers to give it to him. She wonders what experiments are on it. Hope arrives and she and Jenn visit Julie. There are hugs all around. Hope’s about to give Julie her rosary when she stares at it intently. Julie mocks her and Hope giggles softly. Julie calls Gabi and asks Gabi to come to the hospital. Later, Eli and Lani decide to marry in two weeks. They canoodle happily. Gabi appears and snaps at them after seeing their happiness. They apologize for being insensitive. Eli thanks her for donating Stefan’s heart. Kayla appears – there’s a problem with Julie and she has ordered more tests.

Jack finds Abe at the pub. Jack brings up a shared story of their past and Abe congratulates him for getting his memory back. Jack’s grateful but he has to apologize for all the nastiness. He offers Abe his job. He doesn’t deserve to be mayor and is resigning now. Abe agrees to become mayor as Jenn turns up. They give her the news. Abe and Jack hug it out.

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In the square, Kate meets Will and Lucas. Kate’s sad he’s leaving so fast. Will encourages them to make up so they hug and Kate can’t help herself. “Thank you for being here, even though you did try to give away my heart.” They all laugh.

At the park, Hope collapses on a park bench, clutching her neck in pain. Kate strolls up and touches Hope, asking if she’s okay. Hope snaps and sneers not to touch her. Kate’s stunned. Hope apologizes. The stress is getting to her. She goes and Kate wonders what’s up with her.

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