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In the hospital, Kate fumes as Chin puts her on hold and disconnects. Victor enters bearing flowers and Kate rants about Tony DiMera stabbing her in the back. Victor’s surprised Tony agreed to take the CEO position. Kate sighs, it’s because he has nothing. She vows to be back at the helm in no time.Victor gives Kate flowers Days of our Lives Victor thinks he’s had good timing – he has a proposition for her. He tells her to forget about DiMera and return to Titan. She won’t work under Brady Black. Victor says she won’t have to if he fires him. Kate learns Brady moved Kristen DiMera into his house because she’s carrying his ‘spawn’. Victor feels Brady’s useless now, but Kate insists she belongs at DiMera and worries about Kristen or Gabi making a play for CEO – she’ll take them all on. Victor thinks it would be easier to come to Titan. Kate will need a few days to think about it. Victor gives her 24 hours.

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In their suite, Anna wishes Tony had refused the CEO position and asks what about their life, the plans they made? Tony explains they’ll have to put it on hold. Anna’s getting really tired of waiting.Tony whispers to Anna Days of our Lives Tony grimly observes that a DiMera needs to take his place – he’ll hand over the reins to Kate when she’s better. Anna notes he settled all this with Chin without discussing it with her. Tony was insulted by Kate’s reaction, and wants to be a man Anna can be proud of – he can’t afford an engagement ring. Anna can take care of him. Tony wants to be able to take care of her. Anna’s dismayed about him being drawn back into his family’s drama, but Tony insists it will be different this time – everything he does is for her.

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In the square, Marlena and John agree that Hope seemed off. John asks how Eric liked his birthday cake. Marlena grins that he and Nicole were having a little celebration of their own.Brady, Marlena and John Days of our Lives She mentions Eric thought Sarah was pregnant, but it was a misunderstanding. Talk turns to Brady and Kristen. Brady appears and explains he’s moved Kristen in with him at the mansion; she needs support. Marlena guesses that’s exactly what Kristen was planning on. Brady realizes they think he was manipulated, and John warns she won’t be satisfied with a platonic relationship and will take advantage of the situation. Brady reveals Victor was displeased and threatened to fire him. John assures him if the situation goes bad, they’re there. After, Marlena and John discuss the danger of having Kristen around and what plans she may have.

At Eric’s apartment door, Rolf tells Nicole he has personal information Eric needs to know. Rolf and Nicole at Eric's door Days of our LivesNicole, bewildered, informs him Eric’s not there. Rolf announces he’ll wait, exasperating Nicole, who suggests he tell her instead. Rolf says he learned intriguing news at the Kiriakis mansion. Talk turns to Kristen’s pregnancy and Nicole is stunned to hear Brady moved her in. Rolf explains he stumbled across information pertaining to Eric at the mansion. Rolf produces the envelope and leaves it with Nicole while warning it’s for Eric’s eyes only. Nicole fights her curiosity but holds the envelope up to the light.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander pleads with Kristen to give him Rolf’s number – he asked him to do something and is concerned it could blow up in his face. Kristen sniffs, “Why should I help you, huh?” Xander and Kristen at mansion Days of our LivesXander explains what he asked Rolf to do and why – Sarah’s threatening to leave town. Kristen wonders why he’s freaking out. Xander now believes it was a terrible idea – what if Eric finds out about the baby and leaves Nicole? He needs Rolf’s number and grabs her arm. Kristen grits out her objection but dials Rolf. Xander learns he left the results with Nicole and rushes out. Brady arrives with vitamins for Kristen, but backs away from her kiss of thanks. He gifts her with a shawl and places it around her shoulders. Kristen’s sorry he’s likely out of a job. He’ll figure it out.

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Eric runs into Sarah at the hospital. He thinks she looks pale. Eric and Sarah at hub Days of our LivesSarah looks like hell because she was in the exhausting surgery to remove Stefan’s heart for Julie. She faints and Eric catches her. After, Sarah talks about the grueling surgery ending Stefan’s life. Eric admires her humanity. They express their appreciation of the time they had together. Eric wishes it could have ended differently. Sarah places her hand on her abdomen. He’s glad they can be friends. Sarah reveals she’s leaving Salem. Eric can’t understand why and asks if she’s leaving because of him.

Xander knocks frantically on Eric’s door until Nicole lets him in. He asks for the envelope Rolf gave her. She says it’s too late – she already opened it.

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