gabi makes lani beg
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Sarah walks into the Kiriakis mansion where a half naked Xander finds her. She’s feeling sick but only because she ran into Kristen DiMera. “It’s like running into Hannibal Lecter.” xander kisses sarahXander explains that Kristen’s pregnancy is high risk and Brady feels he needs to take care of her. Xander brings the topic around to her staying in Salem. He worries he’ll backslide if she doesn’t. Sarah calls that emotional blackmail. At least he’s giving her a choice and not locking her in a cage. He cringes. They have words and when she tells him that there’s nothing he can say to make her change her mind, he takes her in a kiss. She kisses him back and then shoves him away and toddles off to quit work.

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Kayla finds Dr. Rolf in the lab talking to himself about his special rolf and kayla days of our livespatient. She inquires as to who that is. Rolf flashes to injecting Hope with a drug and says he’s completed the new serum for Jack Devereaux. Kayla says he already remembered who he was. Rolf asks how that was possible. “Did he click his heels together?” He must interview Jack and experiment on him in order to duplicate what happened. Kayla says no – it’s time he packs his bags and goes. “In the end he didn’t need to drink your Kool-Aid.” Rolf complains but Kay’s Chief of Staff so what she says goes. Rolf sighs and gathers his things. Kayla finds Julie’s rosary – why does he have it?

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Eli finds Hope in the hospital chapel, passed out. Hope appears discombobulated. She’s tired and feels as if something happened that she can’t put her finger on. hope wakes up chapel days of our livesThey agree she’s just exhausted. He fills her in on Gabi’s refusal to donate the heart. Jennifer and Jack appear at Julie’s bedside, having heard that Gabi refused to give Julie Stefan’s heart. JJ plans on talking to her. Doug appreciates it but he believes Gabi has made up her mind. Julie’s monitor beeps and they all gasp. In the hospital trauma room, Lani thanks Gabi profusely for donating Stefan’s heart to Julie. Gabi states that she’ll only do it if Lani begs. Lani says she is begging. Gabi wants groveling. Humiliation. Gabs makes her say, “Gabi’s calling the shots.” Lani says, “Gabi I am begging you, please do not punish Eli for something I did. Please.” That’s not good enough for Gabi. She wants Lani down on her knees. Lani complies and genuinely begs to please let Julie live. Gabi calls it over the top – for her. “I think it’ll do. I suppose. I mean I don’t want to go back on my word.” Lani thanks her but Gabi makes her say she doesn’t deserve happiness before she lets her go tell the Horton’s. Meanwhile, Jennifer bursts into the chapel as Eli and Hope search for Julie’s rosary. She says it’s time. They rush to Julie’s room. Later, Kayla examines Julie and tells the family it’s time to say goodbye. Lani runs over and lets them know Gabi is donating the heart. Everyone cheers. Hope looks distant and Jennifer questions her. Hope has a strange feeling. She tries to shake it off but admits she feels as if she’s seeing this all from across the room. Back in the trauma room, Gabi spends a few minutes saying how sorry she is to Stefan and flashing back to better times with Stefan. She cries and vows to take revenge. Outside, Eli asks Lani how she convinced Gabi. Lani doesn’t want to go there. She’s never seen anyone in so much pain. Sarah arrives to quit but Kayla says they need to do the transplant. Sarah gets her scrubs on and tells Gabi it’s almost time. Gabi sobs while Doug and family tell unconscious Julie that she’s getting a new heart. In the waiting room, Kayla gives Hope the rosary.

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Rolf arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. He mocks how Xander’s looking at a photo of a girl he likes instead of kidnapping her. “Watch it,” Xander warns. Xander says she’s leaving town. Rolf suggests that Sarah would stay if Eric learned the truth. Later, Xander grabs the test results and agrees, Eric needs to know. He can talk her out of leaving. He thinks about how to keep his name out of it and asks Rolf to deliver the results to Eric.

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