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At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie and Victor learn that Brady invited Kristen to move in. Victor tells Kristen she’s not welcomed in their home. He’s tired of the psychotic golddiggers living under this roof. Brady says Kristen kristen and brady reveal pregnancy on days of our livesneeds constant care. Maggie can see Brady’s thinking of the wellbeing of his child. Brady says it’s this or Dr. Rolf moves in with her. Victor starts in on Brady and Maggie puts a stop to it, knowing that it’s not good for the baby. Victor offers to hire Kristen a baby nurse instead. Brady wants her nearby. Victor threatens to fire Brady. Maggie admonishes him and Brady quits. He and Kristen head to his bedroom and she calls him masterful for standing up to Victor. They embrace and come close to kissing, while downstairs, Maggie would like to know where Victor will find a CEO half as dedicated as Brady. Brady goes downstairs and Victor tells him he’s still the CEO for now but he knows Brady will regret bringing Kristen into the house and his life.

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At the hospital, Eli says Gabi’s still so angry with his grandmother and he doesn’t see her changing her mind about donating Stefan’s heart to Julie. Doug overhears. They reluctantly explain that Gabi is refusing to donate. She can’t get past their bad blood. Meanwhile, Will and Sonny appear in Stefan’s room. wilson hospital days of our livesThey’re so sorry. Will reassures Gabi that Arianna doesn’t know anything yet. Gabi says she’s finally ready to do the right thing and disconnect Stefan from the machines. Will pleas with her to donate Stefan’s heart to Julie. Gabi goes off the rails about Lani and Julie and says she thought the guys were on her side. Will insists they are. “You’re team Julie,” she says, finding it unbelievable. She doesn’t care about Julie but doesn’t think she could do this for anyone. Will tells her if she doesn’t step up, there’ll be two funerals. Stefan’s and Julie’s.  Gabi can’t believe they’re laying a guilt trip on her. They maintain that they’re not. They just don’t want her to be filled with regret later. Gabi cries. She feels ganged up on. Will and Sonny apologize. No matter her decision, they’ll support and love her. They all hug. In the lab, Hope is stunned when Rolf injects her with a syringe. She gasps and asks what the hell that was. “You’re about to find out,” he says. Hope’s unsteady on her feet and finally, she collapses and loses consciousness. Rolf begins to rant at her for shooting Stefano and taking her “unjustified revenge” and getting away with it. Rolf says luckily, the Phoenix outwitted her and rose from the grave but Hope may not be so lucky. He takes out a scalpel and calls her one of his very favorite pet projects. “Who’s a good girl, who’s a good girl,” he says, laughing maniacally, as he shakes his head as if talking to a puppy. Back in the waiting room, Will and Sonny tell Eli and Lani that Gabi refused to hear them when they asked her to donate Stefan’s heart to Julie. Rafe approaches. They get him up to speed and leave to pick up their kid. Back in Rolf’s lab, he stares at a bloodied scalpel and says Hope did well. “Now on to the next step.” Doug slips into the trauma room, sorry to see Gabi going through what he’s about to be going through. Gabi assumes he’s next in line to ask her to save his wife. Doug understands why she doesn’t want to give her husband’s heart to someone she felt was heartless. He prays she changes her mind but if she can’t, he won’t judge her. He goes and Rafe heads in. Gabi can’t take it anymore. Rafe promises he’s not there to pressure her.

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In the park, Will and Sonny hope Gabi changes her mind.

Back at the hospital, Gabi assumes Rafe’s there to pressure her too. She sobs. rolf surgery hope days of our livesLani appears at Gabi’s behest. Gabi says she changed her mind. She’ll give her husband’s heart to Julie – under one condition. In the lab, Rolf knows sometimes the quality of his work is out of his hands. He holds her rosary and says that sometimes you simply have to have faith. Later, Eli finds Hope asleep in the chapel.

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