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Dr. Rolf leaves Brady and Kristen at the square. He wants her to get another OBGYN kristen and brady talk moving in days of our livesother than Rolf. Kristen rants that she has nobody else and her father’s gone and her brother is brain dead. She barely got to know Stefan. She calls her baby little Andy or Jenny and wonders if they’re having twins. Kristen says her pregnancy is high risk so she needs Rolf. Brady offers to hire someone but she balks at that. Kristen faints as they’re talking and Brady grabs her before she falls to the ground. She wakes up. Brady accuses her of faking. Kristen is offended and goes home.

In Stefan’s hospital room, Eli knows this is bad timing but he has an important question for Gabi. Gabi assumes he wants her to forgive “trigger happy” Lani and that’s not going to happen. Eli tells her that Internal Affairs cleared Lani of wrongdoing. Gabi snorts at that and calls them biased. Eli asks if she’ll give Stefan’s heart to Julie. Gabi asks if this is a joke. Eli says his gran is in a deep coma and may not wake up. He wouldn’t ask if he didn’t truly believe this would help her. Gabi’s confused. Eli says his death doesn’t have to be in vain. He knows it’s impossible for her to imagine now but he thinks it’ll help her to heal, as well as make his family happy. Gabi reminds him how much Julie hates her. Eli hopes this will end all that. Gabi reminds him that just the other day he told her to stay away from him and the rest of his family. Eli says they were all on edge. rolf makes hope offer days of our livesGabi refuses the donation and in fact, she hopes Julie, the “evil, evil witch, dies.” She kicks Eli out. Meanwhile, in the hospital elevator, Ciara’s shocked to see Jordan who claims she’s applying for a job as a physical therapist. Jordan stops the elevator to explain that she’s not out to hurt Ciara and rants about how everyone has forgiven Ben for murder yet nobody is over what she did. Jordan’s worked hard to get well and start fresh. Afraid, Ciara tries to force the elevator back on track but they’re stuck. Finally, the elevator opens on their floor and Ciara rushes out. Meanwhile, Rolf finds Hope in the chapel and thinks he’s the answer to her prayers. Hope assumes he’s there to resurrect Stefan but Rolf explains there’s no spark of life in Stefan so unfortunately, he can do nothing. However, he can extend Julie Williams’ life so she can hold on until another heart becomes available. Hope isn’t sure she can trust him but Rolf doesn’t think she has a choice. Rolf asks her to accompany him to his lab and he’ll deliver. Hope struggles with tears and her fears. Rolf insists faith won’t help Julie but science will. They head to the lab.

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Outside the pub, Lani tells Rafe she wants to keep following her guts in regards to Jordan who she believes has it in for Ciara. Rafe says there’s no proof and Jordan and her brother have bad blood. The doctors say Jordan’s mentally stable. In a roundabout way, Lani admits she thinks Rafe’s feelings for Jordan are clouding his judgment. Rafe insists they’re not romantically involved. Lani apologizes. She opens up about her guilt over killing Stefan and tells him that Eli’s asking Gabi to donate Stefan’s heart to Julie. Rafe’s shocked at the timing and that the heart is for the person who has shown her such contempt.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor admires Ben’s guts but doesn’t like how smug he is, coming to him with a favor. Still, he’s curious. Ben wants help in getting ridbrady upsets victor days of our lives of his sister. Ben explains she’s dangerous and after Ciara. He updates Victor on his granddaughter almost being hit by a car that they think Jordan was driving but since there’s no evidence, the cops will do nothing. Victor snipes that Ben’s asking him to commit a crime on his behalf. Ben reminds him he almost murdered him in order to protect Ciara so why would he have a problem with it now? Victor will do what’s necessary to keep Ciara safe. Vic ponders getting rid of both siblings but Ben promises he’s no threat to Ciara. Victor agrees to deal with Jordan. Ben’s grateful. Victor asks if he’s sure he wants his sister’s blood on his hands. Ben doesn’t want her dead. Can’t Vic ship her off somewhere and let David stay with Rafe until she’s helped? Vic can try to send Jordan to a locked facility but these things can get messy. Can Ben live with himself if Jordan dies? Later, Victor calls someone about Jordan. Brady interrupts with Kristen to tell Vic that Kristen’s moving in.

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Jordan arrives home to Rafe who just put David down for a nap. Jordan tells him about applying for her old job but says there was trouble with the elevator.

Back at the hospital, Lani learns Eli had no success getting Gabi to donate Stefan’s heart, while Rolf prepares serum in the lab and stabs Hope with the syringe. Hope gasps and yells.

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