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Rafe arrives at Ben’s to tell him Jordan was arrested for trying to run down Ciara but they didn’t get to Jordan in time and Ciara’s dead. Ben wakes up – it was a nightmare. ciara tells ben bad news days of our livesCiara appears and Ben’s so happy she’s alive. They hug. Ciara has bad news. She says there’s a chance Julie can get a new heart but it’s at the expense of Stefan DiMera who was shot and declared brain dead. Ben looks lost. He can’t believe it. Ciara’s sorry, knowing he considered Stefan a friend. Ben says Stefan gave him a home and a job when nobody would give him the time of day. Stefan helped him turn his life around. They feel bad for Gabi and sad that she’s in denial. With Ben worrying, Ciara takes off for the hospital by herself.

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From home, Rafe calls SPD to see if there are leads in the Ciara Brady case.jordan flirts with rafe days of our lives Jordan overhears and looks uneasy. Does he think she’s guilty? Rafe denies that. He was checking on his case. Talk turns to Gabi who is in a really bad place because of Stefan’s shooting.

Will and Sonny find Victor in the living room. Vic says Stefan DiMera is “a vegetable.” Will exclaims as Sonny asks how Victor could be happy. Stefan was Ari’s step-father and Gabi’s husband. Victor shrugs. It’s Gabi’s fault for getting in bed with a DiMera. Brady cringes since will and sonny at home days of our livesKristen’s pregnant with his kid. Victor thinks this is good for the family business. He may even owe Vivian Alamain a thank you. Will reminds him that Vivian almost killed Kate. Brady interrupts the arguing and blurts that Kristen’s pregnant with his child. Victor laughs. “That’s a good one, you almost had me.” Brady says it’s not a joke. “You idiot,” Victor replies, with contempt. Brady explains he had sex with her when he thought she was Nicole. Victor asks why he can’t keep his pants zipped. Brady plans on doing a paternity test but he’s almost positive the kid is his. Victor thinks they need to terminate the pregnancy. All three men are shocked at the thought.

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At Salem Inn, Kristen has breakfast and reads about Stefan’s brain death in the news. Upset, she says she knew they had their differences but she never wanted this. She’s sorry his niece or nephew won’t meet him and says, “May you rest in peace.”

At the hospital, Eli tells Lani it’s a miracle that Julie made it through the night. Lani says her interview with Internal Affairs was grueling. Eli’s sorry he couldn’t be there with her. Lani says she is in the clear but she still feels awful. They talk about Stefan’s death and the possibility of Julie receiving his heart. They go over who would be the best person to talk to Gabi and Eli thinks he’s the only one who could get through to her. Meanwhile, Gabi drags Dr. Rolf into Stefan’s room to save him. Gabi explains that the doctors say he’s brain dead but she doesn’t believe that. She thinks Rolf can perform a miracle. She begs. Rolf examines Stefan and agrees with Kayla’s assessment. There’s nothing he can do. His formula brings people back from the brink of death. rafe talks to other cops days of our livesStefan has no spark to bring him back. Gabi starts screaming and accuses him of lying. “If you cannot understand what I’m saying then you’re as brain dead as your husband,” Rolf says as Rafe arrives and kicks the doctor out. He tells Gabi she needs to accept that Stefan’s gone. Gabi sobs. She loves Stefan. How can Rafe ask her to let go of him? Rafe calls it false hope. He goes to Lani and Eli to update them. Eli thinks it’s time to talk to Gabi about Stefan’s heart.

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Outside the pub, Jordan sits with David while they wait for his sitter. She tells the kid this is where Ciara was almost run down and then grins. She wants to tell him a secret. Kristen walks up. She loves secrets. She apologizes – she’s feeling a little lonely. Jordan knows her name and they introduce each other. Kristen has heard of her. They bond over David and Kristen’s pregnancy. They talk about Stefan’s death and bond moreover having complicated relationships with their brothers. Jordan says he’s accused her of trying to run over his girlfriend. Kristen laughs and asks if she did. Rolf interrupts to discuss the baby and they go. Ben appears and gets into an argument again about who should stay away from Ciara. Jordan thinks as long as Ciara’s at his side, bad things will continue to happen. Maybe she won’t be so lucky next time.

In the square, Rolf wants to schedule regular weekly appointments to monitor Kristen’s health. Brady walks up and asks if there’s something wrong with the baby. Kristen says Rolf’s being cautious. Since she needs constant supervision, she’ll move Rolf in with her. Brady pooh pooh’s that idea.

Ben arrives at the mansion. “You owe me a favor old man. And I’m here to collect.”

Lani and Rafe are outside the pub as they discuss someone running Ciara down.jordan stalks ciara days of our lives

Ciara gets into an elevator at the hospital with Jordan, while Eli goes to Gabi. He’s sorry for what she’s going through and has an important question.

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