Philip and Melanie are at her place arguing. She tells him that right now, he's acting a lot like her father! He accuses her of being interested in Nick because she sees dollar signs in his future. Melanie tells him it's not true and says she knows how to handle guys like him. He tries to embrace her, but she steadfastly insists that he leave!

Max tells Nick over a beer that Melanie is trouble! He explains that ever since he's found her, nothing has gone right for the people he cares about. Nick says that doesn't mean things shouldn't go right for Melanie. Suddenly, he accuses Max of thinking that he can't make her happy. Max says it's just that Melanie doesn't need anything complicated in her life. Just then, Max gets a call and says into the phone, "No, I didn't know that. Melanie didn't tell me." Melanie walks in and sits down at the bar. She orders a mojito, but Max appears and nixes the drink, saying, "She's underage." He then wishes her a happy birthday. She rolls her eyes and asks how he knew. He says someone put a bug in his ear. She says she has no reason to celebrate anyway. Melanie then announces that she is thinking about going back to France. Nick is playing pinball and overhears her. He storms out. Max tells Melanie that there are people who care about her in Salem. She replies that Nick is the only one who didn't give up on her. Suddenly, she gets a call from a mysterious caller saying, "You can run but you can't hide." She is disturbed, but tells Max she doesn't know who it was. Outside the window, Nick watches.

Nicole, behind bars, is moved that EJ came not just because of the baby, but because of her too! He asks how she wound up in the hospital anyway, and she explains that she had a little cramping. He figures that she exaggerated her symptoms a little bit. Nicole takes it the wrong way, but he says that he admires that she will do anything to protect their child. She admits then, that she is very afraid of being a mother - she's not exactly the maternal type! She expresses that it feels overwhelming to have to guide another human being. EJ says they'll do it together. Nicole vows not to be like her own mother. EJ tells her she will make a wonderful mother. She says being in jail has made her realize that she would do anything for the baby. He asks if 'anything' includes telling the father the truth. She is upset that he still doesn't believe her innocence.

Sami and her guard, Rafe, face-off across the room. She says she may have been caught by the toweled crusader, but she won't give up. He says that she may be the greatest challenge yet - and he's brought down terrorists! Sami grins. They continue to banter, and she says she won't do as he says. "You're not my father!" He replies that if he were, he'd give her a spanking! Sami then says that she needs to use the washroom. He tells her she'll have to leave the bathroom door open. Suddenly she freaks out, saying she can't take it anymore, she just wants to see her kids, she doesn't care if they kill her! Rafe offers her a phone to call her dad. She calls Roman and asks about the twins. She is stunned to hear that Nicole has been arrested. As she goes off the deep end, it becomes apparent that she is talking to Lucas, not to her dad! As she rages into the phone about Nicole being dangerous and being around Johnny, Rafe grabs the phone away and ends the call. He notes that she's lied to him, but Sami rails about the extenuating circumstances. She begs to have the phone back. Suddenly it starts to ring. Rafe answers it and talks to his partner, who tells him that they arrested the 'truck stop slasher'. He says that all these years he has worked that case, and now he's missed the big collar because he's babysitting! He reminds Sami that if she leaves there, her kids could wind up without a mother. She does a turnaround and apologizes and offers to make Rafe dinner. He asks if she is going to poison him. She says she wouldn't be like this if it weren't for her kids - she really misses them! Sami soon makes another escape attempt by pretending to set the kitchen on fire - but it doesn't work. Rafe grabs her and holds on! He says that when he pushes, she pushes back, so the only way this is going to work is if he stops pushing! Sami tries to saunter off to take a shower, but he realizes that she's pick pocketed his phone! Stymied again, Sami heads off to shower. Rafe sneaks into the bathroom and takes her clothes and towel, saying to himself, "Two can play at that game!"

In the office, Hope makes a toast to 'Commissioner Brady'! She assures him she has no intention of asking for any special favors, but he grinningly says they shouldn't rule out all favors! They begin to kiss. Breaking apart, they discuss how he and Abe will try to rid the town of Stefano. Bo says they'll need her help. Just then, Bo takes a call from EJ saying Nicole is ready to talk. They head out.

Bo and Hope arrive at the jail, and EJ explains that being behind bars has had a profound effect on his client. Nicole nods, saying, "I am prepared to tell the truth. The whole truth." She says that what she didn't tell them before, is that she had a gun with her that night. She went there to kill Trent Robbins! She says that she couldn't go through with it though - she didn't have it in her. They ask about witnesses. She says she is pretty sure there was a man at the entrance to the cemetery. She thought it was the caretaker. EJ urges them to speak to him and wrap this up tonight! Bo and Hope say they'll get back to them soon. It comes out that they only found the beads on a second sweep of the cemetery. EJ points out that they must not have been very thorough the first time! Bo and Hope walk away, and Hope whispers to Bo that she thinks Nicole may be telling the truth. Bo says if the tall caretaker wasn't on that night, the man Nicole saw may be the killer!

Stephanie runs into Philip at the gym and they exchange greetings. She thanks him for bringing her home the night before. They then talk about her education and how she would eventually like to work for a non-profit organization. Philip smirks and says he used to be idealistic like that. He offers to set her up with an internship at Titan if she ever wants it. She says thanks, but no thanks. She jokes that she thinks he'd be an arrogant jerk to work for! Philip notes that that is the second time today he's been called that - it seems to be the general consensus. They banter about whether moguls like him have feelings. She tells him that she really doesn't think he's a bad guy - deep down. He admits that he needs to do some re-evaluating about the way he conducts himself. They discuss relationships, and they share a water bottle toast to staying single!

Melanie arrives at Nick's upset with herself. She tells him that it's her fault that Philip pulled back from his project. She says it would just be better if she left town. He asks what is going on with her, and she admits that she got another phone call from the person who left the note. He tells her the best place for her is right there in Salem where she's got him and her brother to look out for her. She calms down and decides that she will stay in Salem. Nick takes her into his arms and says she'll never have to find out what she would do without him! His face has a strange, sinister look on it as he holds her.

Back in the cell, Nicole tells EJ that Stefano must have set her up - the dress was hanging in the closet at his house! If the police didn't find the beads until the second time they looked - it means Stefano set her up! She accuses EJ of being in on it with him. When a confused EJ asks why either of them would want to set her up, she replies, "You want to take my baby away from me, EJ!"

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Melanie tells Nick that she had a really weird feeling when she got that call, that the guy was watching her!

Rafe tells Sami that he has her clothes and towel with him, and she's not going anywhere!

Nicole rails to EJ, "Once that baby is born, he becomes DiMera property!"

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