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At the mansion, Xander vehemently refuses to let Sarah leave Salem. Sarah breaks down. The baby’s needs have to come first. Sarah says she’s not being a martyr. Xander worries – what about him? He needs her to keep him honest especially where Kristen’s concerned. He asks her to stay. She’ll sleep on it. He goes to get her a peanut butter and bacon sandwich.

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Brady pounds on Kristen’s door at Salem Inn. Vivian hides in the bathroom, after threatening to shoot Brady, Kristen, “and your little baby too.” Once inside, Brady says he confirmed Kristen’s pregnant. But could Xander be the father? Kristen slaps him. She wouldn’t do Xander. Brady’s the only man she’ll ever love. She vows to get a paternity test. Brady scoffs but says if it’s his, he’ll do right by the kid but won’t be with her. He goes and Vivian reappears. She thinks Kristen should focus on her baby and forget Brady. Kristen ignores her advice and Vivian wonders who else she’s answering to since it’s not Rolf. “Stefano?” Kristen won’t say so Vivian goes and Kristen looks up baby names.

From outside, Rafe and Lani discuss Vivian’s escape on a call, before he heads into his house. He calls for Jordan but she’s not around.

Ben takes a call from Stefan from outside the pub when cops talk to ben days of our liveshe hears screeching tires and Ciara’s screams. Ciara walks back to him and tells him a car almost ran her down. “They must have been drunk or high…” she says before Ben interrupts. “Or Jordan.” They later appear at a table in the pub and Lani arrives. They explain that Jordan might have tried to run Ciara over. Later, Lani’s gone and Bobby the cop has taken a statement. He goes and Ben blames himself. He shares a conversation he had with Jordan that has him worried she’s targeting Ciara. Ciara is beside herself. Ben thinks his sister is trying to get him back.

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Jordan appears in Rafe’s kitchen and surprises Rafe – she has dinner in the oven. He’s glad to put the “nasty TV dinner” he’d been eyeing into the garbage. They drink to the chef while they dine on Osso Buco until Lani shows up to tell the pair that there was an attempt on Ciara’s life. Jordan’s jaw drops. Lani tells them what happened and asks if Jordan had something to do with it. Jordan denies that. She says she’s been there all night with David. Plus – she doesn’t have a car. Since they can’t identify the car or driver, Rafe considers it was a drunk driver. Lani goes and Jordan needs a drink. Rafe asks for the truth. He didn’t hear her when he got home. Jordan says she was singing to David. Rafe’s skeptical.

From the mansion, Stefan takes a frantic call from Vivian. He can get her to a private airfield where she can take a plane out of town. They disconnect and Gabi admits she’s glad his mother is leaving. They’ve already been through so much to be together. Stefan nods and stabi last kiss days of our livessmiles. He gives her a black velvet box with a necklace inside which has two hearts entwined. He knows it’s trite but it’s fitting. She has shown a cynic like him what love and devotion is and he promises to show her the same the rest of his life. Gabi feels the same. She cries and bemoans the time they’ve wasted. They get passionate when making out on the bed. After sex, Stefan goes to deal with his mama.

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Brady runs into Marlena at the square and tells her Kristen’s pregnant. Marlena gasps. Brady explains it all. He’s devastated that he might be having a child with the woman who tried to force Sami to kill Marlena. Brady doesn’t want to be with Kristen. Marlena asks him to be very sure about that. She suggests Brady be the aggressor in the situation, to file for full custody. She and John will help. Brady thinks she’s right. He goes as Marlena spots Vivian nearby and calls her name. Vivian stiffens but keeps walking toward the park.

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Back at the pub, Lani tells Ben and Ciara there is no proof that Jordan ben ciara snuggle days of our livestried to run down Ciara. Lani suggests they stay far away from his sister. Lani tells the cop to go around to the local car rental places and show Jordan’s photo. Later, Marlena appears and tells Lani she’s sure she saw Vivian near the park just now. Lani rushes off.

Ben and Ciara return home, and lock the doors. Ben vows to keep her safe. They snuggle.

Lani holds her gun to Vivian in the park. Vivian pulls out her own gun. She’s not afraid of Lani and doesn’t believe she’ll shoot. Vivian shoots at Lani but Stefan jumps in front of the bullet and gets it in the neck. Blood gushes out of his mouth as he gapes for breath.

Brady returns home. He reads the pregnancy results again and looks defeated. Meanwhile, Xander brings Sarah her sandwich but she’s fast asleep so Xandy eats the food.

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