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In her hospital room, Julie has a request for Doug. eric visit julie days of our livesOutside, Nicole overhears Sarah ordering a pregnancy test and assumes she’s pregnant, not realizing it’s for Kristen. She confronts her. Sarah tells her that Kristen is claiming that she’s pregnant with Brady’s child. She is running the test to ensure it’s not tampered with. Hope and Eric arrive in Julie’s room. They talk about Eric and Nicole’s reunion and Doug tells him to cherish every day with her and not to take her for granted. Julie agrees – that’s the secret of a good relationship. Eric leads them in prayer and heads to the waiting room where he mishears and assumes Sarah’s pregnant. Nicole tells him it’s a misunderstanding and shares Kristen’s news and Sarah says they’ve got nothing to worry about with her.

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Ben arrives at Rafe’s house and Jordan tries to get rid of him. jordan argues ben days of our livesBen busts in and confronts her about the message she was trying to send him about Ciara. Jordan can’t trust Ben or the doctors who she thinks were snowed by him. “People don’t change,” she says. Ben turns it around. How about her? She claims she’s not like him but he throws their mother’s death in her face. Jordan claims she doesn’t know what he’s on about. Ben assumes she forgot that she told Rafe she caused the accident that killed their pregnant mother. Jordan rails at him to stop and then admits she did and maybe their mama deserved it. Jordan claims she’s better now. Ben asks how the doctors can tell she’s better but not him? They argue about who is sick and Ben flies off the handle and grabs his sister’s arms and warns her to stay away from Ciara.

At Kristen’s room at Salem Inn, Kristen calls Vivian a nuisance since she brought her back from the grave. Why would she help her hide? Vivian takes out Belinda, her gun, to give her a reason. She tried to kill Kate – twice – but it didn’t take and now the cops are after her. Kristen asks why Vivian thinks she’d help. Vivian assumes she and Rolf brought her back for a reason. Kristen thought she might be a bargaining chip to get Stefan out of her legacy home and company. Vivian reminds Kristen she’s not even a DiMera by blood. Kristen gets worried that the gun will go off accidentally and reveals she’s pregnant.

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At the DiMera house, Xander and Brady get their wires crossed when Xander’s surprised that Sarah told Brady she’s pregnant. He wonders why she’d need a brady talk xander baby days of our livespregnancy test. Brady snaps that he can’t trust that the baby’s his! Xander realizes his mistake and grimaces. Brady must be talking about Kristen. Xander admits he knows about the baby but was sworn to secrecy and isn’t dumb enough to cross Kristen. He asks Brady’s thoughts on the pregnancy and learns Brady doesn’t want a kid with Kristen. He had sex with her only because he thought she was Nicole. Later, Sarah returns and tells Brady that Kristen is pregnant. He’s struck with the reality that there is a baby. He says a baby is always a blessing given any circumstance. He goes to talk to Kristen and Sarah holds her abdomen and calls her baby a blessing. Xander appears and Sarah fills him in on her run-in with Eric and Nicole. It’s made Sarah realize she needs to leave Salem.

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Ben stops by the hospital and Julie’s room to see Ciara. Doug and Julie invite him in and thank him for saving Julie’s life. Ben wishes he got there sooner. He and Ciara go and Hope goes to get Julie’s rosary while Nicole and Eric make out in the waiting room and wonder about Kristen’s news.

Brady stops by Kristen’s Salem Inn room but Vivian refuses ciara danger days of our livesto let her open the door.

Outside the Brady pub, Ben tells Ciara about his concerns over his sister. She leaves him to take a call and Ben is startled to hear car tires come to a screeching halt while Ciara screams.

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