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At Salem Inn, Dr. Rolf declares Kristen in great shape to carry a baby. Kristen, in a hospital gown, thinks Brady’s desperate for a son since Theresa has “Christopher,” AKA Tate. Rolf reminds Krissy that Sarah’s not carrying Brady’s baby and he doesn’t consider Kristen his soul mate. Kristen thinks he’s fighting his feelings. Kristen puts on some boots and a long jacket to cover her gown. Rolf informs that there’s a delay which freaks Kristen out. He takes off.

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In the clinic in Brookeville, Sarah tells Xander she’s having second thoughts about the abortion. Xander can see that running into Eric and Nicole didn’t help. She thinks she should have told him the truth. Xandy asks if she wants to call it off. She thanks him for his support but when the doctor appears, Sarah’s ready. She’s put under as Xander gets a text from Kristen saying there’s a delay. Xander chokes out the doctor. Kristen arrives.

In the hospital, Lucas lets Will know that his mother told him lucas and will argue days of our livesmany times that she didn’t want to be kept alive on machines, that she wanted to donate her organs. Lucas wants to donate her heart to Julie. Will’s taken aback and not on board. He learns that Julie needs a heart and had another heart attack and though he’s upset, he’s not ready to give up on Grandma. They argue. In the waiting room, Kay tells Eli and Lani that Julie’s state is grave. She knows that Jennifer’s been kidnapped. Eli blames himself, thinking Julie overheard him talking about it on a call. Kayla says her second heart attack could have happened anyway. Eli and Lani visit her and Kayla interrupts Lucas and Will’s argument and says the test results are in and they’re a match. Lucas hugs Will who is finally on board. Lucas cries as the men go to fill out the forms. Eli and Lani approach and learn Kate’s Julie’s heart donor. Eli is overcome and grateful. He’ll never forget this. They nod, unable to speak. Later, Rolf goes into Kate’s room, surprised to see “the former Mrs. Stefano DiMera.” Later, Kate’s taken into the hall where Lucas and Will say their goodbyes. Will’s voice cracks as he tells Kate how much he loves her, how she was there for him coming out and Lucas says that though she wasn’t sentimental, Lucas loves her and always will. Just then, Kate opens her eyes and asks why everyone is crying.

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At the SPD, JJ and Jack assume that since Shah has ties with Ted Laurent, that they’re at his apartment.jack and jj bond days of our lives They debate going there themselves or telling the cops.

At Ted’s old apartment, Dr. Shah holds a knife to Jenn’s throat. Whether she lives or dies is up to her, he tells her. She keeps playing him and he finally unties her. She gets close to him, telling him she respects him so he encourages her to let him take her to bed to show her how he feels. Jenn tries to buy time, asking for water and when that doesn’t work, she makes a run for the door. Shah grabs her before she can leave and she screams.

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Back at SPD, Dr. Shah calls Jack. If he has interest in seeing her alive, he’ll do what he’s told. Shah says to get to Ted Laurent’s place in fifteen minutes – alone. Jack disconnects and lies to JJ that the call came from a cop who checked out Laurent’s apartment. It’s clean. He asks his son to stay there while he takes off.

Jack arrives at Ted’s and finds Henry with the knife to Jennifer’s neck. Jenn’s eyes nearly bug out of her head as jack and shah with gun days of our livesJack demands Shah let Jenn go. Shah’s the one making demands. He wanted Jack to look at Jenn for one last time. Jack’s jaw drops. Shah starts babbling about his mother and dreams not coming true. Shah wants Jenn to die knowing that Jack doesn’t care. Jenn asks to speak before she dies. Shah allows it and she talks up how wonderful Jack is to sacrifice his life to save their kid, how much of a great reporter he is. Jenn wishes he could remember the ups and downs. He’s the best man that she’s ever known. Jack’s eyes widen and when Shah takes his hand away for a second, Jack grabs the knife and struggles with Shah. Both men go down and Jack hits his head. He gazes upon Jennifer’s face, remembering her. He flashes back to their life together. “Oh my God, I remember,” he says.

Rolf arrives at Brookeville clinic. He can’t perform the procedure. She’s already pregnant.

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