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Lucas bawls in the waiting room of the hospital to Hope and Kayla as he talks about the possibility of giving Julie Kate’s heart. Hope’s taken aback and grateful. Lucas wants his mom’s tragedy to mean something and Julie is important to him. Kayla talks about obstacles and whether or not the heart would be a match. In Kate’s room, Marlena tries to talk her friend into fighting to live. “You just have to dig in your stilettos,” she says with a smile.

Fresh from a motorbike ride, Ben and Ciara wind up in the park, talkingben glum with ciara days of our lives about Jordan’s refusal to let Ben be a part of David’s life. Ciara hates this but Jordan’s David’s mother and calls the shots. They’ll make it worse if they don’t accept it. Ben doesn’t think they can trust Jordan. He tells Ciara he’s spent years in therapy and Jordan hasn’t. He knows it sounds hypocritical of him but asks Ciara to be careful of his sister. He goes.

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At Rafe’s place, Jordan tells baby David that she will kill jordan with son david days of our livesanyone who tries to come between them. Rafe appears and Jordan admits she feels guilty for what she did separating Abigail from Charlotte. She thanks Rafe for keeping Ben from David. Rafe thinks Ben has changed – just like she has. “I didn’t murder three people,” she argues. Rafe calls him the only family David has. Jordan won’t change her mind. She goes for a walk.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady has Kristen on the mind. brady sarah make pact days of our livesHe can’t work and starts looking for booze. Sarah appears to ask if he’s looking for alcohol. He admits he is because he ran into Kristen. He wants her out of his head. Sarah can identify. Brady will never give Kristen another chance but it’s like she knows something…Sarah thinks Brady deserves better. Brady knows Kristen’s reign of terror must stop. Sarah’s glad he’s staying strong. He asks how she’s doing getting Eric out of her system. Sarah says Eric and Nicole belong together so she just keeps living life. Brady calls her selfless. They make a pact to help each other through this.

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Kristen leaves a message for Rolf from Salem Inn, demanding he come to see her. rolf and kristen toast days of our livesRolf turns up after a while and Kristen asks him to drop everything for now and get her pregnant. His eyes widen. She trusts his equipment to get the job done. She gives Rolf sparkling water and he stammers and says he’s had no problems in the past but… Kristen interrupts. She believes in him. Rolf admires her but…”Fathering your child?” Kristen spits out her water and clarifies she wants him to impregnate her with Sarah Horton’s baby. Rolf relaxes. He says it’s complicated due to some factors, including her age. She barks, “Are you calling me old?” Rolf says no. He welcomes the challenge. Kristen hugs him happily. She thinks this will ensure Brady never leaves her again.

Ben goes to Marlena’s office at the hospital and asks Marlena marlena session ben days of our lives“to put my crazy-assed sister back in Bayview where she belongs.” Marlena explains that she has no reason to do such a thing. Since she can’t help, Ben will have to take care of it himself. Lucas goes back to Kate’s bedside and tells her he doesn’t want to give up on her but he wants her to live on. Kayla appears. She ordered the tests to see if the heart is a match. She comforts Lucas who needs to talk to his siblings so he can be sure this is what his mother would want. He begs his mom to snap out of this so he doesn’t have to make this decision.

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At home, Jordan visits Ciara to return the duck Ben bought for David. jordan visits ciara days of our livesJordan tells Ciara how dangerous Ben really is. Ciara calls her delusional. They go back and forth about this until Ciara kicks Jordan out. Ben arrives later and Ciara fills her in on his sister’s visit.


Hope visits Rafe at his place and doesn’t like that he’s housing Jordan. She learns Jordan’s been released with a clean bill of health but needs to stay in contact with the doctor. Hope shakes her head. Rafe knows she doesn’t trust Jordan but he’s watching her. He tells Hope jordan sees hope days of our livesabout Ciara and Ben’s visit and Hope worries. They talk about Lucas offering Kate’s heart as a transplant to Julie. Rafe’s not sure how to process that. They embrace sadly as Jordan appears. She apologizes to Hope for trying to hurt her daughter. She’s not that person anymore. Hope leaves without a word. Rafe tells her to give Hope time.

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