Philip arrives at Nick's place and tells Nick that his prototype will never see the light of day but Nick argues that the licensing has already gone through. Philip apologizes but he plans to have them rescind the proposal and it'll be a while until he receives money from this. Nick's confused and Melanie asks Philip to reverse the decision, claiming Nick has worked very hard with this. As CEO of Titan, Philip's supposed to approve all financing. The alternative fuel project shows a lot of potential but it needs more test runs. A perturbed Melanie shouts that Chelsea must have put him up to this. Philip denies it and Melanie won't let it go. Philip asks Nick to fine tune the proposal and hand it in again, so Nick promises to get Philip the new data as soon as possible. Philip leaves and Melanie shouts that Philip's a self-important jerk. Nick apologizes, but Melanie feels sorry for him. Nick plans to make a fresh start and promises they'll get this approved! She begs off when he invites her to dinner at the Brady pub, so dejected, he takes off for the office. A knock at the door brings Philip, who pushes his way in, stating they've a lot to discuss. He says Chelsea thinks Melanie's after Nick's money but Melanie calls Chelsea jealous. They discuss the prototype and Philip says Nick could be set for life if this goes through. "I just hope he wises up to you," he says and tells her to look for quick cash elsewhere. Melanie asks why he hates her so but he doesn’t hate her. He sees some of himself in her. She's puzzled but he says she's tenacious strong-willed and never lets anyone get in her way. "In business, that's an asset," but he calls her abrasive and self-indulgent. He thinks she is wrong for Nick and he couldn't handle a girl like her. "And you can," she asks. He thinks so.

As a guard escorts her to the infirmary, Nicole moans that the pain is getting worse. She's outraged to find she's not going to the hospital after all and asks for special treatment. She doesn't make any friends as she tells the guard that she doesn't want to be around all these misfits, and when a nurse arrives Nicole rants that she wants a real doctor! Nicole's left in a bed beside the other inmates, much to her discomfort. Candy, a beat up inmate, introduces herself. She tells Nicole that she head butted another inmate for thinking she was above them. Candy grabs the doctor's cigarettes and hides them behind her pillow and another inmate, Doreen, asks Nicole for the bottle of rubbing alcohol. She drinks it down while Nicole watches, wide eyed. The nurse, Sherry, returns and when she doesn't find her cigarettes, she starts asking questions. Nicole motions with her eyes, to Candy, so Sherry goes to Candy and takes the cigarettes. Nicole asks for a privacy screen and the nurse and other inmates laugh. Nicole asks the girls to be friends, but when Candy moves in close, Nicole is sickened by her breath. Sherry returns with medication for Candy and asks why she's giving Nicole such grief. Candy says they're friends, but Sherry reminds her she'll spend a week in solitary if she has another altercation with another inmate. Last time she broke somebody's jaw! Nicole says that she's 100% better and wants to go back to her cell, but Sherry figures the doctor should examine her first. The inmates gang up on Nicole once Sherry leaves.

Lexi, Abe, Bo and Hope are exuberant when Abe is named mayor, at the pub, but Tony notices that Roman looks troubled, he opens up to him about Stefano's part in the murder of Mariano. They wish Stefano would have stayed out of this election and Roman wonders if Abe will turn down the job.

Nearby, Evan asks Abe to make his speech. He thanks Lexi for putting up with him and says how honored he is to be the mayor of Salem, and accepts the position of mayor.

EJ makes a call from outside the pub, looking for Nicole, then goes into the pub and asks Bo for help. "Nicole's missing." They men go outside and EJ shares how Nicole was to be transferred to University hospital but she hasn’t been checked in under that name. Bo makes a call and finds out Nicole's in the jail infirmary.

Bo returns to the pub and explains what happened with EJ. Bo grins at Abe and says, "He's schmoozing like a pro!" Nearby, Roman congratulates Abe and admits he was concerned that Abe wouldn’t take the position. Abe admits he was conflicted and says it puts a damper on the celebrations knowing Stefano could have had a hand in Marino's death. He refuses to let anyone keep him from his civic duty. They stare at Bo and Abe says he plans to name Bo police commissioner. They'd like to finally get the upper hand on Stefano. Nearby, Lexi tells Hope that Abe wants to name the new police commissioner soon. The group gets together and congratulations are all around. Abe asks Bo to become the new police commissioner and Bo says he may need time to think about it, but laughs and says, "Why do you think I wore this damned tie?!" He's happy to be on board. Bo and Abe pose for photos and Tony says he finally feels as though Salem's in capable hands.

Back in jail, the girls close in on Nicole and start grabbing her. Nicole screams for a nurse just as EJ arrives outside the infirmary. Nurse Sherry refuses EJ entrance into the infirmary, even when he argues that he's her lawyer and father of her unborn baby. He leaves, saying this is far from over. Inside the infirmary, the girls step things up with threats while Nicole holds her abdomen and screams bloody murder! Sherry comes in with the guards and Candy is cuffed to her bed. Nicole is told she has to stay overnight but she doesn't want to. EJ arrives with a court order and gets Nicole out, unscathed!

Nicole's brought back to her cell, which she's almost overjoyed to see. She tells EJ their baby's fine and he sighs in relief. He confesses how worried he was when he found out there was something wrong and says the baby means the world to him. Nicole sadly asks if EJ still thinks she's guilty. He wonders why she'd say that and she points out that he says he returned to save the baby. EJ holds her hand and tells her he returned to save both of them.

Nick stops by Cheatin' Heart and Max says he sounded like doom and gloom on the phone. When Max reads that the foundation has accepted his offer, Nick tells him how Philip Kiriakis stopped by and put a halt to funding, stating there are flaws in his work that need fixing. Nick agrees with Philip and asks Max to help him tweak the proposal. Max hems and haws but eventually says, "Alright, what are friends for?" Nick plans on taking Max out to a Bull's game once the financing goes through. Nick says Melanie gets Trent's share of the profits, and this angers Max who says this isn't Trent's project. He asks why Nick's bending over backwards for her and Nick admits, "I'm in love with her!" Max is shocked and reminds Nick he barely knows her.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Rafe tells Sami that she may just be the most challenging case he has had yet!

Melanie tells Philip, "You're kind of acting a lot like my father!"

Nicole says, "I would do anything for this baby," and EJ asks if anything includes telling the father the truth.

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