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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander vows never to let Kristen or Rolf near Sarah or her baby. If she goes through with this, he promises he’ll tell Sarah everything. Sarah walks up and asks what he means. Xander is about to tell her that Kristen wants her embryo when Kristen reveals she’s turned over a new leaf and wants to make amends for her misdeeds. Sarah scoffs at that. Kristen wants Sarah and Maggie’s help in convincing Brady that she’s changed. Sarah laughs wondering if Kristen has lost her mind. Sarah goes to make a call and Kristen threatens to tell Eric about the baby if he says anything. She’ll feel betrayed. Xander calls Kristen an evil bitch. Sarah returns. There’s some yelling and Sarah clutches her belly. Kristen gets nervous and gives her water. Sarah leaves the room and calls Sarah the mother of her child which means she’ll play nice. Her plan will ensure they both get what they want. Kristen will contact Dr. Rolf. He’ll extract her embryo and implant it in herself. Xander’s disgusted but she doesn’t care. He reluctantly agrees to her blackmail.

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Brady sits at Mandalay deep in thought about his attraction to Kristen. brady upset talks to sonny days of our livesSonny drops by and tells Brady that Will’s convinced Vivian shot Kate. Talk turns to Kristen and how she’s been doing good deeds all over town. They both agree that Kristen’s not becoming a better person but Brady explains that even so, he’s still addicted to her. He admits he almost had sex with her but didn’t. Sonny thinks it’s good that he didn’t. Sonny blames Kristen, not Brady. She knows his vulnerabilities and which buttons to press. As long as Brady knows, she can’t hold the power over him.

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At the DiMera mansion, Vivian begs her son to keep her secret. She knows Gabi’s the only one who can blow it for her. Stefan seethes as Will eavesdrops vivian and stefan new wig days of our livesfrom the foyer. Gabi approaches and Will says he’s positive Vivian shot Kate and wants the truth. Gabi’s sorry about what happened to Kate. They’ve had their differences but Kate’s always been there for her. They embrace as Vivian and Stefan step out. Vivian gets excited, thinking Kate must have died. Will denies that and asks if Vivian shot Kate. Vivian and Stefan dance around the answer and Stefan tells Will that the cops were here and didn’t find any connection to Vivian in Kate’s shooting. Will knows he’s getting nowhere. He storms off and Gabi follows. He asks how she can “look in the mirror and be okay with what they’ve done?” He goes and Gabi looks upset. She heads into the lounge when Will goes and barks about her obligations to Will. Vivian tells her to keep her mouth shut. The women bicker about who the nastiest woman is. Once alone, Stefan’s sorry about how his mother is treating her. Gabi’s glad they’re getting a chance together but his crazy mother is making them close to losing everything. They kiss.

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In the hospital, Hope tells Julie that she and Eli made it clearhope cuddles julie hospital days of our lives to Gabi that she’s not welcomed in her room anymore. Julie’s grateful. Julie thinks Gabi enjoyed leaving her to die. Hope’s sorry. She could have sworn Gabi felt remorse for leaving her in the park but after witnessing her yelling at Julie, she sees Julie was right. Outside, Lucas arrives and Kayla updates him on Kate’s situation. He has power of attorney over her medical decisions and since she’s on life support, at some point, he’ll have to make some decisions. Lucas is close to tears when he asks how long do they hang on to hope. He knows she won’t want to be kept alive by machines. Lucas weeps. She says Doug and Hope are going through the same thing. Lucas’ worry continues for Julie and he’d like to visit lucas returns salem days of our livesher and Jenn. Kayla doesn’t know where Jennifer is. Back in Julie’s room, Julie worries about Doug now that she’s not around taking care of him or Doug’s Place. Hope will help her out, knowing how indispensable Julie is. Later, Hope’s gone when Lucas appears to Julie. He lets her know about Kate’s shooting and life support. Julie’s devastated. He asks her not to get worked up but explains everything. Julie thinks it’d take more than a bullet to stop Kate. Lucas goes to see Hope outside. They’re sorry for what the other is going through. Kay says Julie could pass away at any time. Lucas begs for more to be done for Julie when there is nothing, he wonders if he can give Kate’s heart to Julie.

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Will meets Sonny in the square and updates him on his visit tosonny and will look sad days of our lives the DiMera house. They talk about Lucas’ visit to Kate. Sonny hopes that she can hear him talk with her. Maybe it’ll help her come back to them. Will worries this might be it for Kate. They hug. Sonny comforts Will.

Kristen leaves the Kiriakis mansion as Brady’s arrives. She gets seductive with him, telling him he’ll soon see they’re meant to be together, while upstairs. Xander visits Sarah to assure her he’s there for her.

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