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John doubles over panting in the park, exhausted while jogging with Brady. They sit and Brady needs his father’s help. He admits that he was in Kristen’s john and brady hug days of our livesroom and they almost had sex – he ran off but then he almost took a drink after. John thinks the important thing is that he stayed strong. Brady doesn’t feel that way. He can’t stop thinking about Kristen. John rubs his son’s shoulder as he spills how he hates himself for being obsessed, especially after what she’s done to everyone, especially Marlena. John understands completely since he was in love with Kristen too. He knows that pull. He’s there for Brady whenever he needs him.

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In Salem Inn, Kristen flashes to almost having sex with Brady anna upset at kristen's days of our livesand answers the door to Anna. “Ugh,” she groans. Anna’s not happy to see her either but needs her help with Tony. Kristen’s bored and tries to close the door but Anna reminds her that Tony saved her life. She demands Kristen make it right. Kristen calls them ingrates and reminds Anna that thanks to her, Tony returned from the dead. Anna cries. She doesn’t think Kristen understand what it’s like to love but Kristen admits she does feel love and can’t be with the one she loves. She agrees to help if Anna helps her get the love of her life back. When Anna questions how she can do that when Tony’s hearing is today, Kristen says to forget it, stating that she doesn’t even want to try. Anna blows up and doubts Brady would ever take her back anyway. She goes.

Marlena visits Tony in SPD. They’re happy to see each other. She gives him his favorite treat and learns his preliminary hearing is today. He’s being charged with first-degree murder in Ted’s shooting. Marlena’s so sorry he’s going through this. Tony is more worried about his dear Anna than going to prison. Anna arrives. She explains that she tried to get through to Kristen but it was a bust. Marlena’s sadly not surprised. Tony thanks Anna. He guesses he’s doomed.

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Ben and Ciara are surprised to see Jordan at Rafe’s place. Rafe’s sorry ben ciara petulant days of our livesthat he didn’t know Jordan would be at the court. She was declared sane by her doctors and filed a petition to care for David. Rafe agreed to sign off on caring for her and David doesn’t need a legal guardian anymore. Jordan doesn’t want Ben to see David. Ciara begs her to reconsider but Jordan believes Ben’s too dangerous. Ciara flies off the handle and yells that she’s the one who is dangerous. She reminds Jordan that she tried to murder her. Jordan knows and says she was sick. Ciara can’t contain her anger and goes off on her again so Ben decides to takejordan sees ben days of our lives Jordan outside to talk while Ciara snaps at Rafe, wondering what he’s doing. Rafe will try to talk to Jordan but in the meantime tells Ciara that Ben and Jordan both did some rotten things. Ciara forgave Ben so why can’t she do the same for Jordan? Ciara reminds him she tried to kill her twice. Rafe thinks her doctors must believe she’s well. He’ll keep an eye on her. Outside, Ben will help support her recovery. They hold hands and Jordan says she knows he wants to protect her son because she tried to protect him as a child. She failed and can’t fail him. She’s sorry but she can’t jordan and ben hold hands days of our livestrust that the evil inside him is gone. Ben knows what he has done is unforgivable but he’s not that person anymore. She can ask Ciara. Jordan knows she’s blinded to the man he is since she’s in love with him. Jordan is afraid for Ciara’s life. Ben takes that as a threat but Jordan thinks Ben will hurt her.

At the pub, Jack wonders to JJ what’s keeping Jennifer. The men have been searching for Rolf. Jack admits he put an APB out on him. They realize there’s someone else who can help them in their search.

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Jennifer struggles in a chair in the hospital lab where she’s been bound. Her captor comes in wearing black. His face is unseen while she yells that he can’t keep her there. He gags her.

Jack and JJ go to Kristen at Salem Inn to ask if she can help them find Rolf. They use reverse psychology on her, calling her self-centered and begin to leave when she resigns herself to helping. She says she’ll look for him. JJ asks why. She was friends once with Jennifer. Jack jokes that she’d better be careful. She does all these good deeds and people will think she’s changed altogether. They go and Kristen grins. That’s her plan.

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At the townhouse, John hugs Marlena and they discuss having no news on Julie and that Stefan and Vivian are the only leads in Kate’s shooting. Marlena gets a text about Jordan’s release. John hopes it works out okay. It sparks Marlena to talk about Kristen and how she hopes Brady doesn’t get involved with her. John doesn’t reveal his conversation with Brady.

From the hospital, JJ and Jack call Adrienne to search for Jennifer but Adrienne hasn’t seen her, which makes Jack begin to worry. In the lab, the mystery man calls Jack as Jennifer yells through her gag.

Kristen comes upon Brady in the park. He tries to run.

Back at SPD, Tony’s freed. He and Anna are thrilled that Kristen went to court and backed up his story. They embrace.

On the next Days of our Lives:

JJ and Jack worry over Jennifer.

Sarah will make a big decision.