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At home, Maggie asks her husband, “How could you?” Victor dryly replies, “What now – woman?” Maggie reminds him she has a name – Margaret. She says what he did to Ben was unforgivable. Angry that Xander tattled, Victor threatens to kick him out of the company and their home. Maggie says he’ll do no such thing. Vic explains he did this for Ciara. He reminds her that Ben tried to burn her niece Abigail alive. Mags says he was sick then and is not a danger now. Victor can’t take a chance. Maggie doubts Bo would agree with what he did. Victor disagrees and thinks his granddaughter is throwing her life away with a serial killer. Maggie reminds her beau that Bo wasn’t Doug’s first choice. Victor snarks that Bo wasn’t evil. One way or another, Vic wants Ben gone. Maggie sighs. She tells him to butt out. He could lose Ciara forever. Victor stares at Bo’s photo as Maggie leaves. Vic refuses to let his son down.

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Ben returns home shirtless and panting from a run. cin cuddling at home days of our livesCiara arrives with a smoothie. She visited Julie but reports there’s no change. Ben’s sorry. He’s distracted. Today’s the day Rafe learns if he’s David’s official guardian. He wonders if he should be kept away from David because he’s Clyde’s son. Ciara calls that “crazy.” He thinks he is crazy. Ciara tries to comfort him. She knows him. Ben wonders what’ll happen when David learns about the awful things he did. Ciara thinks they’ll be able to tell him the truth. She hopes one day Ben will see himself as she sees him. They stare lovingly at each other and Ben’s grateful for her light – for their future. They have sex and snuggle.

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Hope finds Rafe and Jordan’s baby outside the pub. She comments on how big hope meets rafe days of our livesthe tyke is and he asks after Julie. He learns that Julie needs a heart transplant but isn’t a good candidate due to her age. Rafe’s so sorry. He knows his sister is sorry – she thought Julie was faking. Hope’s confused. He fills her in. Hope looks gut-punched. Though she knows Rafe believes in Gabi, she’s not sure Julie will. They discuss Ben saving Julie and whether it’s good for him to be around David. Hope’s team Ben. He’s come a long way. The two share endearing looks and Hope goes to see Julie.

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In the hospital, Julie’s ready to leave. Doug tells her not to move. She wants a second opinion but Doug knows those who love her are her best advocate. Julie promises she’ll stay put. He goes to get her a drink. He jokes, “Oh darling…” She laughs. She just wants juice and thanks him for talking her down. Lani and Eli sit in the waitingdoug cuddles julie days of our lives area. Today was supposed to have been their engagement party. They agree this is where they need to be. Lani sees Gabi and booms, “What the hell are you doing here?” Gabi’s there to see Kate. The cops get snippy about Stefan shooting Kate but Gabs defends her husband and asks how Julie is. Lani gets belligerent and Eli questions her. Lani reveals that Gabi was there when Julie arrested and walked away. Gabi explains she thought Julie was faking. She goes and Eli’s not sure what to believe. Later, Gabi goes to see Julie to explain. Julie’s nervous. Gabi promises she thought Julie was pulling a stunt and she’s sorry. Julie pulls the Nick card and gets excited and begins to yell, saying Gabi’s going down. Gabi learns Julie’s days are numbered. Julie plans on rising from the dead and haunting her with Nick by her side. Hope arrives just in time to hear Gabi call Julie “the bitter bitch you’ve always been.” Hope asks what she’s thinking. Julie just had a heart attack. Gabi’s sorry but she couldn’t help it. Julie yells that Gabi left her to die. Hope takes Gabi from the room and Doug returns. Julie’s clearly anguished so Doug snuggles close. Outside, Eli and Lani appear as Hope berates Gabi for arguing with Julie while she’s in this state. Eli becomes angry. He just defended her to Lani but now he orders Gabi to stay away from Julie and his family. Upset, Gabi walks off.

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Back at the DiMera cottage, Ben’s thrilled when Rafe texts him to meet at his house after court. Ben and Ciara embrace, happily. Ben wants to take David to the lake and spoil him.

Ben and Ciara arrive at Rafe’s. Rafe lets them know that he’s sorry but he can’t allow him to see David. Jordan doesn’t want him to be part of her son’s life. Ciara doesn’t give a damn what “that crazy bitch thinks. It’s not up to her anymore.” Jordan appears and says that it is.

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