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Will and Sonny stop a nearby surgeon at the hospital to ask for information about Kate, not realizing it’s Vivian in disguise. She tries to hide behind files until vivian hiding as doctor days of our livesKayla pops up to tell the guys that Kate pulled through and is in recovery. She’ll tell them when they can visit. Vivian runs off. Meanwhile, JJ is shocked to find the lab destroyed. He thinks Eve did it. As Jenn cleans, she confides that her hope soared, thinking his dad would finally remember them. They hug. Jenn calls him a comfort. She tells him Rolf has gone missing. Vivian sneaks into Kate’s room and sits with her. She calls Kate escaping her death brilliant but she can’t have her waking up and fingering her for the crime. She puts a cloth over the tubes helping Kate breathe and squeezes. The monitor beeps so she shuts that off. She talks about missing her sparring with her and suddenly, the alarm bells go off and she runs through one of the doors and hides. Kayla walks in with Will and Sonny. Will asks what the beeping is. She says Kate’s flatlining. Will seems to be in shock. Kay charges the paddles and shocks her. Outside, Will and Sonny wonder what happened. Kayla approaches and says Kate has stabilized. They don’t know what caused this but she’s slipped into a coma. Will eyes widen, again in shock.

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In the square, Jack accuses Eve of wrecking “the lab.” She has no idea what he’s talking about. He begs her to admit it, assuming that she wanted revenge on him for firing her. Eve denies it. She has better things to do with her time. He rants at her until she threatens that if she’s arrested for this, she’ll sue. Jack calls her bitter. He wishes he’d seen it sooner. She wishes she’d known he was a fool and an ingrate. She doesn’t care if he gets his memory back. They get into a screaming match about whether or not she ever cared. Their argument turns to Jennifer being a “fraud,” and how much Eve hates her.

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Eric takes Nicole to his apartment. He tells her there’s a school nearby and a playground. nicole eric snuggle days of our livesShe asks how he and Sarah got together and he fills her in. Nicole asks how Xander fits in and learns that they have a complicated relationship. Later, Eric has shared more about the two and Nicole hopes Sarah sees Xandy for who he is. Eric would rather they not talk so they head to his bedroom and he lights some candles. Nic seems uncomfortable. She asks if he made love to Sarah there. He says yes and Nicole wants to understand what happened. She learns it was a rebound but they did have feelings for each other. Eric promises that she’s the only woman for him. He offers to go somewhere else but she comes to her senses and decides to have sex with him anyway. The clothes fall off and they have sex. After, Nicole admits that fantasizing about being in his arms got her through some rough times. Eric feels closer to her than he ever has. They profess their love.

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Sarah rushes to her room at the mansion sobbing. Xander appears. He admits he knows she’s pregnant. He saw the test results in her garbage. She’s shocked. He won’t tell anyone. When he asks, Sarah says she didn’t tell Eric. He asks if the baby’s Rex’s. She assures him it’s not so Xander reminds her they ‘fell into bed’. She gets uptight and doesn’t want to discuss that. He’s sorry for being insensitive. Sarah accepts. He assumes she didn’t tell Eric because she’s too kind and selfless. She’ll feel better once she tells Eric. Sarah refuses and isn’t sure she’ll even have the baby. He understands. But if she gave the baby up, she’d likely be miserable. Sarah cries that she doesn’t know what else to do. Xander can see she’s thinking about how this will affect Nicole and Eric but what about her? What’s more important than her own state of mind? He tells her he’s there for you – whatever she decides. She’s thankful. He goes to get her a snack.

Jack and JJ meet at the pub outside. Jack tells him about his talk with Eve who claims she didn’t demolish the lab.

Back at the hospital, someone wearing all black comes at Jennifer with a scalpel. jenn frightened days of our livesJenn turns around and her eyes widen.

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