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Sonny leaves Will at the hospital so he can go read Arianna a bedtime story. Meanwhile, in the lab, Jack tells Jennifer that Dr. Rolf’s lying down in the on-call room. wilson kissing days of our livesHe’s a wreck but determined to return and recreate the serum. Jack knows Eve did this. It’s his fault. He wishes he’d never been involved with Eve. Jenn credits Eve for bringing him home so she’s grateful to her for that. They find Will nearby and while Jack goes to find Eve, Jenn says she’ll get Rolf back to the lab.

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In the DiMera mansion, Vivian tries to get information on Kate’s medical status, pretending she’s Billie but only learns that Kate’s still in surgery. Vivian decides to finish her off.

Eve sits in the park and whines about losing in court to Jack.

Brady knocks on Kristen’s door at Salem Inn. Breathlessly, brady drinks days of our livesKristen says she knew he’d come. He protests that he shouldn’t be there at all. Kristen isn’t judging him. They have a similar darkness inside of them. He reluctantly takes champagne but can’t bring himself to drink it. Kristen claims she supports his sobriety. She seduces him. They kiss and he keeps trying to pull away. He reminds her she kidnapped Holly and made it look as if she was dead, she impersonated Nicole and…Kristen says she also made it right. He looks her up and down and licks his lips and they make out like bandits on her desk until Brady comes to his senses and jumps up yelling, “No!” Kristen forces him to admit that he wants her but he’s not happy to admit it. She tries to force him to drink the champagne and then tells him to “drink me,” before he smashes the glass and runs off.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander considers telling Nicole about Sarah’s pregnancy but instead just tells her that Eric was involved with someone while she was “dead.” Nicole knows. She explodes about him kidnapping Holly and faking her death. Xander says he was threatened but it’s complicated. He’s glad she and Holly are back. He cares about them. nicole eric sarah livingroom days of our livesNicole says if that’s true, she wants a divorce. “Done,” he says. Nicole is surprised. He admits he thought one day they’d be a real couple. But whatever he felt for her is in the past. Nicole asks who captured “whatever heart you do have?” Xander tells her it’s Sarah. Nic’s surprised. Downstairs, Sarah wails that she wants Eric’s happiness and won’t come between him and Nicole but beats around the bush that there’s something he deserves to know. Finally, Eric can’t take it any longer and begs her to just tell him already. She hems and haws until they’re interrupted by Sonny with an update on Kate. He says they’re sure Vivian did it. Sonny goes and Eric asks what she was about to tell him. Sarah decides not to say anything but states that she needs to text Rex again about his mother before he hears about it on the news. Nicole appears and Sarah wishes them all the best. She runs upstairs in tears. Nicole and Eric embrace and talk about their future while upstairs, Xander tells Sarah he knows she’s pregnant.

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Eve runs into Vivian at the DiMera mansion. Vivian doesn’t remember her immediately but once she does they begin hurling insults at each other then talk turns to Kate’s shooting. Eve’s there for a job since Kate’s incapacitated. She sings her own praises but admits she’s jobless. Vivian laughs. If she’s so great why is she out of a job? Eve tells Vivian about Jack firing her “wrongfully.” Vivian laughs. She read about that and calls Eve unqualified for the job. They argue. Vivian wants to leave but Eve rambles about wanting justice and then butters Vivian up, saying she looks good for being dead for two years. “Maybe you have your own portrait somewhere hanging in a closet you know like Dorian.” Vivian stops her. She knows the reference. She takes off.

Brady winds up at Doug’s Place where he asks Eli for a drink.

Eve is stopped in the square by Jack who is angry.

Vivian wanders the hospital with a hospital badge that reads, vivian in scrubs days of our livesDr. D. Cramer. Sonny returns and he and Will try to get her attention.

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Jack has an accusation.

Do you remember at this time in September 2015 on Days of our Lives, Chad was set up for Paige’s murder, Clyde bought Ben and Abby a house, and Ben secretly tracked his fiancée’s phone.