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In Horton Square, Eve runs into Jack and vows that he’ll pay for what he’s done to her. Jack reminds her of all the things she’s done to him and Claire. He gloats that eve points finger jack days of our livesDr. Rolf’s back in Salem whipping up a batch of serum so he can get his memory back. Eve spits that he shouldn’t be so happy because not all of his memories are good.

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In the park, Brady runs into Kristen and she tells him she’s a free agent and “all yours.” Brady thinks that’s only because nobody else wants her. He tries to walk away but she grabs him. “Let go of me, Psycho,” he says. Kristen laughs. She’s just crazy in love with him. Brady says she’s ruined lives but she counts off all the Salemites she brought back to life. He can’t believe she brought Vivian back. He calls her out on her thoughts on consensual sex and raping his brother and then she grabs him by the face and kisses him. He kisses her back for a while and then shoves her away. She laughs. She was proving her point that he likes bad girls. Kristen tries to seduce him by telling him she’s off to shower. He looks her up and down like she’s chocolate and calls her insane. Kristen says he knows where to find her. She shakes her tiny booty as she walks away.

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Xander checks on Sarah in her room at the mansion but she’s gone. He flashes to learning about her pregnancy. Maggie finds him and questions why he’s there. nicole eric sarah livingroom days of our livesHe brought Sarah ginger ale since she was sick earlier. Maggie wonders what his motives are and warns him away from her kid. She doesn’t trust him even though she’s fond of him. Downstairs, Eric arrives. He tells her that Nicole and Holly are on their way in. He’s sorry. Sarah wails and calls this terribly awkward. She’s about to tell him she’s pregnant but Holly and Nicole arrive. Sarah cries as she hugs Holly. Eric takes the kid for a bite to eat and Nicole admits she knows that Eric and Sarah were a couple. Sarah apologizes but Nicole asks her not to. She’s grateful Sarah was there for Eric and Holly. Sarah tells her that Xander’s back in Salem, working at Titan and living there. Nicole’s shocked. She worries he won’t divorce her. Nicole goes to bring Holly to see Maggie. Back upstairs, Xander considers telling Maggie about Sarah’s pregnancy but fantasizes that Sarah would hit him if he did so he reveals that Victor tried to force him to kill Ben Weston. Maggie looks at him in horror. She’ll talk to Victor right now. She goes to the door as Holly and Nicole arrive. She hugs her grandkid and Nicole grits her teeth and says hello to Xandy. Maggie leaves with the kid and Nicole says she won’t let him have any hold over her. She and Eric will be happy together. Xander says, “Yeah about that…”, while downstairs, Sarah and Eric blubber together over ending their relationship again. Sarah says there’s something he needs to know…

At the hospital, Jennifer chastises Rolf for dropping the new serum. He tells her to relax. He has some left. She hands over red licorice which he requested and she rolls her eyes. Rolf chuckles, saying he can’t believe this state-of-the-art lab is all his. In walks Dr. Shah (now played by Piter Marek) who claims he’s using it for the next few months. Jenn is sorry. Kayla gave the lab to them. She introduces the men and Shah realizes Rolf’s trying to get Jack’s memory back. He wishes them both luck and leaves. Jenn follows and apologizes for stringing him along a few times. He forgives her and goes to find a new lab space.

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At the pub, Jack rails to Jenn. He can’t believe that Jenn told him time and time again that Eve was no good. Why didn’t he listen to her? Jenn says he’s stubborn but so is she. He really wants his memory back. His lawyer calls. He’s learned that the court case went in his favor. Jennifer’s so happy she hugs him. She’s sorry. Jack’s mouth opens and closes like a fish out of water. Rolf appears. The serum is ready.

At Doug’s Place, Eve takes a call from Justin. She listens a beat then asks what the judge said. She smashes a plant in anger later. She refuses to be cast aside and saunters off in anger.

Brady arrives at Kristen’s room, seeming resigned. She opens the door. She knew he’d come.

Back at the hospital, Rolf, Jack and Jenn find the lab destroyed.

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