Daniel finds Chloe working out at the gym and helps her fix her form with using weights. Chloe is surprised. "Is there anything you don't know how to do?" He tells her, "Opera singing!" They discuss Kate and how Chloe thinks she's lucky to have him as her doctor, until Philip interrupts. "Maybe not!" Philip thinks that Daniel is abandoning Kate, who is having terrible side effects from the chemo. Daniel reminds him that they knew this would happen and says Dr. Knapp is taking over for him so he can have a break. Chloe takes Philip aside and tells him Daniel's doing the best he can and that he's an excellent doctor and if Kate trusts him, that should be worth something. She encourages him to apologize to Daniel, so he does. When Philip goes off to take a call, Chloe goes to Daniel and says he doesn't understand the randomness of life-threatening illnesses. He can't get used to this. Chloe asks, "You really love her, don't you?" Later, Chloe tells him she was out of line for asking and thanks him for being so nice to Philip. Daniel calls his relationship with Kate complicated. She calls her situation very domestic and different. "Life is good," she grins, but Daniel asks, "But not great?" Chloe says she's lucky to have both Lucas and Allie, but admits sometimes she misses traveling. She had an exciting life in Europe that was a little lonely, but always exciting! She misses singing, but Daniel thinks she could have the best of both worlds. He misses the ocean and surfing and says surfing is in his blood. "So you're saying we can have our cake and eat it too?" Daniel replies, "Damned right!" Lucas wouldn't want her to give up her dream. Chloe smiles. Nicole would say the same thing. They discuss how Nicole's in jail for Trent's murder but Chloe knows she's innocent. Nicole's kind and caring and important to her. Chloe admits she's not exactly Ms. Popularity, but Daniel says maybe she's an acquired taste and tells her that's a compliment. "So are you by any chance airing the taste," she asks. Daniel says, "Definitely." Chloe calls this good for her ego, but Kate wouldn't like it. Daniel says he'll try to talk to Kate about her. Chloe's thankful.

Stefano arrives at the mansion and tells Tony that he did is civic duty and voted! He sports a button, but Tony thinks he isn't against getting his hands bloody to swing an election. Tony wonders if Stefano had a hand in the mayor's untimely demise, which upsets Stefano. Stefano knows that Abe loathes him and calls him an insufferable snore. Why would he help him? Tony thinks maybe to help Lexi, but Stefano says Carver has turned her against him. Stefano will take pride in Lexi becoming the new first lady of Salem and he'll be happy to dance with her at the inaugural ball. Tony again asks if he murdered Marino or if he hired somebody. Stefano goes through some letters and tells Tony to look through his bills to find a bill from the hit man. "Oh my God, I hope my bill isn't past due," he says, clutching at his chest for effect!

Abe and Lexi argue about all the decorations Lexi put up at the pub to celebrate. Abe doesn't think this should be a celebration because he's haunted by Marino's death. "He didn't deserve to die!" Lexi agrees and finally tells him about how she threatened Stefano to either cut all ties with Marino or lose his grandson. She says that later that day, Marino was found dead on Stefano's doorstep. Abe is shocked and Lexi admits that though Stefano refused to admit involvement, she worries he had Marino killed. She hopes she hasn't ruined everything for Abe. Abe hugs her and when Roman comes upon them to see if they're alright, Abe tells Roman everything. "We've got a picture of Stefano with a smoking gun," says Roman, and the two go off to talk to Stefano. Moments later, Tony arrives and Lexi confesses she thinks she made a mistake. She admits she told Roman and Abe everything because she felt so guilty. Tony is concerned and asks how she could have done this. He thought she'd let it go. She hangs her head and says Abe and Roman went to see Father! If this gets out, Abe will be destroyed!

Melanie tosses and turns in bed, having nightmares about her father's murder, while Nick perches on her bed, watching. Later, she wakes up with a scream and asks if someone is there. Nick is seated at a chair, outside her door! She realizes she was dreaming and later, she goes into the kitchen, finds Nick and thanks him for helping her. He tells her he'll always be there for her. She looks away, puzzled by this, and when Nick gets an email from school, and tells her they’re filthy rich, they hoot and holler in delight! Melanie's happy that her father left her his share and Nick thinks she deserves to reap the benefits of this project. They'll receive their money soon! Melanie wants to celebrate. She bakes a cake and calls Nick. He appears disappointed but he's not. He's surprised. She feeds him some frosting on her finger and they're interrupted by Philip, who says to himself that Chelsea's right. Nick needs help. Melanie asks if he's stalking her and Philip tells her to get over herself. He's there to talk to Nick about his alternative fuel project. Melanie boasts about the financing coming through but Philip tells Nick that as terrific as his invention sounds, it'll never come to pass.

Hope and Bo arrive at Salem PD and discuss wrapping up their cases. They feel that Mayor Carver is going to appoint Bo Police Commissioner this evening and Hope thinks he needs to get rid of a few cops who might be on the DiMera payroll! Hope tells Bo to come home with her to change, but he tells her he'll accept a new position but won't change. Hope disagrees.

Roman and Abe arrive at the mansion to discuss Marino with Stefano. Roman calls it a coincidence that Marino was shot on his doorstep, but Stefano says he's no fool. He paints a hypothetical picture of Lexi going to him to get him to kill Marino, at Abe's behest. If Alexandra had come to him with this request, Stefano wonders who the public would believe was innocent. Him or Abe, the man Marino was running against. Abe tells Stefano that Alexandra didn’t tell him to kill Marino, but Stefano points out that people will read between the lines! Abe is angry that Stefano would sell out his own daughter and Roman asks if he's blackmailing Abe. Stefano denies that and Abe asks him to be direct. "Did you put out a hit on the mayor?" Stefano sighs and says, "You don't really want me to answer that question." Abe is alarmed and calls to God while Roman promises to find out the truth. Stefano asks Roman to give his best to Samantha, "Wherever she is!" Stefano calls the democratic process very interesting and chuckles to himself as Roman and Abe leave. Later, Stefano looks at their picture and says he did back the right man after all. He cheers to Abraham. "Salute!"

Hope and a dapper Bo arrive at the Brady pub, with Bo griping about wearing fancy clothes.

Abe has returned to the pub and Lexi asks if he can forgive her for involving Stefano in their lives. Abe says she's not to blame. The blood is on his hands as he's the one to set it into motion. Lexi dries tears and Bo and Hope come to Abe and Lexi's side and Bo says he heard the election results are in! Later, Roman comes by and pokes fun at Bo and his tie. "Did Ma dress you," he asks and Evan eventually announces the mayor, who has won by a landslide - Abe! Everyone claps and cheers and Tony stands to the side, clapping but looks concerned.

Next on Days of our Lives:

EJ tells Bo that he needs his help! Bo asks, "What's the problem?" EJ tells him, "Nicole... she's missing."

Somebody confronts Nicole, "The only thing we're interested in is little old you."

Melanie says, "Cut the bull, Philip. Chelsea put you up to this, didn't she?"

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