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In Victor’s living room, he strangles Ben until Brady interrupts to ask what’s going on. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m giving the Necktie Killer a taste of his own medicine.” Brady tells him to stop but he continues on while Ben chokes. ben strangled days of our livesBrady rips the necktie from Victor’s hands and castigates Xander for standing by watching. Xander says at least he wasn’t doing it. He goes and Ben tells Brady that Victor did this because he refused to give up Ciara. Upstairs, Sarah sits in bed and holds her pregnant belly while considering calling Eric.

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At the hospital, Gabi overhears Ciara on a call telling someone about Julie needing a heart transplant. She asks Ciara how Julie is. Ciara is cold and asks why she cares. Gabi swears she’d never hurt Julie but Ciara remembers Gabi throwing her grandma down a set of stairs. Gabi clarifies that was an accident. She hands the flowers to Ciara to give to Julie with an apology. Ciara backtracks. She’s sorry for going off on Gabi. Gabi understands but she thinks Julie’s a rock.  She’ll keep Julie in her prayers.

At SPD, Lani lets Rafe know about Julie’s claim that Gabi rafe and lani spd days of our livesleft Julie to die during her heart attack. That doesn’t make sense to Rafe. Lani tells him that Gabi claims she thought Julie was faking. Rafe can believe that. Julie’s done it before. Lani doesn’t care. It’s on Gabi if Julie dies. Lani gets in Rafe’s face and tells him to do something about his sister because she’s “out of control.”

Stefan arrives at Vivian’s room at Salem Inn but she’s not there. He calls Ben to find his mother.

Vivian laughs as she finishes burying Kate in the DiMera cemetery and tells her to rest in hell because unlike her, she won’t be coming back.

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At the cabin, Nicole learns that Eric and Sarah “got close.” Nicole is confused. real nicole and eric kiss on days of our livesShe thought that Rex and Sarah were in love. Eric fills her in on the breakup. Nicole is glad Sarah was there for him. She’s been good to her. When Sarah calls, Eric apologizes for not calling sooner. He’s with Nicole and Holly. Sarah calls it wonderful. She cries and agrees to talk soon. Later, Nicole wonders if Rex and Sarah will reunite but Eric reveals Sarah is in love with him. Nicole pushes and he finally reveals he fell in love with his brother’s fiancee. He knows Sarah will be hurt and he’ll have regrets too but Nicole is the love of his life – the one he wants to be with. They kiss.

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Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah ends her call and wonders what to tell Eric. Xander appears with a garbage bin just in case Sarah needs it. Sarah laughs and states that he didn’t have to do that. She reveals that he was right. She lies that she has the flu. sarah sick days of our livesHe offers to get her ginger ale to settle her stomach and she yells, “No!” He’s sorry. He moves to leave and she apologizes. He’s been nothing but kind to her. Xander tucks her in and she giggles in thanks. Xander goes and Sarah debates on if Eric deserves to know she’s carrying his child. She winds up crumpling the pregnancy test results and cries. Meanwhile, downstairs, Ben gets Stefan’s call but can’t respond so Brady unties him. Victor complains. Brady apologizes to Ben and he takes off to spill what her grandfather’s capable of to Ciara. Later, Ciara visits Victor to tell him she’ll take Brady’s job as long as nobody comes between her and Ben. Victor seems shocked that Ben kept his secret. In the foyer, Ben lets Brady know that he isn’t ratting Victor out on his murder attempt then threatens that Brady better not try to come between him and Ciara. Back upstairs, Xander goes to a sleeping Sarah and finds the crumpled pregnancy test results and looks crushed.

Ben arrives at the hospital and hugs Ciara. She asks where he’s been. ben keeps truth ciara days of our livesHe had a “little run-in” with her grandfather. She guesses that he tried to talk him into breaking up with her. Ben says that doesn’t quite describe it. He says Victor was “a lot more insistent.” They kiss and she mentions Brady’s job offer. She’s excited to work with her family. Ben says if it means that much, she should take it. Ciara’s thrilled that he’s so supportive. They kiss.

Back at Salem Inn, Vivian returns to her room. Stefan asks why she’s dirty. She lies that she’s been foraging in the dirt for food and then comes clean that she killed Kate and buried her in the Salem Cemetery. Stefan’s angry.

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Rafe meets Gabi at the manse to confront her about Julie. Gabi remarks that she thought Julie was faking her heart attack but Lani doesn’t believe her. She reveals her marriage is real now and complains about Kate moving in.

Gabi turns up at SPD and threatens Lani that if she doesn’t Kate buried alive on Days of our Livesstop trashing her she’ll regret it.

Back in the cemetery, Kate thrusts her hand up through the soil.

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