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In the park, Vivian tells Kate that Dr. Rolf brought her back to life after Kate killed her in cold blood. Kate calls it an accident but Vivian knows better. She’s back to make Kate pay. Kate doubts she’ll get away with it. They’re in a public place. Kate offers to make her co-CEO instead. Vivian walks her to the DiMera garden where a grave has been dug. Kate can’t believe she’s recycling what she did to Maggie. Vivian shoots Kate and she slumps into the open grave. Vivian sings “Row row row your boat” as she buries Kate alive.

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At the hospital, Brady wants Ciara to join the family business and work with him.brady offers ciara job days of our lives Ciara’s surprised that Victor would allow it considering her boyfriend works for DiMera. Brady says he’s out of the loop. Brady calls her strong, independent and loyal. That’s why he wants her as a trainee. Ciara looks at the notes and wonders if he really thinks she’s ready. Brady’s positive. He knows she has distractions – a social life. Ciara says, “My social life is my relationship with Ben Weston.” She thinks he’s making the offer to distract her from Ben.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor comments that Sarah missed breakfast. xander and victor scheme days of our livesHe describes a seafood omelet that was prepared and Sarah clutches her stomach and groans. Victor comments, “You look a little green around the gills.” Sarah flashes to thinking she’s pregnant. She tells Vic she has a bug and heads to work. Later, Ben’s tied up in a chair in the same room. He wakes up when Xander throws water in his face. Victor wants Ben out of his granddaughter’s life. Ben knows he sees their relationship as dark but it’s not. He’s a better man for it. Victor doesn’t doubt that but he’ll never be good enough for Ciara. He demands Ben break up with her. Ben refuses. He loves her. Victor thinks Ben’s just like his father. Ben disagrees. Xander takes off his tie and Ben looks frightened. Again, Victor demands he break up with Ciara or Xander will break his neck. Ben begins to laugh. He doubts Victor will kill him. Maybe Xander, the “Big dumb thug.” He thinks Xander would do the deed and hold it over Victor’s head forever. Xander starts strangling Ben then releases him and asks again if he’ll dump Ciara. Ben won’t do it so Xander tightens the necktie. He strangles Ben and then stops. He can’t kill anybody. He told Sarah he was a changed man. Victor calls him pathetic. Victor decides to do it himself.

At the cabin, the cops leave and Eric and Nicole hug happily. eric sees holly again days of our livesNic didn’t think she’d ever see him again. Eric remarks that nobody could keep him from her again. They kiss and Nicole tells him that Kristen DiMera’s posing as her. Eric knows. They finally figured it out and arrested her. Holly comes out smiling and Eric greets her and the trio discusses going home. Once alone, Eric fills Nicole in a little about how cruel Kristen was, blaming him for Nicole’s death so that she could be with Brady. Nicole’s sorry. Kristen told her everything. Eric lets her know that Brady had sex with Kristen, thinking she was Nicole. Nicole gasps. Eric also reveals he’s been with another woman…

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Back at the hospital, Sarah prepares to draw her own blood in a room. sarah pregnancy test days of our livesKayla interrupts and asks if she’s okay. Sarah claims she’s doing her own annual checkup. Kayla takes over the drawing of her blood and asks her to see a physician. They discuss Eric’s search for Nicole and then Sarah blurts that she thinks she’s pregnant and not with Rex’s kid. Kayla’s comforting and promises this is confidential. In another room, Brady lets it slip in a roundabout way that he wants her away from Ben. Ciara gets her hackles up. Brady says he’s learned that people don’t change. Ciara lashes out that he was just with Kristen. Brady tells her he truly didn’t know Nicole was Kristen. Ciara wonders if he’s still in love with Kristen. He doesn’t respond so Ciara says if the job is contingent on her dumping Ben she doesn’t want it. Brady says it’s got nothing to do with Ben. Ciara will consider it. She throws it out there that Ben saved Julie’s life before Brady goes. Later, Sarah learns she is definitely pregnant.

Brady walks in on Victor strangling Ben at the house.

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