Eric, Jack and Jennifer question Dr. Rolf Days of our Lives
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At the hospital, Sarah tells Kayla if Nicole is alive it’s over for her and Eric; if he doesn’t find her there, he’ll never stop looking. Kayla advises not to go to the worst-case scenario. Sarah knows Eric will never love her as he loves Nicole – she’s the love of his life. She admits to her mixed feelings about Nicole being dead and reiterates she would never stand in the way of a chance for Holly to have a family with Eric and Nicole. Kayla suggests she call him, but Sarah worries she might interrupt a reunion. Talk turns to Dr. Rolf being dangerous and unpredictable. Kayla understands she’s worried about Eric and orders her to call him.

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In Chicago, Jack, Jennifer, and Eric gape as they enter the suite and see Dr. Rolf, (played by William Utay), who explains he survived the explosion. Eric demands to know about Nicole and Holly. Rolf attempts to put him off, but Eric threatens to search the premises. Rolf holds up a hand and calls, “You can come out now.” Eric asks hopefully, “Nicole?” but Vivian Alamain, (played by Robin Strasser), appears instead.Vivian Alamain appears on Days of our Lives Jennifer explains she was pronounced dead a year ago. Vivian recalls Rolf sweeping in when she was abandoned after the surgery and saving her with the life-saving serum, then adds, “I was shot by that cold-hearted bitch, Kate Roberts.” Eric snaps, “Enough,” and only cares about finding Holly and Nicole. Jennifer and Eric search, while Jack realizes Vivian remembers them and asks if Rolf restored her memory. Jenn and Eric reappear with Holly’s blanket. Vivian concedes Nicole and Holly are alive, but they escaped. Rolf and Vivian reveal Kristen’s armed guards were after them. Eric fumes. Jack asks again if Vivian’s memory’s intact. She remembers everything, especially her precious son. Jennifer’s excited and presses Rolf to restore Jack’s memory. Rolf accepts their offer to fund his research. Eric will stay with Vivian in case Nicole’s brought back. He steps out when Sarah calls and reveals there’s news.

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In the square, Ben tells Ciara there will be some fireworks in the DiMera mansion tonight – he’s pretty sure Stefan didn’t want anyone around when they went off. Talk turns to Tripp leaving town and how he once tried to keep them apart. They kiss as Ciara notes nothing will keep them apart now. Ben gets takeout and Ciara opens a fortune cookie. It says, “Life is short, eat dessert first.” Ben opens his and reads, “Tonight you will kiss the woman you love and will keep on kissing her every night forever.”

In the park, Julie clutches her chest and says, “Gabi, please. I’m having a heart attack.” Gabi won’t fall for it again. Julie protests it’s real, but Gabi won’t believe her and thinks she missed her calling as an actress. Julie pleads; she could be dying. Gabi sneers, “I hope so.” Whatever Julie’s trying to accomplish, she hopes she fails. Julie passes out after Gabi leaves. Soon, Ben and Ciara arrive and call an ambulance. Ben can’t find a pulse and starts CPR.

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In the DiMera mansion, Stefan warns Kate he’ll use the gun to kill her in cold blood the way she killed his mother. Kate claims she wanted to rub salt in his wounds by saying she killed Vivian, but she wasn’t serious. Stefan sits, still holding the gun on her, and explains he didn’t go to the police because he didn’t have proof – now it’s time for her to pay. Kate claims she isn’t scared, but Stefan shoots into the floor and she jumps.Stefan holds Kate at gunpoint Days of our Lives Kate shakily relives her argument with Vivian, who pulled out the gun and was about to shoot her, so she lunged, and they struggled. She snapped because her life flashed before her eyes, but it’s over now and he needs to move on. Kate knows this is about Stefan’s legacy and claims she can help him make DiMera succeed. She rants that Titan’s been wiping the floor with them and she knows how to exploit their vulnerabilities. Stefan only wants to avenge his mother’s death. Gabi appears and pleads with Stefan not to shoot – she’ll be destroyed if he’s sent to prison. Stefan says if she loves him, she’ll keep her mouth shut and wants her out of the way. Gabi warns what would happen if he killed Kate and begs him not to throw away all they could have. Stefan lets Kate exit, then kisses Gabi. He steps out to take a call and is stunned to hear his mother on the line. Meanwhile, Gabi flashes to Julie.

In the hospital, Ciara hugs Ben after Kayla assures her Julie will be taken care of.

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