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At the DiMera mansion, Ben tells an amazed Ciara that Nicole was really Kristen DiMera this whole time, wearing a mask. They try to reach Gabi and Stefan when the two appear behind them from the tunnel. Gabi and Stefan explain that Kristen ben and ciara happy days of our livesheld them captive in the secret room. Ben says they just found out that Kristen was passing herself off as Nicole. Gabi calls Ben incompetent as security detail and Ciara defends her boyfriend. Gabi ignores her and fires Ben. Ciara defends Ben some more and Stefan sides with Ciara. Stefan thinks the important thing is that they’re free. Gabi rehires Ben. Ciara takes her boyfriend away and the new couple kisses. Gabi wants to check on Arianna. Stefan stops her. He wants to run DiMera again and asks her to go back to running Gabi Chic. Gabi likes being on top better. “I mean you weren’t complaining earlier,” she says seductively. They kiss. Outside, Ben and Ciara are glad that they can keep their place. There have been a lot of firsts there. Ben says he’s wanted this since the day he found her on the side of the road. “Fate brought us together.” Ciara grins and they kiss.

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Victor visits Kate at the Salem Inn demanding to know what she’s up to with Mr. Shin. Kate says Shin approached her to hire her as CEO of DiMera but she turned him down out of loyalty to Vic. But truthfully, it was because she didn’t want to defy Kristen. “That cuckoo is in a cage now,” Vic says. Kate asks him to demote Brady and make her CEO of Titan or she’ll take Chin up on his offer. As Andre’s widow, she qualifies. Victor can’t do this to Brady. Kate thinks she can do a better job. And Kristen will be out of the running since she’ll be in prison.

At John and Marlena’s townhouse, the couple cannot stop jarlena at townhouse days of our livesthinking about the Kristen reveal and worrying about their sons. John asks her to take the last few hours of their anniversary and celebrate. She’s so glad she married him. He laughs. She took the words out of his mouth. They kiss. He goes to get the strawberries and whipped cream and they wish each other a Happy Anniversary.

Sarah paces at the Kiriakis mansion, worried Kristen won’t tell Xander where Nicole is. She admits she’s insecure about Nicole and wonders if Eric will dump her at some point for Nicole once she softens. Maggie comforts her and then admits she’s almost glad Kristen’s alive only because it means she wasn’t hallucinating her that day at Nicole’s. Maggie shows her kid her 10-week sobriety chip Victor got her.

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In the interrogation room at SPD, Kristen murmurs that she will never give up on Brady. In the other room, Eric thinks Kristen’s lying about Nicole being alive and with Holly. Brady believes her because she thinks honesty will win him back. Brady tells Eric about the deal Nicole made with Kristen to allow her to stay with her daughter while Kristen stole her life. eric and xander spdXander looks on as Eric looks as if he’s been gut-punched. Brady explains further that Kristen saved Nicole’s life and felt she couldn’t return as herself since she’s wanted for attempted murder so she had Nicole help her pretend to be Nicole. Kristen won’t share Nicole’s location until he gets the cops to grant her immunity. Eric busts into the interrogation room and tells Kristen this is a new low for her. He rails at her for everything she has done and when she demands immunity in exchange for Nicole’s location, he jumps on her and grabs her in a headlock. She screams. Outside, Brady rants at Xander for not telling them Holly is alive. They go rushing into the interrogation room and pull Eric away. Everyone files out and Xander stays. He thinks she can get immunity but first needs to make a show of good faith. She refuses to tell him anything. Xander thinks she owes him. Back outside, Brady convinces Eric to go. He’ll call when he hears anything. A cop goes to get Kristen and she stops Brady to tell him they have a connection. He retorts that she disgusts her. The cop drags her to the cells.

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Eric arrives home. He hears Kristen’s words that Nicole’s alive in his head. He calls Sarah and asks her to come over. She arrives later and he fills her in. She’s shocked – neither knows what to believe.

Back at the mansion, Victor tells Maggie he’s been with Kate. Maggie scoffs. Vic says she’s leaving Titan because he wouldn’t hire her as CEO. Maggie’s thrilled. She hugs her husband.

Kate waltzes into the DiMera mansion and catches Stefan kissing Gabi. Stefan’s angry with her. She explains Kristen was threatening her life and her children’s. She tells them they’ll be working together. She’s now CEO of DiMera.

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