At the mansion, Stefano yells at EJ, "How could you let this happen?" EJ did everything in his power to stop this. Stefano yells more that a DiMera heir is sitting in a jail cell. EJ says the judge got swayed by Bo Brady. Stefano calls this intolerable and won't let this happen, but EJ sounds defeated. Stefano says Nicole can't be freed until the real killer is caught, but the police department is a joke, so he'll have to find the killer himself. When Stefano asks if EJ thinks Nicole is innocent, EJ isn't sure. "I want to." Stefano points out that EJ has feelings for her - EJ agrees, and Stefano says the baby is the most important thing. EJ must protect the child. Stefano asks if EJ's afraid of Nicole. EJ's puzzled but Stefano says if it's not fear, it must be that EJ feels as though he's betraying Samantha in some way. EJ doesn't want to hear it and doesn't want to hear about Stefano's obsession - children. Stefano asks if he loves Nicole. EJ says Nicole is very important to him. "More than you know," he says and walks away.

Nicole talks to her baby and is happy there are no more cramps, but tells the baby that this'll be their secret. She grabs a cup and starts banging away at the bars of her cell and yelling, "I'm in pain, terrible pain and I think it's the baby!" When a guard finally comes, Nicole lies that she thinks she's losing her baby. The guard doesn't believe her and remembers her as Misty Circle. The picture is getting a little fuzzy from watching it too much, he says and tells her she'll have to be a lot nicer to him than this to get anything out of him. Nicole calls him a pig and cries for him to help her. A doctor arrives and examines Nicole, telling her that she has had no bleeding or anything, so she's fine. He leaves.

Stephanie walks into the Cheatin' Heart and stares at somebody. Max asks her to try a flirtini. Stephanie sarcastically plays into it and says she's there to meet some interns. She wonders why he is there and Max says he needed more work, so Adrienne asked him to come back. Stephanie asks why he's still working there if he's so smart… they argue and he fixes her a drink.

Chelsea and Philip walk in to the Cheatin' Heart with Chelsea telling Philip all about what happened at Nick's apartment, earlier, and how Melanie is a liar, a phony and a gold digger. Philip remembers when people said that about her! He wonders if Nick's not the one who needs the intervention! Chelsea doesn't seem to want Nick or want him with anyone else, either. He brings up how things didn't work out between she and Daniel and Chelsea blows up. She soon apologizes for overreacting and asks how he's doing with Kate's diagnosis. Philip's fine, but can't get Kate out of his mind. He tossed all of the petty stuff aside. Chelsea say she can't help but care about Nick and should be worried, but Philip doesn't believe Melanie's the killer, especially since Nicole Walker is behind bars.

Abe and Lexi are seated at a table nearby. They discuss how Lexi has given him mixed signals about becoming mayor. She is through with being ambivalent and supports him 100%! Abe's thrilled and Lexi says he'll turn around all the damage the last mayor did. Abe is excited to get some things done, and they drink to their future mayor! Lexi gets a call from Stefano, who asks how the first lady of Salem is. "Hello Father," she says, stiffly. Stefano wonders if she knows who was appointed to be the new police commissioner. She doesn't and he asks to talk to Abe. Lexi refuses and he asks her not to let Roman become the new police commissioner. Lexi hangs up and tells Abe what he said. Abe makes a statement that Salem's going to be a new town with him running it.

Back at the bar, Max tells Stephanie he's Shawn Brady's kid and this is where he belongs. Stephanie drinks her flirtini and says that it doesn't mean he's Trent's son and not Shawn's if he chooses to attend college! They discuss Nick and Melanie, and Stephanie attacks Melanie's character again. They argue more, and Stephanie stomps off, right into Philip's arms. Philip brings her back to his table, where she asks Chelsea to get her another drink.

Chelsea goes to the bar and tells Max that Stephanie's wasted. She wonders if he's going to cut her off or not.

Back at the table, Stephanie apologizes to Philip for hearing about Kate's cancer. She wonders where Chelsea is with her drink and gets up. She slurs words and almost falls to the floor, so Philip motions to Max and Chelsea that he's taking her home! Chelsea's glad somebody's looking out for her and now she has to look out for Nick. She asks him to do the same.

Melanie unpacks her things at Nick's apartment, but panics when she can't find the anonymous note.

Nick reads the anonymous note written to Melanie, in his kitchen. He gets out notepaper and starts writing, but then says, "Not now," and puts both letters away. He looks at a tube of Melanie's lipstick and sniffs her perfume, when he's interrupted by Melanie. He jumps. He's not used to having somebody living with him. She says she's not used to having somebody go through her stuff. Nick apologizes; he dumped her purse by accident. They discuss the prototype and the profit Nick will make. Nick does calculations and shows her a huge number. "Some will go to the Horton Foundation," he says. The rest is theirs. They talk about how they'll spend their money.

Melanie reads real estate in the paper in bed but is soon interrupted by Nick, who has a snack for her. He tells her Maggie used to bring him snacks when he first moved in with her. It's tradition. Melanie's not hungry, so he leaves and hovers behind the door for a few minutes. Melanie listens and finally opens the door. "You're hovering. Why?" Nick says he wanted to say something about the anonymous note. He pulls it out and asks why she didn't tell him about it. Melanie claims she was freaked out and Nick asks if she has any idea of who could have sent it. She doesn't. "Everyone hates me," she says. Nick confesses to feeling protective of her and knows she doesn't remember what happened at the cemetery that night when Trent was killed. "You blacked out," he says, according to Max. Melanie just needs… Nick finishes off. "Privacy." He gets it, he says and leaves, telling her that if she needs him, his room is just down the hall. After he leaves, Melanie looks puzzled. When she falls asleep, she has nightmares about the voice that told her that he saw her at the cemetery. Meanwhile, Nick fantasizes about having a happy old-fashioned marriage with Melanie!

Later, as Nicole tries to sleep on her cot in her cell, cockroaches race across the floor. She screams for a guard, who brings her a toilet brush, toothbrush and toothpaste and tells her to clean them up herself! Nicole is sickened by this and cries on her bed about it and promises her child a better life. Nicole gets an idea and decides to step things up and calls the guard again.

Later, EJ arrives looking for Nicole, but she's gone. "Where is she," he asks, angrily. The guard tells EJ that she had some pregnancy issues and is in the hospital. EJ calls the hospital, but Nicole's not there. EJ tells the guard that she's not at University Hospital. "So where is she?"

Next on Days of our Lives:

Lexi tells Abe there's something he should know. It has to do with the mayor's murder and Stefano!

Tony tells Stefano, "Well you're certainly not above getting a little blood on your hands to swing an election!"

Philip tells Daniel that he's not putting his faith in anyone while Kate's fighting to live. "You will not abandon her again," he demands.

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