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Will and Sonny return from putting Susan in a taxi. She’s on her way back to Nashville. Will gets a text from daycare. Gabi’s still missing. Will calls her again but she’s not answering. Gabi always responds about Ari. They realize the last person who saw Gabs was fake Nicole – Kristen. They go over Sonny’s discussion with Kristen. What if Kristen hurt Gabi? Will tries to make a call and Sonny wants to head to the mansion but Will talks him into going to the police station to talk to Kristen first.

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In the secret room, Gabi and Stefan continue to argue about whether there’s nothing between them but hate. Stefan admits he hated her for conning him but he’s seen what’s underneath all the deviousness, passion, treachery and genius. He fell for her. His pride wouldn’t allow him to admit it. He cares for her and is done pretending he doesn’t. Gabi admits she started out wanting to crush him but she can’t. She admits he’s right. She can’t keep pretending she has feelings for him. Stefan smiles and Gabi gets miffed. “The joke’s on me,” she says because she has fallen in love with the man she most despised on this planet. Stefan grins and moves to kiss her.

At SPD, Tony wipes off the ink from being fingerprinted. Anna’s upset that he’s been booked sokristen tells truth days of our lives Tony urges her to go home. She’s been making calls, trying to raise his bond. Lani interjects and says not to bother. Tony’s seen as a flight risk and DA Trask will deny bail. In the interrogation room, Brady reels from hearing that Holly’s alive and with her mother. Brady thinks Kristen’s playing a sick game but Kristen says she got Nicole out. “I saved her life.” She found a window that was blown out by the fire and dragged Nicole through it. Nic was grateful and desperate to see her baby so Kristen “made her an offer no mother could confuse. Her baby for her life.” Brady warns Kristen had better not have hurt her. Kristen has had no reason to. She needed to return to Brady but couldn’t as herself and luckily, she had access to Rolf’s technology. Nicole taught her how to be like her – as she was tied to a chair. Kristen ribs Brady about thinking that he suspected or knew that she was really Kristen. Brady tells her to stop this but she reminds him he once told her he could never be with anyone else. She says in the dark, she touched him as Kristen. Brady listens quietly. He demands to know where Nicole is. Kristen asks for complete immunity from all her crimes. In the other room, Tony realizes that Gabi and Stefan are locked in the tunnels. They’re probably still there. Anna suggests he use that information to gain his freedom. Tony worries about how Kristen left them. Back in interrogation, Brady says he can’t give Kristen a deal.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander insists Holly is alive. Maggie thinks he’s having fun at her expense but he tells them now that Kristen’s safe behind bars, he can tell them the truth. Holly didn’t die in the crash. Maggie’s hair bobs while she nods and realizes Xander is telling the truth. maggie learns holly alive days of our livesEric asks where she is but Kristen never told Xander. He only knows she’s in good hands. Xander tells Maggie he’s trying to be a better person. Nearby, Eric privately tells Sarah he’s going to move heaven and earth to find Holly. She’ll help. Maggie suggests Xander talk to Kristen about Nicole’s whereabouts. If he regrets working with Kristen and harming people, he’ll do it. Xander isn’t sure she’ll talk to him but agrees to do it for Sarah. He and Eric take off.

Back in the tunnels, before Stefan can kiss Gabi, Anna arrives with water. Stefan and Gabi are shocked. She confirms that they are okay, hands them the water and apologizes and says she’ll be back as soon as she can. She takes off, leaving them bewildered and yelling after her.

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Anna returns to Tony at SPD and fills him in on Gabi and Stefan who are fine. They’ll be fine for at least 24 hoursanna cries days of our lives – long enough for Tony to make the deal. Tony’s sorry. It’s too late. He had to tell Will and Sonny where they are. Anna’s worried he has no leverage. He knows but he did it for her. He wants to be the kind of man that she can be proud of. Anna kisses him. Lani returns to bring Tony to his holding cell. Anna cries as he’s taken away. Brady leaves the interrogation room as Xander and Eric turn up. He fills them in on Nicole being alive and with Holly.

Sonny and Will unlock the door to the secret room in the tunnel and find Gabi and Stefan making out.

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