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At Doug’s Place, John has pulled the Nicole mask off Kristen’s face and Kristen’s revealed. john holds mask days of our livesEveryone gawks. Anna says to Tony, “So you married your own sister?” She’s upset that he went along with Kristen’s plan. When Kristen tries to run, Lani stops her. John tells her how he worked it all out. He says Xander gave her up to the D.A. and walked away as a free man. He recounts the whole story. Kate reveals that Kristen had her and Ted kidnapped and threatened her family if she didn’t blame Stefan but she didn’t know they were the same person. Kristen laughs at fooling everyone, including the love of Nicole’s life. Eric scowls and hyperventilates and Sarah has to hold him back. Brady demands to know why she did it. She did it for him and the company. Brady saw the signs but couldn’t figure it out. Kristen starts to cry. If she couldn’t be with Brady as herself, she would use Nicole’s memory. Brady’s disgusted. Kristen turns to Eric and summarizes everything that happened since Holly’s “death.” It was what she needed to grind Eric into the ground. Hope assumes Kristen orchestrated the cartel war and Holly’s death. Brady knows how much Kristen always wanted a child and knows she couldn’t be responsible for Holly’s death. Kristen blames Eric and when he goes after her, she grabs her gun and then Marlena and threatens Marlena’s life. John orders Kristen to let Marlena go. Hope assumes Kristen is the woman who she saw in the park but Kristen refuses to incriminate herself. Kate says because she knows Kristen’s guilty. Kristen laughs. She loved watching Kate try to pull out her “buck teeth.” Will asks where Susan is and Kristen smirks. “Let’s say Susan won’t be stepping on my blue suede shoes again.” John asks Kristen to take him instead but she refuses so Brady offers to be with her if she lets Marlena go. Kristen isn’t stupid. She starts to cry and admits she was going to ask him to go away with him tonight and would have revealed herself. Suddenly, Susan appears and knocks Kristen over the head with a crystal bowl. Kristen falls unconscious and Marlena falls into John’s arms. Eli and Lani drag Kristen to SPD. Brady, John, and Marlena thank Susan profusely and Brady tells his father he feels kate and roman party days of our lives“like the biggest sucker that there ever was.” John thinks he was courageous to open himself up to being a hostage. Brady heads to the police station to get answers. Abe tells Hope today was the first time he was happy that Theo’s far away. He wonders about Nicole not coming back to them. Roman takes Eric aside. He can’t describe how he’s feeling. Roman feels awful about that and what it means about Nicole. Eric can’t talk. He runs off and Sarah goes after him. Roman turns to Kate. He assumes she’s in bad shape. She’s glad it’s over. They embrace while nearby, Anna wants an explanation from Tony.

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At SPD, Eli handcuffs Kristen to the desk and Lani wants a written statement. lunatic kristen spd days of our livesKristen laughs. Eli reminds her of the outstanding warrants. She asks for a lawyer. The cops leave the room and Kristen screams. Brady arrives and asks the cops to get Kristen to cooperate. He goes to see her and asks if she killed Ted and Holly. Kristen laughs. She killed nobody.

Back at the party, Susan brings Will and Sonny to the office and tells them how “Nicole” held a gun to her head and her skin started coming out and she realized that Nicole was Kristen. Kristen pulled out some gags and tied her up. Sonny asks how she was freed. “I don’t have these teeth for nothin’. I chewed my way out,” she says, demonstrating how she gnawed at the rope. Susan giggles as she pulls out some rope from her teeth. Marlena and John appear and hug her. In the other room, Abe knows Kate’s been through an ordeal. Kate tells Hope, Roman, and Abe that Kristen threatened to kill her children one by one. Outside, Tony explains that Kristen convinced him that the DiMera legacy was at stake. When Anna mentions Kristen killed people Tony sighs and says she isn’t the only one.

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At the park, Eric is in shock. Sarah holds his hand and offers to listen when he’s ready to talk. Eric assumes Nicole is dead.

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