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At the police department, Eli tells Lani that whoever kidnapped Kate and Ted is still out there.

Hope finds Kate outside Doug’s Place. kate and hope discuss kristen days of our livesHope knows Stefan didn’t kidnap her and Ted and she also knows Nicole is involved. Kate says nothing.

At Salem Inn, Tony refuses to kill Gabi and Stefan so Kristen sulks. Kristen grabs at the Nicole mask which is a drag to continue to wear. Still, it’s better than the Susan mask. She cringes over those teeth. Tony makes Kristen promise not to ruin this evening for his friends. While he’s getting dressed, Kristen shoves her gun in her handbag while grinning.

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Susan yells “surprise” when John opens the door to her at thesusan visits jarlena townhouse days of our lives townhouse. He asks why she’s there. She whispers, “You know, the partay.” John didn’t invite her. Susan’s hurt. John apologizes for being abrupt. He learns Brady invited her and begs her to keep quiet. Susan zips her lips as Marlena appears, surprised to see Susan. Susan thinks Marlena looks lovely as if she’s going to a party. She winks at Marlena while John goes to dress. Marlena’s upset and hopes she hasn’t spoiled the surprise with John. Susan promises she hasn’t. John returns. Susan calls them a handsome couple, “Just like Elvis and Priscilla.” Marlena and John shove her out and then kiss.

At the pub, Roman agrees to make Tony jealous but he’s sure when Tony sees how gorgeous she looks, he’ll drop Nicole. Under his breath, he mutters, “From my lips to God’s ears.”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny comments that Gabi didn’t call last night. They talk about Kristen possibly rising from the dead. Sonny thinks Will should be open to this since he rose from the dead. They laugh. In the foyer, Eric picks up Sarah and they canoodle.

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Back at Doug’s Place, Abe tells Brady he’s concerned about Nicole abe and brady talk nic days of our liveswho is acting erratically. Brady explains why Nicole married Tony and he tells Abe they’re dating. Sonny and Will appear and talk to Brady about their Kristen findings. Nearby, Abe, Hope, Lani, and Eli discuss the kidnapping case. Tony and “Nicole” arrive and talk to Brady as Anna wanders in with Roman. Anna flashes the engagement ring to Brady and he congratulates them but looks confused. Everyone scatters for drinks and Eric and Sarah turn up. Eric and Brady agree to be civil. Brady gets a text that John and Doc arrived but it’s Susan who arrives. Kate stares and wonders if Susan is really Kristen. John and Marlena arrive to a chorus “surprise!” They ask each other, “Are you surprised?” and then simultaneously say, “What?” Soon they realize that each of real susan at party days of our livesthem planned a surprise party. Brady clarifies that he knew and everyone worked to keep it quiet. Kate approaches Susan and says if she’s there to kill her, she won’t go quietly. She pulls at Susan’s teeth and realizes they’re real. John pulls her off and Kate lies that she thought Susan had something in her teeth. John goes to Brady and Nicole. He heard they were together and wants Brady’s happiness. Nicole knows she’s made mistakes but promises to make his son very happy. John looks deep in thought. “Nicole” goes to Susan with Tony and Susan is shocked he’s alive. She tells him, Will and Sonny that she has a double, too. She talks about running into Mary Moira. Nearby, Marlena hears that Roman and Anna are faking an engagement to make Tony jealous. Marlena asks how it’s working and they all see “Nicole” feeding Tony an olive. Anna frowns. Nicole quietly tells Tony she’s going to shut Susan’s mouth. Abe, John and Marlena find it odd that Brady and Nicole are together. “Since she’s come back, she’s been another person.” Elsewhere, Brady brings up Susan cornering him in his room and kissing him. Susan squeaks that she’d never do that. Meanwhile, Sarah approaches Tony. She’d love to talk to him about Dr. Rolf. She mentions the abe words with john party days of our liveshigh-tech mask as John walks up. Brady announces it’s the happy couple’s first dance. The lovers dance as Anna looks at Tony, heartbroken. She walks out as “Nicole” takes Susan to the office and pulls out her gun. Later, Marlena tells John and Kate that Maggie and Victor aren’t coming. Kate says it may be hard for Maggie because of all the alcohol. She recalls Maggie seeing Kristen at Nicole’s room.

Outside Doug’s Place, Tony finds Anna and accuses her of playing a childish game. Anna cries and rants so Tony grabs her and kisses her. Since he can’t leave Nicole, they head back inside at odds.

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Back inside, Eli gets a call from Xander who swears he’s working for Kristen DiMera. Nearby, “Nicole” returns from the office anxious for Brady to leave. John and Marlena say touching speeches about their love for one another. As Marlena talks, Hope sidles up to John to tell him about Kristen. John thinks back to some of the things said this evening and realizes Nicole is really Kristen. Marlena and John kiss and John stops “Nicole” and tells everyone that she’s behind the kidnapping. John grabs the Nicole hair and mask and rips it off. It’s revealed that Nicole really is Kristen. Everyone’s mouths drop open while Kristen looks pissed.

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