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In the secret room, Gabi assumes Stefan still has feelings for her. Stefan shrugs. He’s a decent human being. Why does she care? Gabi assures that she doesn’t. Stefan smirks. Rafe told him that she was having regrets about her revenge against him. Gabi rolls her eyes but Stefan thinks it’s true – because she has feelings for him. Gabi starts ranting about the nasty things he’s done to her in the past. They argue about who loathes the other more and Gabi yells that she’ll take everything from him. He takes his shirt off and angrily asks what more she wants. The shirt off his back? He tosses it at her. Gabi sneers and throws it back. He grabs her and says they can pretend but they know where this is going. They fall to the bed kissing.

Marlena goes to another room at the townhouse while John calls Chloe to confirm his anniversary party is set. She confirms it is and grins to herself, knowing that both John and Marlena are trying to surprise the other. Marlena returns and they talk about warning Brady about Nicole. In the end, they decide to delay until the time is right. John has a secret he wants to share with his wife. Later, John brings out some cake from their past wedding. They laugh about eating freezer burnt cake but it tastes good. They make out.

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Tony runs into Anna at the square. They’re shopping for anniversary giftstony and anna canoodle days of our lives for John and Marlena. Tony scoffs at her marrying Roman but Anna snarks that he’s already married and she can’t wait to marry Roman.

Eric visits Roman at the pub. Roman says Rex found an apartment in Chicago. Eric’s sorry things ended up this way. Roman thinks the writing was on the wall. Eric muses that he doesn’t think he’s been honest about his feelings to Sarah. He learned Brady and Nicole were having sex and he attacked his brother. Now Sarah fears he has feelings for Nicole still. Roman can’t blame her. Anna turns up. She and Eric agree that neither Tony nor Nicole are the same people as they were before the fire. She’s moving on and thinks Eric should, too. Eric leaves and Anna shows Roman the big silver bowl she bought John and Marlena which is engraved. She also bought a diamond engagement ring for Roman “to give to your lovely fiancee.” Roman thinks this is going too far. Anna tries to put it on but it’s stuck so he helps her slide it on and talks about boundaries. He doesn’t want this to go as far as the altar.

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At Doug’s Place, Sarah tells Chloe about her relationship issues with Eric and Rex. She worries she can’t compare to what Eric had with Nicole. She married Rex when she really wanted Eric and worries Eric’s with her because he can’t have Nicole. Chloe considers that both Sarah and Eric had “an out of proportion reaction” to the news about Brady and Nicole. Once they calm down, things should be fine.

At Salem Inn, Brady wonders to “Nicole” if Kristen’s still alive. He thinks she knows. “Nicole” claims she doesn’t so Brady tells her about Will and Sonny’s findings about Kristen fake nicole and tony days of our livespaying off Xander. “Nicole” agrees it’s possible Kristen’s alive. She says she has something to tell him when Tony arrives. Brady has to leave anyway because it’s his dad and Marlena’s anniversary party tonight. “Nicole” looks bored. “Those two love their ancient history,” she says and thinks the surprise is ridiculous while Tony calls it “lovely.” “Nicole” wants Tony to accompany her. Brady goes and Tony goes to the bathroom to check his emails before Eric arrives looking ragged. He confirms she’s with Brady and tells her she was his life. When he lost her his world crumbled. Kristen doesn’t care. She tells him her husband’s home and her boyfriend Brady just left. Eric thanks her – he has what he came for. He goes and Tony appears. Kristen says she thinks Eric finally got it. Tony says she’s close to achieving her goals so he feels it’s time for a divorce. Kristen refuses. She needs more time. Kristen lets Tony know about her fight with Gabi and Stefan. Tony’s angry. “This is over. It was all for nothing.” Kristen disagrees. She takes out a gun and talks about killing them.

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Brady goes to Chloe at Doug’s Place. Chloe’s stressed aboutbrady greets chloe work days of our lives party planning for his parents and because she has an interview for an opera company in New York City tomorrow. They discuss Eric flipping out over him having sex with Nicole and then talk about the party. Susan Banks is the only one who hasn’t responded. Brady’s glad because she could spoil the surprise.

Eric and Sarah meet at his place. She apologizes for walking out on him. She loves him and accepts that he may not be over Nicole. Eric apologizes. He’s over Nicole. He was angry over his history with Brady and shares his visit with Nicole, which made him come to this susan and john days of our livesrealization.

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Back at the townhouse, John answers the door to Susan.

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