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From the townhouse, Marlena calls Chloe to thank her for all her help for the surprise party. john and marlena at house days of our livesShe disconnects and John strolls up. She worries he’s overheard and admits a part of her wanted to get caught. She dislikes hiding things from him. He assumes she has a good reason but she doesn’t. Marlena tells him Chloe asked her to see Nicole because she’s worried about her friend who has been acting strangely. They agree that Nicole seeing Brady isn’t good for him. Doc thinks Nicole’s unstable and isn’t sure what she’s capable of doing. John admits Brady revealed he and Nicole have reunited. Marlena knows her marriage to Tony is in name only. John further admits he and Hope are investigating Ted’s murder and all roads lead back to Nicole. Marlena gets the idea of talking to her again but John asks her not to. He invites her to Doug’s Place tonight to celebrate their 30-year-anniversary. She laughs. She was hoping he’d want to go there…

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Outside Janet’s Boutique, Tripp apologizes for giving Haley a prescription that was in his name. tripp and kayla hug days of our livesKayla’s glad she’s feeling better but can’t condone what they did. Tripp bemoans falling for Haley and doubting she’d ever feel the same for him. He doesn’t want her to know the truth. Kayla knows he feels guilt about past mistakes but he deserves happiness. He’s family and that will never change. “I love you and I am here for you,” she says, no matter what. They embrace and he tells her he loves her.

Haley’s thrilled to be back at the loft. She talks about the mild anxiety medication they sent her and how soon, she’ll be tapering it off. JJ isn’t happy Tripp snuck around and got her drugs and neither of them told him. She didn’t want to worry him since he was already going through so much with his dad. She didn’t want him to see her as “this weak person always having to be rescued.” JJ thinks she’s one of the strongest people he knows. They profess their love and kiss just as Tripp shows up. He apologizes to JJ for lying – he thought he was helping but made it worse. He wouldn’t have forgiven himself if anything bad happened to her. Haley says she’s fine and then speaks for JJ, saying he’s sorry for grabbing Tripp at the hospital. JJ says nothing for a time and then reveals he thinks it’s best if he and Haley move out.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Will tells Brady that he and Sonny found proof that Xander’s receiving payment from a shell corporation owned by Kristen DiMera. Brady reminds Will that Maggie saw Kristen at Nicole’s. What if that was real? Brady gives Will tickets to John and Marlena’s anniversary party and they laugh about how both are trying to surprise each other. Brady says Susan’s invited and he doesn’t want to be “mean, mean, mean” but he hopes she stays away. Will teases Brady about the “special moment” he shared with Susan. They laugh but Brady admits there was something strange about that.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen’s annoyed when Sonny comes knocking before she can drag Gabi down to the cellar. Meanwhile, Stefan’s fingers twitch as he lays unconscious in the secret room. Kristen hurries and drags Gabi to Stefan and locks them up. fake nicole with sonny manse days of our livesShe gripes, “Oh my God this is starting to get old.” Stefan wakes up and tells Gabi his sister is alive as Kristen goes back upstairs and puts the Nicole mask back on before Sonny lets himself in. Sonny lets her know he needs to get Arianna’s bathing suit. “Nicole” acts strangely and says to go get it. She claims to have a meeting with Gabi though Gabi’s not there. He goes to get it while Kristen wonders what to do with Gabi and Stefan since she can’t kill them.  Back in the secret room, Stefan tells Gabi that Kristen’s alive and Gabi fills him in on how Kristen is Nicole. Stefan’s confused. Gabi clarifies that she pulled a Nicole mask off of Kristen during a fight. “That’s crazy,” Stefan says but Gabi thinks it makes a lot of sense. Kristen wants to be CEO of DiMera and is obsessed with Brady. Gabi’s not a big fan of Nicole but she’s not crazy. Later, Gabi asks why Stefan saved her life if he claims to hate her so.

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Sonny arrives at the mansion and tells Will and Brady about how weird Nicole was brady hears Will and Sonny's news days of our livesacting at the DiMera mansion. Brady calls Nicole. He wants to see her. They agree to meet in her room. Brady goes and Sonny mentions again how strange Nicole was asking and that he found Gabi’s phone there. That’s not like Gabi to leave her phone anywhere.

Brady meets “Nicole” back at Salem Inn. He says he’s been wondering if Kristen’s still alive. “Nicole” bites her lip and looks worried.

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