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At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tells Sarah she returned from an AA meeting. The recent slip reminded her she needs to work the program. Sarah gives her news about being with Eric. Upstairs, Sonny shows Will Xander’s briefcase that he stole from his cousin’s room. He hopes the can find out what he’s hiding. Will’s excited, hoping to solve Ted’s murder. Sonny sonny and will in xanders room days of our livesbreaks into the briefcase and finds a baggie of diamonds. They exclaim over that and “ancient trinkets, which are probably cursed,” Sonny says. They find a photo of Sarah and a bank book to an offshore bank account. They jump through a few hoops and learn how rich Xander is and that the account has transfers from a year ago from a foreign shell company set up by Kristen DiMera. Both are shocked. When Ari’s daycare camp texts, Sonny goes to Gabi’s to get Ari a bathing suit to bring it to her while Will keeps working on Xander’s secrets. Downstairs, Sarah’s gone and Victor comments on how tense things have been between them. He gives her a chip as an anniversary present. She’s been sober for ten weeks today. Maggie’s touched – she didn’t realize he knew. Vic knows how hard she has worked and wished he was more sensitive to what she was going through. It didn’t help to have Kate around. Maggie appreciates that and admits she overreacted about Kate. They profess their love and hug.

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Brady arrives at Eric’s to discuss Nicole. Eric berates his brother for giving Nicole his blessing to marry Tony. Brady argues that he didn’t give her his blessing. He didn’t have a say. And besides, she only married him to make a play for DiMera Enterprises. Eric’s confused as to why she’d want that and then wonders if Brady is hopeful that Nicole will come back to him. Brady admits that they already are. Eric explodes and accuses his brother of seducing her. Brady says that’s not what happened. Sarah arrives just as Eric shoves his brother. Brady talks about Eric stealing his brothers’ women and Sarah finds that sexist. Brady’s sorry. That’s not what he meant. Besides, he doesn’t get why Eric cares if he’s with Nicole. He’s with Sarah now. Sarah looks as if she wants to know too. Brady says the reason he’s there is that they’re invited to an anniversary party for Marlena and John. He hands over an invitation and asks them to keep quiet about it since both their parents have been planning a surprise party for each other. He goes and Sarah asks if he’s jealous of Nicole. Eric claims he’s just concerned. Sarah demands to know if he’s still in love with Nicole. She asks him to take time to figure it out and stomps off.

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At Doug’s Place, Kate questions why Shin would want her to become CEO of DiMera. shin offers kate job days of our livesShin didn’t know she was slighted by the family but he wants to make it up to her. Kate’s flattered. Shin doubts Gabi’s loyalty to the company and he has reservations about Nicole. Kate laughs, calling them loose cannons. Kate talks about her work at Titan but Shin knows she won’t get CEO there because of Brady. He urges her to consider it and get back to him. He leaves and runs into Victor and Maggie outside. Victor realizes DiMera must be in trouble and he’s not surprised since he put Gabi Hernandez in charge. He thinks Stefano would turn over in his grave. Shin laughs that it’s like him allowing his playboy grandson to run his company into the ground. Shin goes and Vic and Mags head inside. They see Kate and Vic’s worried that Kate met with Shin and wonders if she’s a trader. He confronts her. She calls Shin pushy and runs to a meeting.

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At the DiMera mansion, Gabi picks up the Nicole mask and wig and looks at Kristen, shocked. “Oh my God, Kristen?” Gabi realizes that Nicole hasn’t been acting crazy at all. It’s been Kristen the whole time. She goes off on Kristen about being cruel to Eric. Gabi calls Brady a “poor bastard,” upon comprehending that it’s all about getting back together with Brady. kristen goes on the attack on gabi and stefan on days of our livesKristen agrees, she wanted the passion and love back. Gabi thinks he’ll dump her out of disgust once he figures this out. Kristen doubts it. She calls Gabi a pesky little obstacle. Gabi remembers her opening the door with the Lucha Libre mask and assumes she had mask issues. Kristen grins. Kristen goes at Gabi and Gabi tries to make a call but Kristen’s too quick and bashes Gabi over the head with some heavy statue and Gabi’s out cold. She’s about to finish Gabi off when Stefan comes in and grabs the statue. He’s flabbergasted to see her and as they struggle, he throws Kristen. She’s out cold, so he tends to Gabi. This gives Kristen a chance to wake up and bash his head in with the statue. He’s unconscious. She’s about to off him when she looks at Stefano’s portrait and realizes he wouldn’t like this. Looking exhausted, she drags them into the tunnels and doesn’t hear her phone ring. Brady leaves a message about his big reveal to his brother. Later, as Kristen’s about to haul Gabi to the tunnel, Sonny knocks on the door.

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Back at the mansion, Will approaches Brady with the news about Kristen…

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