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At the pub, Tony and Roman are shocked when Anna reveals she’s marrying Roman. She kisses Roman to prove it as Roman’s mouth drops in surprise. Anna lies that she planned on moving on with him after she interred Tony’s ashes. roman shocked anna proposes days of our livesRoman stammers and finally admits all of this is true except that they broke up. Tony says that’s not what Marlena told him this morning. Tony can tell just by looking at her that she’s in love with him as much as he’s in love with her. Roman comes around and agrees they’ve rekindled their romance. Anna suggests he divorce Nicole if he wants to stop her from marrying Roman. She urges Tony to fight for her. Tony’s exasperated. The men say their goodbyes and Tony goes. Anna thanks Roman but he doesn’t appreciate being blindsided. What if Tony doesn’t divorce Nicole? Anna shrugs. They’ll cross that bridge when they get to it.

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At SPD, Gabi asks Rafe if there are any new leads on Stefan’s case. Rafe needs to take a call and leaves her there to snoop. When he returns, she inquires about the mystery woman in the Ted Laurent case file. Rafe snaps that reading confidential police files is a crime. Gabi demands he find this woman. Rafe’s trying. Again, he suspects she’s in love with Stefan. Gabi reminds him that Stefan has made her suffer. Rafe knows but revenge won’t help.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander says what he has to tell John and Hope will blow their minds.xander wants to spill days of our lives He needs full immunity and reveals he may have been threatened. He reminds them there’s a killer in Salem and they should quickly give him what he wants so he can spill. Hope and John talk it over privately and agree to try for the immunity deal with SPD.

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At Salem Inn, Ciara and Ben spy from under the bed as Kate tells “Nicole” that she knows Ted wasn’t kidnapped from the pier. Kate knows Nicole hit him with a poker and dragged him down to the cellar. Was Nicole also the one who hit her on the head in this room before taking her to the secret room. Or was it the person threatening them both? kate deal with fake nicole days of our lives“Nicole” shows Kate the door as Kate asks to team up so they can get to this person. Mr. Shin calls from outside and tells “Nicole” to hurry to meet him downstairs. Stefan overhears and tells Shin that Nicole is dangerous and a criminal. He begs him not to give Nicole more power. She’ll stab him in the back. Stefan reveals he thinks Nicole killed Ted and has someone investigating. Back inside, “Nicole” says Kate made a big mistake trying to team up with her. “Nicole” leaves and Kate wonders who will help her now. Ben and Ciara reveal themselves. “How about us?” Ben asks. Kate chastises them for being there. They’ve no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. Ben wants to know why she lied to the cops. Kate tells them her family was threatened and orders them out. Outside, “Nicole” can’t find Shin since he and Stefan went to the park to discuss what to do about Nicole. “Nicole” assumes Gabi is to blame and vows that she’s going down. Meanwhile, in the park, Shin’s reluctant to do anything without proof. He agrees to wait for Stefan and put Ms. Walker off for now. Shin goes and Ciara and Ben meet Stefan. They detail him on the break-in and what they’ve learned. Stefan thanks them. He’ll get the truth.

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Tony returns to Salem Inn and Kate fills him in on her talk with Nicole. He has his own problems. He tells her about Anna threatening to marry Roman. Kate laughs. That’ll never happen. Kate goes and Tony looks at a photo of Anna and flashes to telling Kristen Anna’s his soulmate. Tony doesn’t want to lose Anna.

Back at SPD, Hope tells Rafe about the immunity deal Xander is requesting. Xander says he was in fear for his life so lied about Stefan’s involvement. Later, everyone has gone and Stefan shows up asking about new leads. Rafe has none yet and says he knows that he and Gabi have feelings for one another. They should just admit it already.

Gabi arrives home and flashes to her talk with Rafe and considers texting Stefan when “Nicole” gabi knows nicole killed ted days of our livesbarges in demanding what she said to Shin. Gabi has no idea what she’s on about. “Nicole” calls Gabi a scheming bitch and Gabi throws the kidnapping in her face. She reveals that the cops know about a mystery woman and then pauses. She gasps, realizing “Nicole” framed Stefan for murder. “It was you. You killed Ted Laurent,” she exclaims. “Nicole” claims that’s absurd. She grabs Gabi and they fight and the mask comes off. Gabi’s shocked to see Nicole is really Kristen DiMera.

At Doug’s Place, Kate downs a martini and calls Xander and leaves a message for him to get her in touch with Kristen. Shin appears. He could use a martini too. He tells her if she was a DiMera, he’d put her in charge.

Back at the park, John and Hope are approached by Ben in Ciara. They want to discuss their new leads.

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