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From the pub, Marlena calls Chloe to let her know she finished her guest list for the party. Chloe fusses over the date but assures Marlena there’s no issue. They disconnect. Roman takes Anna downstairs and she orders a anna cries over tony days of our livesload of carbs. Roman tells Marlena that Anna’s been up all night crying over Tony. Marlena sits with Anna and assures her that Tony’s marriage to Nicole is in name only. Anna heard but since Nicole didn’t become CEO he should divorce her. Anna asks her to talk to Nicole. Marlena tried but it went terribly. She’ll talk to Tony. Anna’s thrilled.

John arrives at Doug’s Place with his guest list for his party August 22. Chloe half-grimaces.

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kate angry with tony days of our lives

In the square, Tony flashes to reuniting with Anna who was heartbroken over his marriage to Nicole. Kate approaches and again asks him to team up with her against Kristen. Tony doesn’t think it’s wise to stir things up. Kate doesn’t want to look over her shoulder for the rest of her life. That’s all Tony has to offer so once alone, she decides to talk to Nicole herself.

In Bed, Brady traces “Nicole’s” scar tissue on her back and flashes to telling Chloe that the scar is in the same place as Kristen’s tattoo. Xander calls and Brady isn’t happy. Xander leaves a message telling her to call him unless she wants him to send the cops to her for answers on Ted Laurent’s death. brady puts necklace on fake nic days of our livesBrady bitches about Xander calling but “Nicole” doesn’t want to talk about him.

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Ciara wakes up at Ben’s. He’s dressed and ready to clear Stefan’s name. They kiss and agree Nicole is hiding something. Though Ciara’s against it, Ben plans on breaking into Nic’s room.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander ends a business call when Hope and John show up. Xander says it’s been a while. “Did you miss me?” John thinks about him every day. Hope has questions about Ted. Xander already told the police everything. John says Xander’s a suspect since the evidence shows he’s the last one to have seen Ted alive. John explains that his prints were on a hundred dollar bill and the necklace in the garbage. Xander laughs and claims the money was from a sports wager and everyone has had that necklace in town. John argues that his prints were the only ones on it.

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Back at Doug’s Place, Brady talks to Chloe about “Nicole’s” argument with Marlena. Chloe winces. anna threatens fake nicole days of our livesShe sent Marlena over because she’s been worried about her acting out of character. They discuss John and Marlena’s surprise parties and Chloe explains it’s a disaster so Brady vows to help.

Outside the pub, Nicole listens to Xander’s message. She calls and leaves him one, lying about Stefan paying Xander to shoot Ted. Anna finds her and rants about her stealing her husband. “Nicole” toys with Anna, telling her Tony’s happy with her. She asks for a cocktail shaker as a wedding gift. Anna’s pissed. She threatens to kill her and make Tony a widower. Roman rushes out and gets between the women.

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Marlena joins her old friend Tony at Mandalay. The two hug. Marlena’s so grateful to see him alive and well. She tells him to do what he can to be with Anna. Tony must stay with Nicole for now. She goes and Tony considers her words. marlena reunites tony days ofo ur lives

Ben breaks into “Nicole’s” room. Ciara’s already there. She convinced the maid she was Nicole’s assistant and needed important documents. They toss the room and hide under the bed when Kate arrives. Kate calls Nicole to tell her she wants to talk. She’s in her room. “Nicole” is angry but says she’ll be right over. When she arrives, she’s angry to see her room was tossed. Kate shrugs. It wasn’t her.

Marlena returns to the pub to relay what Tony said. Anna thinks Nicole got to him and she’s stealing Tony because she helped EJ steal Sydney. Marlena asks her not to give up hope. She goes and Tony arrives. Anna says if he’s there to make up with her, it’s too late. “I’m marrying Roman.” Roman’s eyebrows raise so far they disappear into his hairline.

Back at the mansion, Xander excuses himself to make a call and listens to Kristen’s message. He refuses to be thrown under the bus and returns to John and Hope to make a deal.

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