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Julie’s cold toward Eli and Lani when they share that he’s Salem’s new police commissioner. Lani assumes she’s proud but Julie says, “Not really.” Julie’s upset because they got engaged and she had to hear about it from Abe. They’re sorry but that’s why they dropped by today. Julie says she’ll forgive them if they allow her to give them an engagement party.

At the square, Kayla admits to Adrienne that she hasn’t heard from Steve since Caroline passed on. Kayla still blames herself. Adrienne knows this is hard on her and she’s sorry.

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At the loft, Haley rummages through a box of stuff Kayla brought over. tripp advice to haley days of our livesShe finds an old photo of Steve and jokes that Tripp would rock an eye patch. JJ calls from the pub to say goodnight. He’s about to start his shift. They profess their love as Tripp watches. Haley’s nervous about sleeping alone in Claire’s old room but hasn’t had a hallucination since she started the drugs he gave her. Tripp again asks her to seek therapy but she’s not interested in that or telling JJ the truth. Tripp offers his bed. He’ll sleep on the sofa. Haley is grateful.

Jack tries to sneak by Melinda Trask who is giggling in the park as she reads her tablet. Trask calls him over. She heard he and Eve are splitting up and calls them a perfect match. “Absolutely rotten to the core.” Jack reminds her that she as a mother isn’t much better. They bicker and she shows him Jenn’s article about him in the Spectator. He’s furious.

Eve arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and asks Justin to take Jack to court. Justin says he’s family. He can’t help. Eve lies that Jack raped her. Knowing her history, he asks if it’s the truth. She starts to cry. She has lost everything because she screws up so often. jj and jenn gossip days of our livesJustin says it’s self-sabotage. He’s done it before. She thinks she’s doomed to be alone for the rest of her life.

At the pub, Jennifer is happy for her son and Haley. They talk about Jack. Jenn says things are worse.

Jack walks up to Kayla and Adrienne at Mandalay and rants about the nasty article about his administration in the Spectator. Adrienne didn’t have anything to do with it and won’t retract it. Jenn only prints the truth. The women remind Jack that Jenn loves him. jack shocked by kayla days of our livesThey urge him to call the FDA about Rolf’s drug but Jack claims he’s perfectly fine with who he is.

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Adrienne walks in on Justin hugging Eve at the mansion and wonders why she is there. Eve came to Justin for legal advice. The women argue about how Eve ruined Jack’s life. Eve argues that she gave Jack a sense of purpose. She feels he’s dropped her like yesterday’s news. Adrienne thinks that’s where she belongs. In the trash, but Justin thinks Eve has a point. She was fired for personal reasons. He’ll take Jack to court.

JJ arrives at home just as Haley falls down the stairs. She explains that she felt dizzy. JJ privately hopes Tripp has a good explanation as to why Haley was in his bed. Tripp promises there is one.

Outside the pub, Jack and Jennifer argue about what kind of man Jack is and Jack tells her that the old Jack is gone forever. They argue back and forth. He brings up her article. She says it’s factual – nobody wants to work with him.

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Melinda arrives at Doug’s Place. Julie’s happy to see her and as they talk, Melinda reveals that Haley’s her daughter, not her sister. Julie isn’t too surprised. Trask congratulates Eli on the new job, saying he’s an improvement over Eve. She goes and Julie sees Chloe has the restaurant closed for a party August 22 and cancels it so she can pencil in Eli and Lani’s engagement party.

At the hospital, Haley’s in a room being examined while jj attacks tripp days of our livesTripp swears nothing is going on between him and Haley. Kayla approaches and invites the men to see Haley. When Kay asks if Haley’s on medication, she stammers. Tripp asks her to reveal everything. She can’t so Tripp does. Haley didn’t want to worry them. Kay says this is unethical and dangerous. JJ attacks Tripp and Tripp apologizes. Later, outside, Kayla realizes Tripp has feelings for Haley.

Melinda interrupts Jack and Jennifer outside the pub and Jack asks her to return as DA. She reminds him of the hell he put her kid through. He gives her a 15% raise and she’s sold. Melinda goes and Jack gloats. Later, when Jenn is gone, Eve arrives and informs Jack she’s hired a lawyer and is suing him for wrongful termination. Jack’s shocked.

Jenn arrives at Doug’s Place. Julie read her expose on Jack and was proud. Jenn is grateful but she says it didn’t do much good. She wishes she could forget Jack the way he forgot her.

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