In bed, Melanie trails her hands all over Philip's naked body and he tells her not to stop. "I'm loving it." She leans in and they kiss passionately and then Philip wakes up, shaken! Daniel comes upon him and asks if he's alright. Philip says he dozed off and had a nightmare or something. Daniel asks what about but Philip refuses to say. He wants to see Kate. Daniel is sure Kate would love to see him.

Philip goes to Kate's room and wakes her up by accident. Kate thinks she has lost track of time and they discuss how grown up Philip is. "A big mogul." Philip would give it all up to be back in the first grade. "Those were great times," he remembers and says he thought she was invincible. She had all the answers. "And you could believe I was immortal. Much to my shock, I'm not," Kate says. She may not have much more time. Philip refuses to believe this and they profess their love for each other. Kate soon falls asleep and Philip leaves, while Daniel sits with her. He accidentally wakes her and she asks how the treatment is doing. He tells her it's too early to say, though she's doing well. They need to moderate it because the treatment is so aggressive. Philip returns but stops at the door and listens as Daniel says she has given him hope. She says no matter what happens, she'll always know that he did all he could to save her, but what he may never know is how much it means to her. Later, he tells Daniel he's happy with the peace they've made and he asks that whatever happens with Kate, he won't get involved with their relationship. "Just save her," he pleads. Later, Daniel goes to an unconscious Kate and tells her that her kids, Chelsea and even him, need her. "Come back to me," he says.

As they arrive at Nick's place, Melanie thanks Nick for letting her stay with him, but worries his aunt and uncle won't like it. "They're at a Green restaurant convention for a few days," he says, but knows they won't mind. Melanie calls Nick her only friend left in Salem, since her own brother turned his back on her. Nick knows that she is trying to keep things platonic and is fine with that. Melanie doesn't want to mess up their friendship and has decided never to play a guy, ever again. She doesn't want romance or sex to get in the way of their friendship. She punches his arm. "BFF?" (Best friends forever.) Nick's face falls but he says, "Yep!" Chelsea comes through the unlocked door and asks what Melanie's doing there. "I live here," she responds. Nick tells Chelsea that he invited her to stay and asks why she just walked right in the door. Chelsea used to be able to do this but Nick says those times are over. He asks why she's there and she says she had news about her grandmother, but turns to leave. She gives him his mail and Chelsea sticks around while he finds out that the alternative fuel project he was working on with Trent has gotten the attention of a financial group. Melanie and Chelsea both congratulate him and Melanie thinks they should celebrate. Melanie asks if they can have time alone, so she goes off to make a call, but stands outside and eavesdrops as Nick discusses Trent and how he doesn't want Melanie hurt. Melanie is reminded about how amazing and brilliant he is and gives him a big hug. Nick wants to share his money with her, considering Trent was the one who helped him with the prototype, but Melanie refuses him. They're friends, but maybe someday they can be more than friends, she says. Melanie's always gone after the wrong guy, but she wonders if maybe they've a karmic bond and he's supposed to show her she's been going after the wrong guy. They start kissing and Chelsea rushes back in. She asks for time with Nick, alone. Melanie leaves them and Chelsea asks Nick what he's doing, besides making a big mistake! "Are you spying on us," he asks and Chelsea thinks he needs it. He's a fool! Nick yells at her for judging him and tells her to get out. Melanie walks in and realizes what she has interrupted. Chelsea leaves and they agree Chelsea's not happy. Nick doesn't care right now. Melanie thinks he's too good of a guy to get held back by anyone and goes off to bed. He finds her handbag and calls her name, but she doesn't answer. He finds the anonymous note in her purse! He flashes back to writing a note and it seems as though it's the same one!

At Salem PD, Hope has Nicole change into her new wardrobe, an orange jumpsuit. Nicole puts it on and yells that this is a travesty. It's too big! EJ arrives and says he got a court order for a bail hearing with immediate effect and gives it to Bo while asking for time alone with his client. Once they leave Bo's office, Nicole hugs him and asks if they can go. EJ whispers that she needs to tell the father of her unborn father the truth. "Nicole, did you kill Trent?" Hope and Bo arrive and interrupt, but Nicole says, "No," before Hope takes her away.

They arrive in court and EJ tells Nicole to keep quiet. He's about to defend her life. He tells her he took care of things and in an hour, they'll discuss Trent, back at the mansion. He managed to get Judge Fitzpatrick to preside over her case. EJ says Nicole pleads not guilty and asks for her release as she's expecting. He will testify to her trustworthiness in the matter, he says, but Bo can give evidence as to why bail should be denied. EJ tries to stop him but Judge Fitzpatrick overrules and Bo says they've evidence, placing her at the scene of the crime. A bead, from the dress found at the scene of the crime, which matches the dress found in her closet. Bo goes on about how Nicole lies and has a tendency toward violence. "She tried to kill her ex-husband," he says, and EJ calls this heresy. Bo thinks Nicole's a flight risk, but EJ interrupts again. Judge Fitzpatrick tells him no more interruptions or he'll be escorted out! Bo thinks Nicole should be left in custody. The judge doubts Nicole's voracity or virility and is concerned with her affiliation with the DiMera family, so bail is denied. EJ is angered and holds Nicole close.

Rafe is upset to find out that he's Sami's new FBI guard. He reminds her he works for the feds, not her daddy, and makes a call to Command, requesting a transfer. He didn't graduate top of his class to babysit a self-indulgent spoiled little brat! The Command office tells him not to call their office again, so he sadly hangs up. Sami says he could quit and go into another profession, entirely. "You could sell insurance," she says, grinning. Sami thinks he's stuck with her but he retorts, "No princess, you're stuck with me!" Sami looks through mug shots and exhausted, wants to go to sleep, but Rafe tells her she has 20 more albums to go through. "We're going to be here all night!" Rafe wants to find the guy who tried to kill her, but Sami's trying to save her sanity. "The sooner they ID the guy, the sooner they can leave." Sami holds her belly and breaths a few deep breaths. In a mocking tone, Rafe says, "I can't look at another thing... I can't look at another mug shot or I'm going to puke!" Sami says it's true, and Rafe notices that she is looking green. Sami says she's stressed, but he thinks something else is up. She denies it and Sami asks for rest. She promises she'll look tomorrow if he'll give her a break now. He agrees to it and leaves her alone for a moment, going into the bathroom. She grabs his phone and he laughs. He takes it from her and she lies that she's wondering who his provider is! "How am I supposed to call my dad and get rid of this guy," she wonders and gets her coat. She runs to the door but Rafe is too quick and stops her.

Back at Salem PD, Hope is glad that justice is served. Bo isn't 100% sure Nicole is guilty and wants to do the right thing. Hope loves that about him and gives him a kiss and hug.

Locked in a cell, Nicole accuses EJ of lying to her, but EJ accuses the judge of not being loyal. He's not letting his child stay in there, he promises. Nicole asks what he's going to do about her! He wants her out of there, he says and Nicole asks if he believes her. EJ doesn't know what to think, he admits, about anything. Nicole cries and EJ kisses her on the head and asks her to get some rest, then leaves. Nicole starts cramping.

Chelsea finds Philip outside by the pool and asks him to save Nick from Melanie!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Nicole yells to somebody, "If anything happens to Stefano DiMera's grandchild and he finds out it's your fault, you're the one who's going to need a doctor."

At Cheatin' Heart, Chelsea says, "She's a liar and a phony and now clearly a gold digger." Philip says, "No offense but isn't that what people used to say about you?"

Stephanie asks, "If you're such a super genius, why are you still whipping up flirtinis (martinis?)?" Max says, "You're right. This is none of your business."

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