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Stefan returns to the DiMera mansion and corners Gabi, telling her that nothing will keep him out of his house, “Especially not a conniving little bitch.” Gabi slyly grabs a poker. stefan taunts gabi days of our livesStefan says he’s going to make her suffer for a long time. Gabi thinks he’s the one who should worry because he’s accused of kidnapping and murder. She advises him to protect himself. Stefan says it almost sounds like she cares about him. He calls her a distraction and vows to grind her to dust. He takes her hand and says she’s lost her control over him. But he hasn’t lost his over her. Gabi looks uncomfortable momentarily and then tells him she’s upping her security. She gives him the boot.

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At Eric’s place, Sarah tells Eric they’re meant to be together, but she worries how it’ll be at work, watching Rex pretend he doesn’t hate her. Sarah freaks out, realizing she forgot to take off her wedding rings. She rips them off and Eric urges her to go to Chicago with him to give Rex time to adjust. Sarah can’t run away. Eric offers to go to work with her when Roman arrives. Sarah’s sorry for hurting Rex. Roman’s there to ask if they can maintain distance to let roman sees sarah eric days of our livesRex get used to the idea of them. Eric says it’s too late since Rex saw them together this morning. Sarah goes and Roman wants to know what the hell Eric’s doing. Nicole’s grieving. He encourages Eric to wait for the woman he loves to come to her senses. Eric reveals she married Tony DiMera. Roman finds that hard to believe. Eric says she made her choice. Roman goes.

Rex texts his parents from outside the pub. Chloe appears, upset after hearing Ted Laurent was murdered. Rex exclaims in horror. Chloe says she last saw him when he took back the necklace Rex gave her. They head inside and he tells her about Sarah and Eric and that he’s leaving Salem. Chloe sides with him and is sad he’s leaving. Rex will miss her, too. They embrace. Chloe leaves and Roman arrives. He tells Rex he showed restraint in not punching his brother out.

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At the park, Rafe gives his condolences to Hope about Ted’s death. He sees Ted’s necklace and Hope tells him about how she returned it. Then she tells Rafe about the woman who dropped the 100 dollar bill. They ponder what this means and what the connection with the woman is to Ted’s murderer. They talk about missing working together and she continues her story, explaining finding the wad of cash at Ted’s and dumping him. Rafe hopes the woman wasn’t Gabi because she’s been defending Stefan against his charges. Hope doesn’t believe Stefan’s guilty either. He leaves and Stefan appears. Hope reveals she knows he didn’t kill Ted.

At Salem Inn, Kate demands to know if Tony’s working with Kristen. tony lies to kate days of our livesTony denies it but Kate knows that he’s lying. In Kristen’s room, she showers as Brady flashes to sex with Kristen and her phoenix tattoo and looks concerned. When “Nicole” returns, she asks why he looks upset. He lies that he has “Titan stuff” to go over. Fake Nicole accuses him of lying. He admits he was thinking of Kristen when she left their bed. “Nicole” knows he must still have feelings for Kristen but Brady tries to make light of it. Tony returns to his room and kicks Brady out of bed. Brady dresses and leaves. Kristen’s upset. She was going to tell Brady who she really is. “What are you out of your freaking mind?” Tony wants to know. He explains that Kate revealed she knows Kristen’s alive and accused him of working with her. Things are closing in. Tony suggests they divorce and he goes back to Anna. Kristen refuses him. He’ll have to get used to the idea of not seeing Anna anytime soon.

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Roman and Rex talk about how much Rex’s situation sucks as Kate appears at the pub. She learns that Sarah left Rex for Eric and that Rex quit his job and is leaving Salem. kate and roman hug days of our livesHe’s off to Chicago. Kate tries to change his mind but it’s set. Instead, they offer to meet him next week to watch a ball game together. Kate starts to cry and they embrace. Rex hugs his dad and he goes. Roman holds a sobbing Kate as Anna DiMera walks in.

Chloe finds Brady at Doug’s Place. She asks why he looks uptight. He blurts that he “slept with” Nicole last night.

Sarah and Eric meet at the square. Sarah says Rex quit work. Rex appears and says he’s sorry for hurting her. He still loves her enough to hope Eric doesn’t break her heart. He goes.

At SPD, Rafe toys with the necklace in an evidence bag and calls Gabi to let her know it’s likely Stefan is not their murder suspect.

On the next Days of our Lives:

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